Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Workout

Trying to get to the pool earlier. I was in the water at 0625.

800 mixer
I think this means to warm up, using all warm up skills, including drills, kicking and stroke.

8x50 swim on 60 sec

Main set
2x100 swim on 2 minutes
3x100 race pace (200)on 2 minutes
4x50 on 60, race pace, 40, 40, 39, 38
400 hard

8x50, 25scull/25pull

2700 total meters

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Fun

Fun indeed is the key to these morning workouts. Lots of swimmers, we had 4 lanes, there were 6-8 in each.
Warm up is probably
400 swim
300 pull
200 kick and
100 drill
I will make it to the drill soon, but I did the 200 kick with no fins.
900 meters

Main set
Starts and Turns
Explain differences and similarities track vs standard
track start =quicker entry so dolphining can start

warm down
4x200 free with turns other than tumble/free on 4 minutes
800 meters

Friday, January 27, 2012

Extra Rest

It is a good idea to include rest in a workout schedule. While working, I had ability to rest around my work schedule. I conclude that I precipitated some near injurious movements last week by swimming 6 days straight. I have rarely swam more than 5 days straight in my career.

Thursday Rest Day

I counted 300 yards in the rec pool before workout

Warm up.
400 swim
300 pull
200 kick
100 drill, not completed
900 meters

Main set
With Fins
6 times through, , actually 7

50 fly on 50 sec
50 free on 70 sec
50 back on 90 sec?
900 meters

600 warm down
2400 meters

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday SCYards

Warm up before warm up. Leg soreness from static stretching at Pilates. Let us discuss the optimum stretching dynamics next session.

Official warm up through about 20 minutes. I swam in the rec pool for about 5 minutes then joined the masters workout. We grouped up at 0650 to begin workout.
1000 yards warm up
Kick set
4x25 ez
4x50 on 1 minute, hard
400 warm down
700 yards

Main set
5 times through
each stroke on 1:15
25 fly
50 breast(fly)
75 back
100 free
1250 yards, total

200 warm down

3200 total yards

Monday, January 23, 2012

Breaststroke Can Be Hazardous

This morning went well. I swam in the rec pool for 5+ minutes before swimming. then we got right to warm up.
200 ez
4x200 20 sec rest

Main set
20x50 breaststroke
10 on 90 sec
5 on 70 sec
5 on 90 sec

400 warm down

2700 meters

Shoulder issue from Saturday has subsided. There was some tightness in the mid deltoid this morning, it seems different than the previous pain.

Then on the last kick of the last 50 breaststroke it happened. That twinge in the left groin,
go away please. I know, lets not do any breaststroke for the rest of the week.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shut Down

In the middle of a lap, indeed. The pain/sensation, began to migrate. I feel awful. What factor has contributed to this issue?
1. 6 days straight
2. Started swimming hard too soon
3. Lifting yesterday
4. No morning Celebrex

Perhaps any and all of the above may have contributed. I stopped, got out and explained to Chad the issue.
There is more looseness/clicking now.
I have Celebrex on board. Aha! I usually premedicate before workout, but not this morning.

Warm up

2 times
100 swim

Main set
10 on 60sec
10 on 65
10 on 75
10 on 90

Warm down

I must have retired in the middle of the 3rd 10, don't quite remember. I was 5 in the lane, I kept catching the swimmer in front of me. We will wait until Monday to evaluate the issue.

The issue, by the way, is the right shoulder. I feel pain similar to pain in 2009. STOP.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Excellent Warm Up and Then...

Very nice warm up scenario this morning. Described as 5/4/3/2/1, add two zeros to those ordinals. 500 swim, 400 pull, 300 swim, 200 drill/kick and 100 swim. In the corner there was 25 minutes allowed for this matrix. Jeah. That was a very nice warm up.
Main set, 2 times through (1200)

4x25 on 30 seconds
100 on 2 min
4x50 on 2 min
200 on 4 minutes

600 warm down

3300 total yards,
Several teammates were swimming the USMS 1 Hour Postal this morning. I would like to do the swim. Hoping I can find a timer...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Short but Sweet

400 warm up swim
200 free afap, I went last, so I swam another 150
200 time 2:52

4 times
10 push outs
100 free

2x50 free from start block, swim back

300 warm down
200 warm down
200- kick on back with fins

2100 meters total

I started Pilates today at ATP in South Pasadena. The instructor is very pleasant and knowledgeable(10 years). I assigned myself another session for next week with the same instructor.

I was kind of crampy during the session, I believe all cramping was on the right side, including the hamstring and my right hip area. I feel pretty good right now, from the Pilates,,although I think I feel the 'push outs' in my anterior deltoid.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Swimming With A Cold

I noticed the ill effects creeping on me late Friday/early Saturday. And then it became real on Saturday after workout. I am trying to bomb it with Emergen-C and some echinachea stuff. I need to take the echinachea at the very first feeling of the cold, soooo....
This morning I felt well enough to swim. Pretty good. During wall time towards the end of the session, I did mention that I was feeling better than earlier as I was dealing with a cold. Coach Chad then told me to back off and get out. We talked about swimming when under the weather.

Warm up

4 times through, on 2 minutes
100 stroke

3 times through on 2 minutes
4x100 stroke
4x100 IM
4x100 free

I think we were supposed to do the 4x but I noticed others doing the other matrix so after 2 100 flys I fell in line with the other swimmers and did the rest of the set with them, finishing with 3 IMs and 4 100 frees

Then I mentioned the cold and Chad told me to back off. While others did a 200 afap, I only did 100 free and a warm down.

2300 meters

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Count This One

Saturday Morning, 0600. the main entrance isn't even open as the stream of headlights circles, looking for a breach into the parking lot. It is brisk this morning. There are a few clouds, but not enough to take the chill off. Looking ahead, there are 8 swimmers in the lane, although this is very comfortable as we swim long course in the competition pool..wide is good too.

Warm up.
Assigned 5x200 15sec rest

Set 1

2x100 free, descend 1:55
100 IM 2:10

8x50, IM order
30 sec vertical kick between laps

50 kick

400 warm down

3200 meters

I did not swim on Friday. Much needed rest day.

I did sign on for a set of introductory Pilates lessons starting next week.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shoulder Impinging On My Brain

This is not a good thing. One lousy pull up? Yep. Go Away.

100 ez

600 mixer


4x50 back descend

100 back AFAP 1:39

400 warm down

100 warm down

2500 meters total, 2300 assigned


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


DOMS. Forgot about it but now I remember how it feels. I spoke with Coach Chad this morning about my soreness, he mentioned that I could feel today's workout tomorrow too! Perhaps I will have no problem as I was on the C2 for 20+ minutes. I was trying to erg out the soreness in my glutes, so I waited 2+ hours to erg.

Short Course Wednesday

600 swim choice

25 dolphin with scull, 6x6kick vertical dolphin,
25 underwater dolphin, 6 upside down waterboard sit ups,

50 free from blocks, 29.3
5x200 free on 3 minutes, I descended to 2:48

Short yards today
1950 yards

Note that I am looking into an appropriate Pilates situation. I have made an inquiry to ATP Pilates in South Pasadena.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Log It Now

Let us see if it adds up, Coach Candace said we did 3k this morning.
4x150 swim/stroke
4x100 kick on 2:20
4x50 ascending
4x200 swim stroke
400 ez
4x100 kick, work on dolphin/underwater
200 swim down
That adds up, Jeah.

I am not the only swimmer in the group that logs workouts.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Team Meeting

This is cool. Official. A Plan.
Our 0630 group had a meeting this morning. Most all in attendance were meet competitors. The coach has a very reasonable philosophy and plan for the season. There are many short course meets leading up to nationals at the end of is a good idea to have a plan for the season.

The national qualifying times are going to be inflated through the 2013 season. The way that the qts are determined by the top 10 finishers +a percentage averaged over three years. This year we take the top times from 2009, 2010 and 2011. Unfortunately, USMS let swimmers use tech suits in 2010 so qualifying times will be tech suit infected until 2014! Tech suits sucked and fouled up swimming. Money grab(Blue70). Bad move by USMS to continue swimming in tech suits for 2010 short course season. We all have to wait an extra year until inflated q times disappear.

This is my tentative plan for upcoming swim meets:

Feb 4 Rose Bowl Meet
1000 free
200 fly
200 IM

March 4 Cal Tech Pentathlon
all 50s, 100IM

April 1 UCLA Meet
100 fly
50 fly
100 free

April 14/15 Regional Meet
50/100 free
50/100 fly
1000 free, or last distance swim on Sunday

National Meet, end of April
50/100/200 fly
50/100 free
100 or 200 IM

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Excuses Found

I was/am really tired this morning, and I am a swimmer. Cool evening at the Arclight Hollywood, saw Drive with Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks. Mr. Brooks and producers appeared after the showing for an informal talk. Very nice.

I was in the pool, with about 50 others, at 0600. This is Saturday morning. WTHeck, are we all nutty sundaes?

A main incentive this month is to be a member of the RBACMaster Polar Bear Club. Attend 20 workouts in January and be awarded a custom RBACMasters tee shirt. Perhaps some are fulfilling a New Year resolution. I am. I completed 5 straight masters workouts under supervision this week.


6x75 25kick/50swim 30sec/60sec
4x100 25/4ups 75/5sec vertical dolphin
100swim hard

1900 yards?

Only 1 hour due to intersquad age group meet.


1000 swim?
2x500 swim

2900 meters

I need to start thinking about the 1 hour swim.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Resolution

Swim with a workout group.

I started on the first day of the new workout year, Tuesday. I originally thought that I would be able to manage the noon lunchtime group so that is where I began. I only made one minor mistake. 1230-1330

I kind of do not remember the rest of the workout. There was some kicking and I think some 150s at the end.

Wednesday I decided to swim with the 0630 group. It is supposedly for the competing swimmers. I think Wednesday is short course day.
20 minute warm up swim
12x50 hard/recovery 1min/2min
other drills and swimming

I forgot my rowing gear. I can row after the workout.

Candace, coach
6x 50scull/50pull/100kick
400 warm down

I told the coach that I do not use the board.
Good kicking today.

2500 meters