Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meet Me At PMS Champs-Friday Saturday and Sunday

All my workouts/training/focus has been directed on the meet this weekend.  There has been only the one hiccup, last weekend's tendonitis.  Training has been focused on using Ultra Short Race Pace Training, USRPT, this season.  I feel pretty good about it.  I practiced some stuff I needed to practice.  I followed the proper methodology of USRPT,  I need to alter the time intervals again.  I believe that not only have I accomplished 'training effect' at many of the sessions, I hope that I have affected a training change.  Training effect leads to the change over time.  It means that I have had a positive physiological and mental change due to the changes brought by trainning properly.

One last USRPT Session

500 swimming
4x100 backstroke

10x25 backstroke
fail 7

200 swimming

10x25 freestyle
fail 5, 8

100 swimming
2x100 1 arm butterfly progressions

10x15 butterfly
4 dolphin kicks off wall
5 full strokes
no breather

100 swimming

6x25 freestyle
texas 25
60 seconds

7 block starts

2350 yards total

650 yards USRPT

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Continued Peak Training Re: PMS Championship Meet

The most recent published document related to USPRT and the associated differences and approaches from traditional training focuses on the week/days before a big swim meet.  Traditional training(TT) uses a long and widely accepted method of 'tapering'.  It involves a dramatic reduction in training yardage and focuses on speed and rest, increasing the rest interval between repetitions, while increasing pace and speed.  USRPT uses a method which is called peaking.  I remember peaking for marathons, then tapering(reducing) my mileage and carbohydrate loading.  Peaking in the USRPT method does not involve any dramatic gradual reduction in yardage, although it has been suggested in the recent research paper that reducing the USRPT repetitions during a session is indicated.  Pace and rest intervals remain constant.  It also indicates that racing skills including starts, turns and finishes can be practiced USRPT style, filling in for the extra time remaining from shortened sessions.

For instance:

250 swimming
5x100 backstroke

2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

10x25 butterfly
fail 6

250 swimming

15x25 freestyle
fail 5, 10, 13

250 swimming

10 freestyle turns
  looking for good break out
5 more freestyle turns
  good breakout
  fast strokes
  no breather to 10 meters

2300 yards including every thing

Monday, March 24, 2014

USRPT and Block Starts

The tendinitis has pretty much dissipated.  I stayed off the shovel today.  Soo,

500 swimming
500 kicking on back with fins
--including 5x50 alternating
--45/65 seconds

Some swimming maybe 100

10x50 freestyle
Fail 6  10

2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

10x25 butterfly
Fail 6 10

10 turns
Backstroke and freestyle

5 block starts

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tendonitis Fail

Sooo, Saturday was a typical no swim day.  For some odd reason the right forearm area developed acute tendonitis.  Too much gardening.  I have the wrist brace in place, it does relieve stress.  My damm elbows are becoming sore..

Today is going to be another rest day.  It should be best for all concerned, especially Mr. Flexor Tendonitis. 

Upcoming swimming schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Normal warm up
normal cool down including block starts


no swim day

Friday Saturday Sunday

PMS Swim Meet


Easy Swimming


No swim day

Friday, March 21, 2014

USMS National Entry Completed

Back to back events on Friday and Sunday.  Friday swimming includes 100 butterfly and 50 freestyle back to back.  Saturday swimming includes an early 100 freestyle and 50 backstroke later.  Sunday swimming will conclude the meet with 200 freestyle and 50 butterfly back to back.  Get ready.  Go.

Swimming today. USRPT training. The upcoming meet next weekend includes 200 freestyle on Friday, and 3 events on Saturday and Sunday.  50/100 freestyle, 50/100 butterfly and 50/100 backstroke.  This meet is the Pacific Masters Championships in Pleasanton.  I need to implement energy management starting today. 

250 swimming

5x100 backstroke
usrpt style, meaning that this is still part of the warm up.
10-20 rest
maintain good swimming form, etc.

100 swimming

12x50 freestyle
fail 5, 8,

200 recovery swimming

10x25 backstroke
fail 4, 7

150 swimming

10x25 freestyle
2 fails

12 freestyle turns

3 block starts

2350 yards plus starts and turns

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rush to Blogging USRPT

Yesterday's 2 sessions

of course I did standard warm up, but I forget exactly how it was executed...

20x25 freestyle
some fails

6x4 15 meter
-sprint from wall no breather
-7 yards turn
-flag to flag
-finish at wall
good cool down


250 swimming
5x100 backstroke
-20 rest

200 ez kick on back
5x50 dolfin kick on back with fins
10x25 alternating kick with fins on back

2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

20x25 butterfly
fail 5, 9, 14, 17

200 swimming

14x15 butterfly
6-4 dolfins/3 strokes
4-2 dolfins/5 strokes
4-2 dolfins/fast strokes

150 ez swimming

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2 Sessions USRPT

I am starting to see/feel some issues caused by overextending in the yard work.  My back is one of the issues.  My left shoulder is still feeling 18 baskets last Sunday.  My hands are getting tore up and my fingernails are destroyed.  Ho hum.  What caused my left knee to be bothersome directly after throwing?

Important to note that my backstroke has shown marked improvement in usrpt work.

500 swimming
2x200 backstoke

directly into USRPT
2 Sessions

20x25 backstroke
100 race pace
18,19, several 17s at end
40 second takeoff
-I shall begin to consider a failed repetition at 19 seconds

3-5 recovery swimming

20x15 backstroke
various combinations including
-mid pool starts with solid turn
 -breakout fast stroke

200 cool down

2100 yards

Monday, March 17, 2014

DOMS What Is That?

That is delayed onset of muscle soreness.  I knew I was to be a bit sore as I threw 18 disc golf baskets yesterday.  My left knee, lateral aspect was really sore yesterday.  My back is real sore and my hips are too.  I am a tired old guy today. 

I got my swim and some training done this morning.  Let's add it up.

500 swimming

5x100 freestyle
no clock
5-15 seconds rest
concentrating on strong powerful movement.

6+ kicking on back with fins
10+ kicking on back with fins
usrpt style
alternating and dolphin

2x fly/free/fly/free
3x free/fly/free/fly

5 minutes recovery swimming

10x25 butterfly
fail 4,8
shortened stroke in front
more powerful pull

10x15 butterfly
4 kicks
watch breakout
5 short fast powerful strokes
40 second takeoff

150 cool down

about 3000 yards

Friday, March 14, 2014

Professor Brent Rushall, USRPT GURU

I promised a link to the official research by Professor Rushall.
Thank you Professor Rushall.

2 Sessions USRPT Butterfly Yesterday

Yesterday was another time shortened training session.

500 swimming

5x100 backstroke
20-30 seconds takeoff,
2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

20x25 Butterfly
fail 6, 12, 18

6 minutes recovery swimming

20x15 butterflly
faster stroke, not quite to 15 meters
no breathers
40 second takeoff

100 yards cool down

Today is Friday

500 swimming

200 kick on back with fins

15 minutes kicking work
no fins
no clock
mix of underwater skills dolfining and rotating

5x200 freestyle
last one @2:40 EZ

Finishing with
15 meters
wall work
butterfly breakout
lsee than 15 meters
20-23 seconds to the wall
30 second takeoff
20 repetitions

100 cool down

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

USRPT Appears in Social Media

USRPT has its own web domain, and Twitter handle @swimusrpt and masters swimming blogger, yours truly.  Additionally, my friend and fellow masters swimmer Glenn Gruber has just broken the WR for the 400 SCM Freestyle and he is a dedicated adherent to USRPT.  He speaks with Doc Rushall on the subject regularly.

There is a recently published report on how to approach a big meet, USRPT style.  Tapering vs. peaking.  It was published on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  I will link Doctor Rushall's websites with all the great research and information soon, under the swimming links section.

Today I had a time shortened session.  I also got caught up in the big meet preparation stuff but I am only going to a 1 day meet on Saturday.

1000 swimming
500 kicking
  including 4x50 dolphin with 20 seconds rest

10x50 freestyle
fail 6, 10

200 recovery swimming

12x25 freestyle
fail 6,
these were easier paced than all out

1 minute cool down

2500 yards

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

USRPT 2 Sessions

No b.s. today, just training for specific races, the 1000 freestyle and the 100 butterfly.

1000 swimming

getting going
first 100 backstroke

10x100 free
1000 race pace
60-64 age group
13:20 target
1:20 race pace
20 seconds rest
1-3 slower
4-6 on time
7-10 early

200 recovery swimming
switching to butterfly mode

20x25 butterfly
100 race pace
1:05 target
16 seconds
40 second send off
fail 6, 13,
stuck to concept with no free rest/stops

cool down about150 yards

3150 yards

Monday, March 10, 2014

Unplanned USRPT

I was sooo tired from yesterday's meet in Berkeley.  I sucked.  I bunged up the 50 fly turn, eliminating any chance of a good time.  I really goofed up the entry of the 50 free too.  I went sooo deep that as I realized my mistake, I looked up to the surface and low and behold,,everyone was swimming!. Messed up another opportunity for a good time.  100 butterfly was controlled, good, but not too fast.  I sucked the 100 backstroke, I was exhausted from the earlierbutterfly events.

I arrived at Finley later than 0630.

10 minutes swimming
10 minutes kicking on back with fins

10x100 freestyle
1000 pace
20 seconds rest
(descended last 4 by 1 second each rep)

100ez cool down

I was very clunky this morning.
Day after meet swim down.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Swim Santa Rosa

I have been swimming USRPT in Santa Rosa.  I arrived here last week and continue my training at Finley and Ridgway pools.
Saturday, March 1 through Thursday, March 6th.  6 straight days of USRPT style training.  It has been USRPT and I also do some extra kicking for my own pleasure.

Tomorrow there is the meet in Berkeley.  I scheduled 4 events.  Good order.  50 fly, then the 100 butterfly.  100 backstroke and my last event of the meet is 50 free.  It may be chilly, and there is guaranteed  limited parking as we have been notified that there is a memorial for a fallen firefighter.

USRPT focuses  on 100 butterfly.

Due to the relocation I was out of the water for 2 days.  That was Thursday and Friday the last 2 days of February.