Sunday, July 17, 2011

Totally goofed up last entry

Whoops, I guess it doesn't matter that much, as long as I keep swimming and rowing. I ride the bike mostly for around town, sometimes I do a ride for exercise.

Time to Remember the Past Week Workouts

Last entry was July 11, so that was Monday. I have doing as much work on the house as humanly possible. today I laid the vinyl in the bath, tomorrow paint and reinstall a new low flow toilet and reset the lavatory. I will then get a new medicine chest and light, perhaps there is a unit with the light integrated into the cabinet.

Working back from today, Sunday at the Y I swam only.
1500 free
5x25 back/25 easy free
5x25texas/25 easy free

swim for time 45 minutes
erg for time 15+ minutes last 2km@820+


swim 40+ minutes
erg 20 minutes good pace
erg 20 minutes with talk with Darlene


swim at Ridgeway
55 minutes, good speed play with other swimmers

Totally forgot

Did some good riding, and swimmng

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, Monday

Swim Sunday. shat did I do besides swim laps, oh yeah, I did a quick set, but not really very quick.
Backstroke alternating with freestyle.

Monday I was on the indoor rower, or ergometer. Was I at 3.3k at 15 minutes, I went hard for 20. I then rowed easy for another 20
40 minutes on the indoor rower, Concept2.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Next Post

I owe it to myself to post these darn workouts, events and issues concerning my health, athletic performance and well being. so what.

It looks like Wednesday. I set out to swim 1500 yards, and I did. Then I hung around the pool and did some easy Texas 25's, like around 8. I walked to an easy shoulder session in the afternoon.

Thursday I did not swim, erg or ride hard, although I did walk to Goat Coffee and rode and easy 5 miles later in the day.

Friday I was in Santa Cruz for the PMS 1500meter swim.
300 warm up
1500 meter swim 24:44.40 splits at 500-8:16 and 1000-16:33
final 500 at 8:11
200 warm down

Row only
10 minute warm up 1965 meters
2km 7:59
2:03. 2:02. 1:59 1:55
12 minute cool down

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Late/Lazy Entry

I scolded myself in the previous posting about logging the workout now. Well, this is what I did yesterday, and I think I was not feeling well. I didn't even trek to see fireworks last night. I think that a combination of environmental factors, the heat, and what I had consumed in the last 24 hours had something to do with my ill feeling. It is very hot today too.

I waited until 1230 to swim. I actually had less than 25 minutes.
1500 yards
final 500 was supposed to be at 7:30, but I got confused somewhere, or I am swimming really well.
I must have missed a 50, or 2.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Thursday, Friday Saturday, and Sunday

X Rays are negative, that is pretty much all the doctor was good at telling me. I am glad that I got to see a young male physical therapist Friday morning. He determined that the issue is not related to the possible diagnosis of an impingement syndrome as he did some serious palpating of the clavicle, including the a/c joint and the rotator cuff. There is no point tenderness anywhere along the clavicle. He continued to palpate the left anterior intercostal between ribs 2/3 or 3/4. After several minutes of manipulation, or rubbing, the soreness was dissipated. We agreed that this is where the pain and injury is located and he told me all I should know about the injury, the healing curve and he told me that I could just rub the pain away myself, which I have done several times. I am healing.
7/3 Sunday I swam with Vince at the Y. 30 minutes.
7/2 Saturday, I think I just swam.
7/1 Friday I erged good for 20 minutes, then swam for 30 minutes.
6/30 Thursday, I swam at Finley! I limited my swim to 30 minutes there too. I had an evening erg of 20 minutes.
Wrong. I swam at Finley on Friday, because I rode the bike and then rode to the p.t at Kaiser at 9AM

Reminder to self, log the workout daily please, see what happens, I forgot my place in line for a rest, and there could possibly be a focus issue.