Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hey, check this out, I am adding a post to my famous blog. This is to remind myself that I need to post every now and then to keep my viewers up to date with the latest in swimming and diving. With the 2008 Beijing Games about to start, I need to tell you that the summer season has been really good.
I am really excited by my recovery from the spine fusion in December. I have taken the recovery and rehabilitation seriously, I did not have any outstanding setbacks and I have no regrets. I am back to work as a firefighter in San Rafael, California and I sure feel better now than before, although I must tell you that work is work. We work a bunch of overtime in San Rafael, due to a particular manning pattern that the city adopted several years ago. We are also having a bit of trouble recruiting good candidates for several open positions. There are several factors contributing to this perceived problem recruiting candidates inclluding salary, retirement issues, and other benefits issues. I think we are okay, but many other similar size departments offer better packages.
I had good success this season. I was only out of the water for 5 weeks. I swam several personal bests this year too. I will be looking for several best times this scm season. I am going to try training slightly different. I am going to emphasize more weight training sessions which will include training with heavier weight.