Monday, December 31, 2012

The End

Really was the last workout of the year. 

100 50s on a minute.  I kind of did it.  Modified a bit, but it was good.  I did not start counting until I moved to the competition pool, then I began with the kick with fins.  I swam about 1000 freestyle in the rec pool before moving to the comp pool.

1000 free

kick with fins
60 seconds

no interval
continuous swim
good turns

actually free/fly
60 seconds
last 4 were fly/free

ez free
flat shoulders
watch hands
like sprinting except slow
cool down

5000 yards

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Swim Here Today, Extra Edition

Missed a workout yesterday.  It was an act of weather, there was thunder and lightening on the horizon.  There was really an incident, a plane was struck by a bolt right at the same time the pool was cleared.  That ended my attempt at a workout.  I swam about 20 minutes before I decided to call it for the morning. 

Sunday, today.

warm up, short course
250 free ez
500 back good form
250 1 arm fly

700 kick mostly dolphin on back

1 minute rest at 5
1 minute rest before 10

Long course
100 free ez

watch form, always



Friday, December 28, 2012

@esterne Posted Workout

 This entry is for December 26, 2012, the day after Christmas.

I tweeted my morning workout today.  It fit because I am still swimming/training on my own.  I told Kandis this morning that I will be back with the training group next year. That would be next Wednesday.  I don't know, I feel pretty good training on my own volition.  Just like old times.  Do I feel a bit of apprehension to go back with the training group?  Perhaps.

Year End Post

I have been doing pretty good this past month.  Due to many meets, a new approach to training, and coming back to competition, I thought it would be a good idea to stay away from the training group for a while.  I like it.  I have been training by myself, just as in the past.  I am a pretty good coach, I like my workouts.
Broken 200s
Lots of butterfly
1000 warm ups
500 kicks
good rest when necessary

Short Course
1000 warm up, including 250 1 arm butterfly
500+kick, more dolphin on back
500 broken at 100,
5-10 seconds
7:20 end
100 ez

Long Course
100 back

2x100 fly 1,1,1; 2,2,2


200 warm down

3200 yards/meters

This workout is a progression following yesterdays workout, which in turn, followed the previous workout.  This is how I train.  I will get back to logging the workouts in earnest January 2, 2013.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice Morning at the Pool

I have been taking it pretty easy at the pool. It is quite enjoyable.  I think they miss me at workout.  Mentioned to Coach Chad that I am having an off season for a while.  Good idea.  So I have been swimming on my own, just like the old days.  I am starting to remember the old days, too.  Going fast, swimming with purpose, too.  Brain needs to relax so my body can swim with purpose, again.

I will be a faster swimmer next season.

This means I need to adjust my workout schedule.

I will need to train by myself approximately 50% of the time.


See yesterdays Morning Swim interview with Masters star David Guthrie, our stories are similar.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Looking For Focus

It was not apparent at the meet this weekend.  I tried to use all the mental stuff I have been reading about recently.  All that stuff is not new to me, and I think that because my season/year has been so filled with change, there was something lost in the transition.
I have really enjoyed my new adaptation of swimming with a coached workout group.  Buttt, I am now questioning this approach to the coming season.
I feel I missed a taper, again.  There was some physical malfunctioning as two weeks before the meet approached.  Quadriceps injury lead to the right lumbar strain, then the strained shoulder 3 days before the meet.
Excuses?  Statements? Or just observations written/logged?
I had a really good time this season.  I swam well.  I swam under control.  I will need to maintain that control.
I will continue to evaluate my goals and focus in Masters Swimming.
The SPMS Short Course Regional Championships were held at the old Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool.  Thanks to all the volunteers and athletes.  We had a bunch of fun.  
See the on Swim Phone results