Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Ahead

I look to swim with someone at noon today. I did an ez 1000 and 2km row at Y this morning.

Tomorrow, December 31, there is a "blue moon" and there is a virtual rowing challenge.
Minimum distance is 5 kilometers and it must be done twice, because a blue moon supposedly is the full moon appearing a second time in a calendar month. Hurrah!

I did make it to the noon swim at Ridgway, but I did not swim with Dave, John et al. I stayed away and swam some distance back/breast.
500 ez free
10x200 alternate back and breast 200s
100 ez warm down

3600 swim
2631 row

It looks as though I might start keeping more detailed yardage/meters totals. I am going to try to task myself logging yardage at the USMS tracking site as I already keep an accurate track of my rowing with the Concept2 log card. I think that I will try and use the 17th Man's method of keeping a running total of daily, weekly, monthly and annual yard/meters swam.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tht pretty much says it, I swam 3000 yards. Straight. No stops and I did flip turns except first 6 laps. No time, no clock, just swim freestyle. Done.

The Tamalpais Masters, TAM, are administrating two postal swims this season. They are hosting their annual Jon Steiner Memorial 1650 postal swim as well as being host for the USMS 1 hour postal swim. I look forward to participating in both events again this season.

I hope to see many of my Santa Rosa Masters teammates swim these events too. I think there were many participants for the 1650 from SRM and I hope to see many more this season. I am almost always available for timing.

3000 yards

Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End Update

Thank you for bearing with me during the absence of new content to the blog. It seems that things have quieted down somewhat on the swimming news and stuff. I am returning to the blog simply to keep track of my efforts and thoughts for the upcoming season. I will only report on the happenings of the day, and I will continue to strive for accuracy and originality in reporting on the new season.

We all look forward to beginning New Year, 2010, with the annual Santa Rosa all comers 2 hour swim. What is our goal this year, 100x100s, or 100s on ? intervals, or something different. Morales has extended an invite for brunch after. I think the majority of competitive swimmers are looking forward to February and the USF meet, I am. The SF Quadrathon is in January, I probably should do it this year, no excuses.

Today is Monday and Finley is where I swim in the morning.
500 free ez
5x200 back
5x200 IM
10 min tread water
5 min sculling
free play

2500 yards