Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Was a Boring 1 Hour Swim

I lost count somewhere between lap 4-6 and I never recovered.  After the swim, I went to the rec pool and tried to figure out how to get up again.  I was too worn to sprint, so I just unwound and will head back to the pool tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Across The Pool

There we go.
After 0630 workout, which I did IM style, I went to one lap.
There were several 13's.  All freestyle

Looked at some positive reinforcement from The Race Club, Gary Hall SR. Topics covered included lift, hydroplaning?, rapid turnover and rapid, lower amplitude, kicking. 
I was also thinking of a harder, i.e. stronger,  pull through.
I sprint with my head higher, and looking ahead towards the turn.
I also have better speed when I swim flatter, with less rotation.  I need to think about forcing propulson with more hip drive/force.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

12 Swimmers IN A LANE

That is some masters group you have here, coach.  Oh my, there are 12 swimmers in that lane.  There are only 9 in that lane, and so on.  So, I got polar bear credit this morning, even though I swam by myself in the rec pool.  After frolicing for about and hour, I really did not feel like swimming too hard, but I did some breaststroke at the end.  I saw 17.

Today was the 6th day this week.  Good

Monday I had just kicked the flu, but was still very tired and weakened.  I swam about 30+minutes
Tuesday went better.  I started to swim and did some 100's.
Wednesday self workout, including some sprinting
Thursday self workout
Friday I rejoined the team workout.  See previous post.

Friday, January 25, 2013

12 Swimmers Swimming

2 full lanes this morning, my first time back with the competition 0630 group in over a week, since the flu attacked me last Wednesday right after the workout.  I was febrile for 4 days.  I started back on the road to recovery on Monday and I am back. 

I also went to the training room yesterday for the first time.  My joints were becoming irritated, but I fixed that because I got back to the weights. 

I just stuck with the workout this morning.  There was much kicking with fins and a
200 back time trial. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out of Water Illness

Sick happened.  Wednesday last week, as I thought I had a really good workout, it was the flu that knocked me out of the water for 4 days.  I made it back in on Monday, although it was not a workout, but just a get better swim.  Yesterday was much better, as I could put some effort into the water.  Warm up was slow and sickly.  Then I started to swim better.  I ended up swimming a good 45 minutes and I included;
5x100 free quick set
10x25 sprints, building on 45 seconds

Today is Wednesday
Normal warm up, about 15 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of kicking with fins
about 10x100 free
good pace
10x25 free
on 30 seconds
200 cool down

I am trying to get back into the workout group tomorrow.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Logging in on the iPad was not possible without a blogging app until I tried it.
I f..ed up the main set and am still upset.
Please stop me if I am doing it incorrectly and remind or tell me,, LaLa
So this is what I missed:
10x100 free
Failed interval then skip a 100

I did a 900 meter swim
and then the coach told me in detail about the set, blah blah
Swear words

I asked him to stop me next time.

Complete workout
500 swim, 4x50 descend, 1:15, 10x100, fail interval, skip 100, 4x50, ascend, 400 free cooldown
I continued with short course finishing with 5x50 fly including 10x25free on 30sec and 8x25 breast 

my right medial epicondylitis is bothering me, swear word
Trying to increase elbow leverage, ie, Dan S.
Maybe it's all he breaststroke.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meeting at Heirloom Cafe

Meeting around Nationals today after practice.
Workout self coached this morning
20 minutes swimming
10 minutes kicking
5x200 free
Broken at 45 sec
2x100 1arm fly
3x100 free/fly
400 cool down
3400 yards

Training room
Legs= ball squats, lunges w/med balls, add/abd w/cord
Pull ups 4/5

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boom Goes The iMac

What happened next caused a computer fatality.
It all started when the wireless went out.
Turns out the problem was outside, because the wireless is on the broadband connection
I decided to finally switch to the TWC connection
I was setting up the new modem, I moved the iMac near the TV
I set the iMac on a chair and it fell to the floor.
Apple ran a diagnostic and the hard drive is no more.
New hd $250
Old iMac no longer can be updated.
Ordered new iMac today, ships in 7-10 days

6 swimmers
200 swim
200 pull
200 kick no fins
8x50 fly
100 fly
what else, dam

1 swimmer
450 warm up rec pool
Kenny Duarte, coach
1000 swim
5x100 kick with fins
4x50 free
1 min
4x200 free
Descend 3:20, 3:13,  3:03, 2:57
4 min
300 cool down

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Late Start What

Why did I get to the pool late?  Because.  There are too many swimmers today.  I was tired too.  So I went to the rec pool to do my normal warm up and headed to the workout after a 500.
I found the busiest lane, of course.  It looked like kicking with fins.
14 swimmers in this lane.

300 kick with fins

10x50 swim on 1 minute
100 ez

10x50 back
5 descend
5 ascend
1 minute

5 times
2x50 breast

4x50 fly
44, 42, 41, 44

100 warm down

2200 meters

Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Here Now

This morning we did some drills in addition to swimming. 


400 free
300 pull
200 kick; breast kick
100 drill; 1 arm fly


15 meter dolphin
swim back to wall

15 meter breast break out, or as far as one can possibly glide
swim back

15 meter dolphin
sprint to finish

400 free
dolphin off wall
felt good

2160 total meters


2x100 back

3x100 fly
200 pace


no time intervals
watching form
back to basics

700 extra meters
2860 total, plus pre warm up

Good training room session
Shoulder warm up
Shoulders, arms
incline, bench,
pull ups, 4, 5
nearly 60 minutes

Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Title, Workout Post

Look up at the clock, it's 0617. 

Warm up
400 swim
300 pull, w/o bouy
200 kick w/fins
100 drill 1 arm fly switch

6x50 scull
6x50 pull
6x100 kick

200 cool down

2400 meters

2x100 back
extended breathing
timing on catch
hip roll
flat shoulders

3000 meters total

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, GO!

Here we go, diving into another season of masters swimming.  I will try to keep up with the workouts and add more content to the site.  Happy swimming.

stanford Women were at the pool again today.  Yay.


600 warm up

4 minutes

4x50 sprint
2 minutes
42, 38, 37, 36
130 hr

4 minutes

100 sprint

200 cool down

extra swimming
600+ meters

2300 workout
500 warm up
600 post workout

3400 meters

Weight room
bench, mostly
170x2 max