Monday, May 27, 2013

I Have Returned

Indy 2013 was a good swim meet.  Whoops, what the fuck did I do on 200 fly?  Sh.. I am still unhappy.  Now what should I do with my elbow?  It feels pretty good.  It rested almost 2 weeks without much stress, swimming, or lifting.  I swam 2 times last week at Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown NY.  At the Greenpoint YMCA in Brooklyn, I used the pool and did mostly streamline dolphin as the pool is only 12.5 yards.  I also did a beginning lifting session on Saturday, including several pull ups.  Just a bit of DOHMS.

Back at Masters training this morning.  Good to be back too.
Good workout, did coach say lactic..
Warm up, several hundred meters freestyle and backstroke.

6 different
4x kick switch varaiations
2x catch up shoulder width
 including fist swimming x1

4xkick with kickboard
1:15 make interval

100 free
fast to faster
3 minutes

500 cool down

1400 plus warm up
warm up could have been 800 meters

Good job.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Follow Prescribed Taper, See Results Soon

All the way, hey, hey.  I look forward to the meet in Indianapolis this week.  I stayed with the masters program all the way through the season.  The only modification was self coached swimming on Tuesday and Thursday.  I think it worked to my advantage.  Swimming several times with the noon group was fun and a good way to get that extra work.  The noon group is a bunch of good people too.

There were 5 swimmers this morning swimming at Indy. Steph, Cheryl, Scott, Laura, and me.

I saw there were 5 swimmers at the noon workout going too. Chad, Ralph, Trisha, Mike and Judy.

Half the team swam supervised taper workout.



1 minute
choice/all free


100 choice

300 swim down

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slow down, but hurry up.

 I put the KT Tape on this morning after practice.  There is a specific way to use the tape for my medial epicondylitis, i.e. golfers elbow.  One word.  Amazing.  I followed taping directions best I could.

What. Here we go.  Trust the coach.  I am.  Trusting.  The coach.  I only, today, Saturday, swam away from the workout group.  Probably a good idea.  Only Cheryl, Laura, Mo were swimming with the Saturday group.  I talked with Cheryl after swimming and she stated that she did some 4x100 builds and 4x100 descends.  She also said she did no push outs.  Coach said he had told her not to do them.  She didn't hear him, but stayed away from them just the same.  I really like Cheryl.  She is an aquatics professional.

I did some relay handoffs with Bill Davis.  He will be swimming free in the medley.  We could be over 5 seconds faster than last year.  He thinks he can go 23.  That would be about 7 seconds faster than last season.  Wow.  Our seed time is 1:49. wow again.  Can we maybe go 1:36 in free relay.  Bob=24, me=25, Dan=23, Bill=23 ====1:35 huh?

Taper and Rest.

Monday=taper with Coach
Wednesday=travel to #usmsIndy
Wednesday= swim day before meet
Friday=200free, 200fly

Relays too, I got assigned 4, including both mixed with Cheryl, Sally and Dan