Monday, April 23, 2012

Stop and Go

Tapering is going well. I checked with the teammates and our taper seems to be the same, including yards and what we are swimming.
Saturday was the first day out of the pool since last Thursday, before the SPMA meet. As per usual, I take an off day with no swimming two days before a meet. The day before a large meet, I do a loosen up swim to get the feel for the water.

1750 yards

400 swim
400 kicking
breaststroke work
10x25 free
warm down

1500 yards

200 kick with fins
8x25 kick with fins
4x50 free descend with longer rest
32, 31, 30, 30
4x50 fly ez broken at 25 at 30 seconds, 1 minute between 50,
100 pace
200 warm down

Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Taper

500 swim
500 kick, assorted, with and without fins
100 ez
300 breast, assorted kick on back, full stroke, 4x25 under 20, near 17
free play
5x25 no breathers on 30
5x25 hard on 90, breath and no breathers, note, last 3 I slowed down and went faster, long 14s
all swim backs, assorted paces
100 swim down

exactly 2000 yards

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go Time #fulltapermode

Now it feels like it is time to GO! Full taper mode is the stage and I just need to maintain good common sense and stay away from danger. No throwing, running, lifting, tripping, twisting, bending, or performing awkward jerk style movements. Watch food intake. No reason to eat too much, as my physical activity diminishes as the taper process dictates. Can I go for a bike ride? Apparently I can, providing I do not hurt myself. Stay away from crashing. No hard hills or excessively long rides.

Wednesday I swam short course with the group
500 warm up
8x50 drill/swim last on 3 minutes @ 31sec
4x100 IM 5 seconds rest
100 free 1:06
400 warm down
I did
8x25/25, inverted breast kick/breast
100 swim down
1900 yards more or less

As we know, group training has its benefits. It also has its drawbacks. My main problem with group training when it is crunch time is...I have specific needs, or I should say my stroke does. I need uninterrupted sessions where I can look at my deficiencies and work to correct them. I also lose concentration during down time while listening to other people/coaches, talking, chatting, and otherwise losing rhythm and concentration. I spoke with the coach and explained the situation. So on and so forth to

Short Course

500 swim, right into it.
100 breast with a normal good effort
100 free

10x25free sprint, swim back at 20 seconds, on 90 seconds
many low 14s, 1st 5 no breathers
200 swim down

2100 yards, exactly!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finding 14

That was a good meet this past weekend. The drive in to the venue was very pretty. The mountains, only several miles away, were snowed upon. The storm from Friday had left partly cloudy skies, snow powdered the mountains in the near distance, and it was breezy all day. It was not too difficult to keep warm as the water was warm. Heard among some swimmers was talk of the heated swimming conditions, but it was better for us, overall. Sunday was a much better day, weather speaking. The wind was not much of a factor until the afternoon and it was fair and mild. Swimming conditions were very good.

I started slowly as per usual. i could not find legs for 500 free and my time was slower than expected. I did have some legs for 100 butterfly. Nothing like the initial 100 fly at Irvine in March. Whew. Later in the afternoon, the 50 fly was clunky. Not much of an effort in my mind. I did not attack. I only thought about it at the last 10 yards.

Sunday I found out that it was relay day for me. 3 relays, all with the same members including Mike, Gary, Doug and me. I was the youngest.
I started the day with a 100 yard butterfly leg in the medley relay. About 1:28. honest.
I warmed up with 500 yards before that swim and then I swam down 200 yards before
100 free 1:01.19 somewhere. Lucas noted glaring flaw in right pull coming across my centerline. Whoops. Correction. It was sloppy, that was noticable to me. Warmed down 250 or so.
Swim 200 leg in 800 free relay, check time. Guessing 2:35. Swim down 200 yards.
Swim 50 free leg in 200 free relay. Swim down 500 yards
50 free 26.94. Overall correction includes more power from shoulders, good pull, good turn, good kick from core. I did a swim down, but I really have no idea how many laps, probably 5-10. I then swam a near pr 1000 free. Very good job. 6:43 out, 6:35 in, nice strong back 500. Only 5 seconds slower than 500 yesterday. I was done, lets add up the approximate yards. Patrick swam 4600. I probably swam 3000+.

Easy swimming for 15 minutes
25/25 inverted breast kick/full stroke

Tuesday, today.

500 swim
5x100 free on 1:30 at or near 1:15
100 ez
5x100 free/fly no time
100 ez
10x25 fly, several at 14, swim back
500 kick down with fins

Friday, April 13, 2012

Total Laziness Towards This Blog

I really need to keep it going. Today is Friday and I think I last entered data on Tuesday.
I crashed into the pool upon a practice start as workout was progressing on Wednesday.
I pulled out of workout. RICE was the order for the rest of the day. Big bag of ice, rest, no physical activity at all for the rest of the day. It worked.
My ailment seems to have been alleviated.


8x100 5-10 seconds rest

4 times through IM order
4x25 drill progression to full stroke on 30 seconds

To the blocks and the scene of the crash, and the early end to the workout.
I think I was not SET, as in my body was not ready to enter the water and I landed on the surface incorrectly. I put unnecessary torque on my lumbar/lower back and strained the right side.

A dryland workout was also on the schedule.

Typically a rest day before a big weekend meet. And I did feel much better.
Bike ride over 40 minutes
Light shoulder maintenance with 3/4# dumbbells

Back in the pool with no residual problem from Wednesday accident.
Lower back stiffness noticable

500 meters warm up on my own
200 meter choice
8x50 meters drill/swim back on 1:10
4x100 build
Then some starts, I did 2 in water starts

To the rec pool, I did some light butterfly
get out and rest

Saturday events
500 freestyle
100 butterfly
50 butterfly

Sunday events
100 free
50 free
1000 free

See Swim Phone link for all results and other information

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Found It

Now, do I have enough training sessions to implement the renewal/ We shall see. I found it this morning during the 25 fly sprint session.
Slow Down to Go Fast
I remember.
Thanks to Garret Weber Gale several seasons ago, he mentioned doing this. Less fighting and more power while using proper methodology and extremely perfect form and technique.

Swimming alone

Begin at 0636
3x100 kick without fins on back
2x100 kick breast on back without fins
20x25 kick with board without fins
500 free
5x100 free/fly
10x25 fly
10x texas 25s ez
1x50 free no breather

3100 yards short course

Long course

10x100 free
short interval average 1:30

Short course
5x100 free/fly

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Welcome Home

I have always managed to get my workout in when I travel. Familiarity with the areas swimming facilities too and it is always nice to swim at new/different pools.

I just got back from North California today. I have been swimming for at least 2 weeks straight. We can look latyer

I can go back to March 31, Saturday, as I swam on my own at RBAC.
April 1, Sunday. Swim at Santa Monica Swim Center. 3K good swimming
April 2, RBAC. SCFYmca in the afternoon.
April 3 Tuesday Finley
April 4 Wednesday Finley/ SCFYmca
April 5. Thursday Swim with Vincent at Alhambra Fitness Center, his club. 2k indoors.
Folsom Aquatic Center for another workout
April 6 Friday Roseville
April 7 Saturday Rooseville Swim/Fitness Center, Ride tandem with Vincent 7 miles
April 8 Sunday drive home