Friday, August 31, 2012


Woah there coach who emails our workouts to the deck coach.  Our deck coach has been Ka this week as Ch has been coaching at the USMS Super High Intensity Training (SHIT) Camp in Greensboro NC.  Really those intervals are not possible for this old boy, but I am sure there must have  been a misprint regarding the 4x100free on 1:20, and it was reasoned that we would go on 1:45s.


100 breast

Main Set
400 IM 8 min
200 free 3 minutes
200 IM  4 minutes
4x100 free 1:45
3x100 IM 2 minutes

exhausted!   I forgot to warm down, instead I talked with Maurine K.

2600 meters good job class.

I think that I shall begin documenting the lane mates
We shall be identified by first initial only until further notice,,,
Ji Sc To Pa Gl Mg Am Mo =9

The end of a good week of hard swimming.  I started on Saturday with a good 1 mile ocean swim, and continued on Sunday with a hard 2k non-stop at the RBAC.  I diligently recorded the weeks workouts on time this week. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I tried to get in the pool early but only succeeded to start at

Warm up
400 swim
200 kick
200 drill/1 arm fly

Main Set

Block Start
Butterfly at #10-20, not all

400 warm down

2200 meters

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Short Course Wednesday


Warm up.
200 free
200 IM
200 choice
200 kick

descend by 5 seconds 1-4 twice

on 1:30
100 free

100afap 1:13

200 warm down

2700 yards

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coached Workout

Nice of Kandis to tell us we were only doing the first hour of the earlier workout, thanks.  Just kidding it was a maximum workout, and those early swimmers are the drones, plodding their way through the prescribed meters.  We, the elite/competition group(ha), are only allotted 1 hour, and that is perfect.   Sooo.,


800 mixer

4x100 free on 1:40
hold pace 1:22-1:28

800 free
same pace

4x100 free on 1:40
repeat above
held 1:28

200 warm down

2600 meters

Monday, August 27, 2012

Goals and Objectives for the SCM Season

Just kidding, I have neither goals nor objectives other than swimming fast in all events that I enter.  Relatively speaking, of course.  I am looking ahead to the SCM meet in Walnut Creek in October and the SPMS SCM meet at Long Beach in December.  I may enter one or two day meets, it depends on weather.  Santa Clarita is the weekend before Walnut Creek, and there aree meets at UCLA and Pierce College too.  Does Irvine host a SCM meet too?

I finished the Corona del Mar 1 mile swim in 22.09 for a third place finish and a gift card to In+Out.  The water was warm, the swimmers were polite, the course was gentle and well monitored and 265 swimmers finished.  It was a good reintroduction to the open water.

Sunday I swam 2K straight at RBAC.

Monday it is back to training.

600 mixer

10x200 on 4 minutes
200 descending

6x50 warm down on 1 minute

 2900 meters

Friday, August 24, 2012


The idea of swimming in the ocean is intimidating at times.  Many cultures learn to accept the ocean and the aquatic environment but the majority of humans never set foot in it, and certainly have not intention, reason or desire to swim in it.  It is a challenging experience. 

Saturday and Sunday last week I attempted to bodysurf the great break at Oceanside during the preliminary round of the World Bodysurfing Championships.  I did not make it to the second round, but it was a great learning experience and I made some new friends.  Mark Cunningham, the champion, was in my heat.  He is awesome!  I watched the final championship round and there were others that were as awesome.  I am a bit behind the curve, but I will get it. 

Monday I went to RoseBowl workout. 

Tuesday I swam 1000 meters at RoiseBowl, then went to Manhattan Beach and swam a lap.

Wednesday was at RoseBowl and I lost my fins!  It sucks.

I was sick on Thursday. I went to Manhattan Beach and rode 10 miles on the bikeway but I could not swim and I cancelled the rest of the day.

Today is Friday, August 24.
RoseBowl workout
600 swim
Butterfly training consisting of instruction about contracting/lifting shoulders/scapula, ie pinching the shoulder blades together, and a straight elbow recovery.  Straight elbow recovery assists in forward motion during recovery phase.   Thumbs drag on surface as does the chin when breathing.
We even got to use the therapy pool for beginner drills.!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Yes indeed the swimming season has taken a few weeks off.  I see a tweet from Anthony Ervin to SprintSalo asking for a workout with a reply that there are no real workouts yet and I think that after the Olympics and all the Championship meets, we all need a rest/break.  I have b4en enjoying the beach, Manhattan Beach, several times this week, twice.  I swam a lap twice both days.  Lifeguard says it is an 800.  Nah, but it is the ocean.  I was very tired in the afternoon.  My body was exhausted.
Today I am going to Oceanside for the World Bodysurfing Championships this weekend.  I am in yellow in heat 5 first thing in the AM Saturday.  Should be fun.  There are 2 rounds Saturday and semifinals and a final on Sunday.
I entered my first ocean open water swim in quite some time.
Corona Del Mar/Don Burns 1 Mile Ocean Swim
Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPMS Long Course Revisited

Whew, it was a warm one.  It is after all the middle of summer and it is Southern California.  It was nice and hot.  We were blessed with a bit of coolness in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday.  I did not swim any events on Friday, but I did do a prescribed pre meet workout.
See results either at the SPMS website or on

I had some very poor starts in many events.  I asked if I was dq'ed for my wobbly start leading off our 200+ 4x50 mixed free relay.  I think every other relay start was poor to fair, honestly.  It translated down to my individual events, which for the most part were lacking any vigorous reaction to the start signal.  As I recall, all my entries into the water were a bit deep, but with very good power off the block and a good streamline and efficient break out strokes.

All my swims were good, none great.  Very happy with both 100 meter butterfly swims on Sunday.  Also very pleased with 200 free and 50 fly.  I just missed goal of under 3 minutes for the 200 IM.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rest and Staying Cool

Also, North vs South, no tapering and other 60 year old news.  North California, ie Pacific Masters Swimming has a meet this weekend.  It is the same meet we have in SoCal, but twice as big.  Even larger when you look at my age group.  Ok, so much for that, I swim here in SoCal and am looking ahead to this weekend.  5 relays have been added to my swims, including 100 meter fly in the 4x100 medley.  I looked at SPMA psyche sheet today posted on

700 warm up
some taper stuff
taper set #2, according to coach C.
included were 3x25 sdk for time, jeah
4x50 at 1:30 all fly
2x50 for time/pace free/fly
warm down



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No Title

I actually got in t he rec pool this morning, even though I called the water swimming fluid yesterday.  Hmmm, but I was only there for several minutes.


600 swim warm up
8x50 IM order
  EZ, fast on 90 secibds
4x100 IM
  Fast/ez, ez, fast on 2 minutes
12 breakout 12.5
200 ez
outta here

Monday, August 6, 2012

Close Eye on Swimming

Australia did so poorly at the swimming venue in London that there is a serious inquiry into what is going with SwimAustralia.  So well.
Getting ready for a swim meet myself this weekend.

Monday morning workout.
800 meter swim

6x100 on 2 minutes
3x hard
1x ez
1xfor time
1x ez

3x100, broken at 50
1x100 free 1:16
1x100 fly 1:24
1x100 back 1:40
50 meter recovery in between

200 swim

50 free timed 32.43 in water start

That is all folks...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Morning Bail Out

I did swim today.  Not with the 0600 Saturday morning group, no sir.  I went in later and loafed my way through 3k.  No not really.  Here is the run down for this morning.

for Sure:
400 free
to 400 back
to 200 free
400 kick with fins
600 more kicking dolphin with fins
5x200 free, build ez

Friday morning
some warm up
Start drills from start block
3x150 free
2x50 free for time, 34, 33
2x100 free for time 1:16, 1:12.43
4x200 on 3:30

Thursday No Swim Day

warm up
Tower of Power
2x kick with board
6x25 kick on 40
3x100 IM for time
4x200 free warm down

I think.

time to get ready for the SPMA Long Course meet.

400 free
50 fly
50 free
200 free

200 IM
100 Fly
50 Breast

Relays both days...


Extra session in the afternoon.  I need to do some fly work.  I did some fly work.  I am also working on new breathing patterns.

400 swim
100 ez fly
7x50/50 free fly
some warm down
apprximately 1500 meters