Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Workout on Paper...

Finally made it into the pool before 0620, like 0619 this morning.  Learned that the pool opened late this morning too.  so I swam about 200 yards before workout.  Good lane count this morning.  2 ladies and 5 men too.

600 swim

Main Set
30x50 meter swims on 60 seconds
  broke it down thus;
  10x50 free
  10x50 back
  10x50 odds fly, even free
100 ez

200 swim
100 kick

2500 meters, done

Oh dear, I did enter the SPMA Long Course Regional Champs in Mission Viejo next month.  I am looking forward to the Sunday swims.  I entered 200 IM 100 butterfly and 50 breaststroke, and the latter are back to back.  Saturday I entered 400 free, 50 free, 50 fly and 200 free.  Should be tough to place in top 3 in any of these events.  Glenn Gruber and Robert Rosen are probably swimming the freestyle events as well.  Good competition.  FUN.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey Butterfly Swimmer

Swim butterfly.  Swim more butterfly.  I need to swim more butterfly for the next several days.

It was nice to have another day away from the pool.  I took Saturday away, although I did go to the pool.  I spoke with Chad, the coach.  We talked about the upcoming meet, relays and the weather. 

There was a nice group of swimmers this morning.  Working back, I got out at 1000, so I must have started swimming around 0845.

Swim 2500 meters
5x100 back, spongy body, new backstroke
  we need more discussion on this theory of backstroke, I like it
  I think I see some swimmers using the newer relaxed body position.  The neck is relaxed, and the eyes are looking at my feet.  I try to shape my body into a curved, nearly sitting position.  I am looking for a laminar flowing of the water over my shoulders and torso.  I will be scrutinizing the backstrokers and IMers, especially any that swim for Coach McKeever.  Will she need to work with Rachael Bootsma?

I finished swimming in the rec pool.  Diving coach alert this morning...
10x50 butterfly
8 slow
2 faster

Remember what Dana Vollmer just said.  It was something like 'I love to swim butterfly.  The 100 fly is my favorite race'.

Darn spoiler alert earlier today said 100 butterfly world record.  I'll watch it tonight anyway.  I am sure it was Dana, wasn't it?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Timely Post

I got into the rec pool for abourt 200 yards before I transferred to the team workout.
How much did we swim for warm up this morning?  I don't know, how about 600 meters.
Then we went into some sdk with fins
6x50 sdk with fins
6x50 with fins no breaststroke
400 free
200 back
100 fly
work the walls on every turn
4x200 on 3:45 warm down
2700 meters

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still Swimming

I went to Lake Tahoe for the fourth installment of Shedstock over the past weekend.  As I understand htere are events on Friday night too.  I think that we need to get together with Charles to use his smoker and do it right.  I need to check with the Holly's Place too.

It looks like I need to log a full week of swims.
Thursday, July 19

Friday was the meet warm up workout.  There was a meet in San Diego on Saturday.

Folsom Aquatic Center
2200 swim
slight headache/gas from eating breakfast at Andersens Pea Soup at 0700

No Swim Day, NSD
an official day off from swimming, also known as a rest day

South Lake Tahoe Rec Center
500 swim
400 kick
5x200 back
2x400 reverse IM
200 swim

Petaluma Swim Center
2500 swim

Santa Rosa
Finley Aquatic Center
Unknown amount of swimming

700 swim
4x100 build on 1:45
8x50 on 60
100 ez
2x100 afap on 4 minutes
2x50 afap on ?
600 swim
2500 meters

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Workouts to Log

Both today and yesterday we had good, hard workouts.  We focused on the IM stroke yesterday and today was power/strength day.  We used the power tower/miracle rack/swimming contraption pos that is all we have and I am glad to be able to use it.  As read previously, some consider it a privledge to be able to use the rack/tower.  First, it is a contraption and it needs to be properly set up and positioned.  The swimmer needs to be strong enough to be able to get benefit from using the apparatus. 

800 warm up

4xIM order

4 minutes
1, 3 IM
2, 4 free

2400 meters

Short Course

Warm up
500 yards?

8x25 kick
no fins
30 seconds

400 free
200 free, push outs and six packs
100 free, 25 tower

200 swim down/talk

Monday, July 16, 2012

OMAHA Revisited

Good to be home and it was a good time.  Everything was good, except the location of my motel.  I assumed the shuttle service would be similar to the system in Greensboro, alas It was not.  It did not present any problem although it was not optimal.  Very friendly staff at La Quinta Inn in Council Bluffs.

See results here.

 Century Link Center.

Workout Monday

200 meters in comp pool.
Tape toe.
400 warm up
4x100 kick, no fins
4x100 descend

4 times
2x50 on 45 seconds
50 kick on 1:30

warm down set
4x150 IM on 2:30
fly,back, breast
back, breast, free
breast, free, fly
free, fly, back

200 swim

2x100 back

3000 meters total

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Nice image of some great swimmers that I am proud to know.  I have many fond experiences of swimming on relays with all, except John Morales. John and I may have at one time, but he was always a bit with the younger swimmers.  I swam with Warren and Dave(and Joe Dunn) at Worlds in 2006.  I swam with Don at Nationals in 2009 and we were on the All American 400 yard free relay with Tim Birnie and Martin Rubinger that same year.  I swam with Dan and Bob at both SC(with Lee) and LC(Walt) Nationals in 2012.  Let's go some more again.

Relays were great at Nationals.  3rd in 200 Medley and 4th in 200 free, men 240+.  I know Sarasota beat us in the medley, Keefe Lodwig(68) swam fly and had a lead, like 5-7 yards?  Go to the Meet Mobile app and see the complete results at the USMS website.

The latest USMS newsletter says we got 7th place as a local team.  I wonder why Nebraska  and even MOVY(Missouri Valley) are included in the local team category?  It was originally announced that we dd indeed place 5th in the local team category at the meet.  I shall squawk shortly.

Highlights of the meet were
1.  Cheryl Simmons, awesome 1st place 100 meter breaststroke,
     Ditto for her 2nd and 3rd place swims in 50 and 200 breaststroke swims
2.  I won awards in every event, including the awesome men 240+ relays and an excellent mixed        240+ free relay with Cheryl, Lisa, and Dan Stephenson.
3.  Excellent time and money well spent.  It was a social and athletic event that we, as a team, excelled at doing.  We got along as teammates swimmingly and many did some bonding as well.  It did seem that every one swam well, there were no illnesses, injuries, or other incidents among our group. 

I am back in the training mode as our regional long course meet is next month at Mission Viejo.
The meet should be very competitive.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

1 Hour Swim

Just swim.


I did not enter and am not planning to attend the Long Course meet in Santa Barbara today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coached Taper Workout

Perfect.  Right on the nose.  There were many swimmers this morning.  5 of us are going to Omaha.  Got an email from Coach Chad with some news.  Workout tomorrow and Wednesday.  In Omaha, at the trials pool.  One word.  Awesome!  Meet in our assigned seating area  too!  Section 104, I am pretty sure.  Dinner with the team after workout too.  Again, awesome.


400 swim, maybe 500
4x50 kick on 1:15
4x50 swim on 1 minute
100 ez
4x100 descend on 2 minutes
1:25, 1:20, 1:20, 1:22
4x50 afap, block start on 2 minutes
  fly, free, free, fly
200 ez

1700 total meters