Friday, July 31, 2009

No Excuses

"I think there's three options for Michael," Cavic said. "The first option is to use the suit that he's wearing, the second option is to get one of these [polyurethane] suits, which I guarantee Arena will provide him within the hour, as soon as he wants. The third option would actually be a dream of mine, to have the whole final everybody swimming in briefs. I swear to God, this is it, this is what I want, but this is the most unrealistic of all scenarios."

This is what all purists want to see in swimming, who IS the Champion. The field is level and MP can do what he wants. The whole issue of the technical racing swim skin will still be talked about for some time. There is talk of a professional swimming circuit, kind of like rodeo, or NASCAR. How about an X Games kind of swimming competition. There is ample room for technology and innovation in these arenas of oompetition. Some may even call these sports.

There may still be a competitive swimming venue where the new technology can and may be tolerated and welcomed. That would be the world of Masters Swimming. The technology is perhaps a boon to the older swimmer. The compression factor that these suits offer helps keep the old body together. My back certainly benefits from the extra support that even the old Speedo Fastskin offers. I think that a full length swimskin or tights for a male swimmer probably offers extra support for the knees. the added compression factor really helps keep the creaky knees, surgically repaired backs and other loose joints and other parts of ones anatomy from hurting. The slimming efects of the technical racing swim skins are not to be overlooked. Many years ago, when the original body suits began appearing, I remember the great Jenny Thompson saying that the suits act as a swim girdle, they are so tight and slimming. They do offer a better hydrodynamic profile, especially where needed.

I was really uptight when USMS took Blueseventy as an official sponsor. Just as Speedo has been part of the whole suit issue and is a major sponsor of USA Swimming and so many of our swimmers, USMS took the issue to bed with them and wound up having as a sponsor, an extremely controversial development of swim technology. So controversial that suits and the materials such as the kind used by b70 has brought about the ban of this sort of swim technology.

I believe that USMS adopts the basic rules of FINA. There are exceptions and the use of compression devices through the wearing of full body technology may be tolerated. There may even be a double standard implemented. Wait and see.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Good News

I will be back in the pool asap. It has been nice out here but it is getting close to the time to when I can begin my comeback. It has been a pretty rough season, but I will be able to put that behind and move forward again. I will be formulating a plan. I will continue to concentrate on the healing process and rehabilitation so I can approach the pool with a renewed vigor and attitude.
The post op visit went well this morning. The sutures were removed, and we looked at images of the procedure. I have a complete ruptured biceps head that happened way back on Feburary 18, 2005. It is a documented work related injury. I believe it was misdiagnosed as a biceps strain or something like that. The stump was smoothed off, a large bone spur that was irritating the rotator cuff was removed, the acromial process was burred down, and a bit of the clavicle was also burred away. There was some other clean up. There was also a capsular release that was performed, which involved an incision made in the capsule that encompasses the labrum to release the tension caused by it being too tight.
I did not see the doctor, but I saw the PA. She said that as soon as the incisions are completely healed, then I can go back in the water. She also said that I can return to work as soon as I feel I am able. I am giving myself 2 weeks, I released myself for full duty on August 14.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Miss You

Take a look at the arm/shoulder at the left, pretty huh. I am doing well, as you know the procedure was less involved than anticipated and that is leading to an easier and quicker rehabilitation/recovery. I did begin home p/t the day after the procedure and it has been progressing well. I was at the 2nd p/t appt yesterday and it wentwell. Heat, manipulation, some motion exercises and 5 minutes at the arm bike, then ice, and that was it. I have been to the pool a couple of times to say hi and see people.
The Ridgway Saturday morning swimmers had breakfast at Hermine's house after they swam. Great waffles, eggs, fruits, coffee, and Mimosas. We watched the replay of the Tour, the climb of Mt. Ventoux, Becky,Rex, Harry, Leslie, Hillary, Frank, Todd. I missed a few, where was Deb, she was swimming, and so was Dave.
I talked with Norm and his wife. Norn is going to have Dr. Schmidt do his shoulder, and maybe the other one later. Norm says that he may be in a sling for a while. I think there is a bunch of older stuff that needs to be dealt with.
I go to the post op appointment tomorrow and I think Cassandra may accompany me. I do not think that I will see Dr. Schmidt, I will probably see a PA, and I will report the findings.

Thank you FINA. Soon the suit issue will be over and all that will be left is damage control. We need to reign in guys like Rowdy Gaines, who seems to be pro tech suit. It has been fun but so much damage has been done to the sport, our true spokespeople like MP and Ryan and other great athletes are looking forward to 2010, when swimming will once again, be swimming.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recovery and Rehabilitation

I think the shoulder procedure went well. I was a bit apprehensive, and I thought that there was more significant damage. I am releived, the pain is tolerable, andI started p/t today at Santa Rosa Memorial P/T. I just talked to Susan N. and she started her p/t yesterday at SR Back and Fitness. Susan told me that Pat at Back and Fitness was familiar with Tim B. too. I think that is where Schmidt was going to send me, but I wanted to go back to SRMPT. I know several of the therapists well because I worked with them before and after my back surgery. I had a different therapist today, Johnathan. I think Jeff told me he was going to do the evaluation today. He worked well with me.
The surgery basically took care of two common issues. The first issue was the type II curve of the acromiom, and he did a acromiomplasty, basically shaving down the bone and removing whatever bone spurs were present. The second issue involved releasing tension on the capsule itself by making tiny incisions on the capsule, I think. That is what the therapist told me. I have a follow up next Thursday, as well as 2 p/t sessions next week. I feel good, I just need to keep the reins pulled in so I don't cause reinjury.
I have done my home p/t twice today as well as a supervised session.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swim Swim, Sun

Ridgway was the call this noontime. It is always fun. I really love to swim. Hermine, Becky and Sarah J. were swimming in the next lane with Todd and Dave H. Don F. and I joined another swimmer from London and then there were 5 of us in the lane including Rex. I just swam and looked around. Hermine was wearing a new black sports bikini, and I caught her lying around the lane dividers. It was a typical workout, Dave H. led the way. Mostly kick/swims, as I recall. My body still was kind of sore in general, particularly my right scapula. I tried to be social too. I met a lady named Lisa as I came on to the deck and near the pool. She was asking Jimmie F. when the masters were showing up. I explained to her the situation. Basically, it is a group of friends that swim together on Fridays. Some of us are official Santa Rosa Masters, but the group is whoever shows up, and someone takes the lead for a workout. It is fun, and many of us return on Saturday morning and do it all over again. It's FUN.

No More 2 A Days

I am so sore, probably because I am not supposed to take any NSAIDS until after Tuesday, I think. My right scapula was really yelping yesterday evening, and the rest of my body has been pretty trashed, even this morning I am feeling a bit sore. I am going to swim later in this morning. I have been going to Ridgway for the past few swims, it is really cooler than Finley and it is more enjoyable.
Yesterday I swam there and I did a controlled easy 2500 yards.
500 free
500 back
500 breast
500 kick with fins, on back
10x25, swim back at 20 sec, 5 no breathers
I also went to the Y in the early evening and rowed 20 minutes+2 min warm down

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Santa Rosa Masters Coach Seen in Swimmer(USMS) Magazine

Hey, Coach Hermine Terhorst, that IS your image featured among others in the feature article on Nationals at Clovis. The SRM Masters Flower Power banner is also showing in the large image of the meet. The Hepworth sisters are wearing Santa Rosa Masters Flower Power swim caps in their photo included in their article. What a pretty smile, Hermine.

Down Time Approaching

I saw Susan N. at the Y this AM. She was checking out the facilities and her daughter was with her. I am counting the days till Tuesday and I am trying to swim as many times as I can until then. I do have a monthly card and I almost always get my money worth. That, for me, is 13 swims, yech, was a number. That is the break even swim session.
I swam easy on Monday, the day after the meet. I also went to the Y and rowed 30 minutes, yeah, and did a circuit at about 75% on the Nautilus. I was suffering from a case of DOMS Tuesday, and I swam 1500.
today I went to the Y and did shoulder p/t and then went to Ridgway and loafed through
500 free slow
500 back slow
500 breast glide
500 kick with fins on back

Sunday, July 12, 2009

PMS Long Course Update

There are only 5 SRM swimmers on Saturday, and Laura B. will not be here today. The meet is going very well, the largest age group is still 55-59, and the 60-64 is pretty big too. 20 swimmers in 50 free, 18 in 200 free and so on(in 55-59). The facilities are very good, there are plenty of showers, parking, and deck area. There were a few sprinkles of rain during the 800, but nothing to get bothered about. I have talked shoulder surgery with everyone and the stories range from short rrecovery to longer recoveries, and biceps ruptures.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Largest Age Group is Mens 55-59 at PMS Long Course

Wow, what a difference from the short course meet in April. The age group is huge, there are over 20 of us in 100, 200 and probably 50 frees. I submitted slower times than usual because of the injury and I have not pushed the season after the shoulder injury. Speaking of the shoulder, I went to the pro op appointment today. I think this weekend will be my last competitive weekend in some time. I hope that I can come back for the Long Beach meet in December. I am looking for an injury free weekend. The heat/psyche sheets are posted at the PMS website.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Entry Is Quick

750 choice
250 1 arm fly
2x200 IM, alternate 1arm fly
4x25 cruise
1500 yards

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taper: Just Back Off

Forget about it, I just swam 5 days in a row and I swam twice on Friday, on purpose. So today is really supposed to be an off day, no swimming anyway. I am going to go to the y but only for personal P/T. I did go to Finley for about 20 minutes before it closed at 1:15. I swam a few yards and did some breaststroke break outs. that's all, folks. I am going to rest up for the weekend. And watch some swimming on

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lance Factor

YMCA day as I was only going to swim a bit, but I had to hurry to get 1750 in so I could watch the TTTT of Astana and Lance Armstrong. He looked tough. Tough, Texas tough. Ineed yto do some Texas 25's to honor him later, maybe tomorrow. I think the shot is wearing off a bit, I could hear my shoulder at the p/t session yesterday. I can feel familiar tweaks, but no pain.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get in the Water

Should I begin a taper, huh? I feel really good in the water. My shoulder feels great, but I think that I feel the impingement and the tear on occasion. I think that because of the cortisone injection, there is no associated pain when I feel the pinch or strain.
1000 choice
5x100 free, pace
20x25 kick, no fins, some board, some underwater dolphin
250 dps,
2250 yards

Believe it, I am going to swim at the PMS Long Course meet this weekend. I have not trained hard at all for this meet, it is more of a test again. I am staying away from butterfly, except for the 50. I am pretty much swimming what I usually swim when I am not swimming IMs. I have not swam much butterfly in the last two months. I can swim the stroke, although hand placement on the catch is key to a less painful stroke.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Swim at Ridgway

I think I took Thursday off, but I did do my pers0nal p/t at the Y. I rowed a good one, I think I did a good row, either 3550 meters in 15 minutes or 5 minutes, I think it was the previous one. I went to finley on Friday morning and swam 2500 yards, pace mostly off Emmy Cozine. I went to Ridgway for noontime, and swam about 1000 yards, mostly fly drilling and breaststroke swimming.
Saturday was a fairly well organized workout at Ridgway, and there were nine of us. I did a several hundred yard warm up, and then we did
3x100 kick choice
3x100 kick/swim choice
10x100 choice on 2 minutes, hard 3, 6, 9, 10 is timed
10x25 on 45
4x50 ez
2250 yards plus warm up(750)

Today, Sunday, I basically swam 2000 straight and 500 kicking, with and without fins.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swim for the Roses

I am supposed to be really putting my shoulder to the test this week and it is holding up extremely well. I have been having some thoughts about the situation and it concerns the cortisone injection that I received in late May. Is that what is keeping me out of pain now that I am able to do most everything normally, considering that I have backed off the heavy training and have not had any gross setbacks? I do remember the cortisone injections that I received over the several years of marathon training. I would be fine and able to run pain free for several weeks, even months, after each injection, even though the pain and swelling would come back eventually. Is this what is happening? I understand that the SLAP tear does not repair itself, although Dr. Schmidt says the MRI is usually inconclusive, so possibly I do not have a torn labrum? I feel a slight twinge in the mid bicep region under competitive strain, and I do feel that if I go hard with the 'hammerheads' that I am on the edge of blowing out the shoulder again. Many questions still need to be answered. What are the liability factors involved with a situation like this, when it has been determined by worker compensation that surgery is indicated, but the patient is feeling healthy now , perhaps because of the recent cortisone injection. Will the patient get injured again?
I swam at Finley, I tried to swim hard.
700 choice
800 kick on back with fins
10x100 free, ez/hard, descending to 1:12
100 ez
8x25fly/25free 60 sec, 18-16 fly laps, work on timing and wider hand placement
3000 yards