Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick, Record The Morning Workout

Not much swimming. We met in the training room. We went over some stability ball exercises, and Coach sent an email for our reference.

0615 ez until 0626

Training room

400 swim
timed turns
work on fly turn,


I was lifting head at turn, corrected by coach telling me he was going to push my head down at the wall,

I have been gliding too much before dolphining, instructed to start dolphining immediately and harder.

Swim down 400 meters

work on turn several more on my own

Friday, February 24, 2012

Enter Here Now

Hopeful that entries are still accepted for next week's Caltech Sprint Pentathlon.

500 warm up
30x50 sprint on 90 seconds
Settled into 40/38 descend to final swim @33

Ground and pound hard
Easier first 4, then settled into 38/40s
10-14 easy IM
Coach now directs us to go ez/hard
Last swim @33
300 warm down

2300 meters

200fly drill
100pee break


4x50 stroke, sprint 2:30 heart rate
fly 135, fly 135, back 145, fly 150

100 free stroke count/heart rate
38/46 150 1:20

400 warm down, delete this line

I cannot remember the whole workout from yesterday. This is the reason that I should log these efforts immediately or soon thereafter, like today. That is the complete workout with notations.

I just looked at the past logged workouts and that has prompted me to remember the rest of yesterdays workout. It was said after workout that we had officially logged 2500 meters and I think that we were assigned 4x200 on 3:30 for warm down, add it up.

Was there some swim downs between the 50s and 100?

2500 meters

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short Course, Short Day

I tried to say yesterday that I was tired. Coach Kandis told me that I needed to roll to my side more to lessen the fatigue. I meant I was Tired. Like my back is tired, I did a good ride on Monday in addition to swimming.

tuesday workout
4,3,2, and no one

20x100 free on 2 minutes
10xbest average, down to high 1:20s
5xdescending,29, 26, 26, 24, 22, yeah
5xascending, but I stopped and did not do these
Instead, I swam down for 15 minutes, about 800 meters

Total over 3500 meters?

Short Course, short day in the pool
500 warm up swim
4x25 no breathers 45sec
4x50 with parachute on 60 sec
200ez with chute
4x50 parachute sprint 2 minutes
2x50 dolphin no breather afap(far)
2x50 dolphin afap, fly to walls
50 free/block 28.7
300 swim down

2125 yards

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Workout

Ah, the Monday morning workout. For many, it is the start of the new work week, although this Monday is Presidents Day. I made every green light on Orange Grove this morning.

0615, close to it.

400 ez free
300 free/back pull
200 1 arm fly

All on 70 seconds(1:10)
10x50 50fly/50back
8x50 50back/50breast, note I stopped breast kick, all breast is fly
6x50 50fly/50free
4x50 IM order
2x50 sprint (back)

Warm down
400 swim down
400 kick with fins

3200 meters plus warm up

I did not swim at all on Saturday or Sunday.

Rode bike to row 4k and back home on Sunday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Today is easier to remember.
0615 yeah,
4,3,2, pee

8x100 on 1:45 descend 1-4/5-8
200 afap 2:48 1:22/1:26

Warm down

2800 meters


Short Course yards


Warm up
800 mixer

4x50 yard IM order on 75 sec

We worked IM on the contraption, whatever it is called.. Woah, be careful.

Warm down
400 yards, that is all folks...

Looks like 2000 yards.

Legs needed exercise, so I did a 20 minute, 4k erg in the early afternoon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Repeat of Yesterday-Sprinting

Let's see, I really don't remember what the total meters from yesterday's workout, but I do remember the coach saying we were going to do it again today. It is coming back now


Warm up
700 meters 2,2,2,2

4x50 drill progression to full stroke
each stroke
800 meters

Warm down, unremembered

Today, Tuesday

Warm up
4x150 on 3 minutes

6x100 free,descend x2
4x50 SPRINT on 4 minutes
HR and time
50 back 145 and 41sec
50 fly 120 and 39 sec
50 fly 130 and 37.1
50 fly `145 and 37.71

Warm down
4x200 free

10-15 times from 15 meters

2200 meters plus 10 minutes and skills session(turn/breakouts)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Morning Fun

We started out with a 15-20 minute warm up, until 0620.

400 swim @1:50 pace
300 pull
400 swim @1:50 pace
300 pull
200 IM
100 free

4x100 free on 1:14
4x100 IM on 2 min
4x100 kick with fins

3000 meters plus warm up

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lost in Paradise

Take a look at this article from several years prior, I believe it explains the revolutionary, at the time, concept of what is presently known as the wave breaststroke.

That is yesterdays workout is lost but I do remember that we totaled 2800 meters and I was in the pool at 0624.

We did do a
4,3,2,1 warm up.
I think yesterday was stroke day and I tweeted such..
Now, if I can remember the rest of the workout.Nope.Darn. Felt strong and smooth during fly work.

Today we started workout in the rec pool, where was our lane in the comp pool? 4,3,2,1 and then 8x50 on 70 seconds. We then moved to the competition pool where we continued the workout.
100 free ez

200 free afap
swim down
600 meters ez choice

900 meters
1400 yards

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday SCYards

0624, this is the time on the scoreboard that I begin in the rec pool.
Warm up, unknown distance or time


4x25 dolphin on 60 sec
100 afap
4x25 dolphin on 60
100 @90% = 65 sec

10x100 on 1:30 descending to 1:15

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What and Yesterdays workout

Here is the first page of article co authored by Kurt Grote, MD world famous breaststroker.
We all use the modern style of breast stroke kick he described first several years ago. It involves a much narrower kick overall, with emphasis on the pushing motion created by the dropping of knees inaddition to bringing pelvic floor forward to form a platform for the upper body to 'leap' or surge forward from.

800 warm up mixer

T-20 Swim 20 minutes afap
1275 meters
1000 split @15:40

10x100 choice on 2 minutes
last 3x fly work 25/25



4x50 dolphin kick on 1:15
100 back afap 1:41
4x50 dolphin kick
100 back afap with extra turn at end

400 warm down

1700 meters

15 minute erg 3km