Friday, September 30, 2011

New Life in South California

Rose Bowl Aquatics is the Queen of Aquatic Centers. What a pleasure it is to swim here and call it my training pool. just swimming, but well. Good DPS this AM. Very relaxed too. Nice to see you.

I tried to update my profile yesterday. It was rejected. I was just updating my recent change of residency and my new training environment. I will try again, soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello everyone, I am so happy to be blogging once again although my locale has changed, quite nicely, it must be said. I am situated in South California in the Northeast region of the great City of Los Angeles. This is a very exciting part of Los Angeles and greater South California. Not only are there areas of extreme transition, there are also many beautiful, established, tree lined neighborhoods with parks, schools, churches and shops. I am sure that the people all around are just as beautiful, nice and tree lined as the neighborhoods in which they live.

I am looking for permanent residency. I would like to be a bit closer to the aquatic facility. There are some properties around. No hurry.

There is an open house at 524 Coleman today. Very nice, 4 bedrooms, 489k. Right next to 520, which was a foreclosed property that sold for 219k that I noticed in August. It is being rehabbed right now.

I probably need a new agent. My present agent is due in 1 month, she was winding down her client list, and I have not heard from her since I moved here last week. I totally understand. I will send a gift to her for the baby boy.

Rose Bowl Aquatics is my new aquatics home. I am thrilled. Included in my monthly pass is use of the training equipment. Two(2) Concept2 ergometers. I prefer to spell and pronounce ergonometer.

I rode the clunker to RBA late yesterday afternoon, 31 mnutes/22minutes. A lot of room for improvement.

I emailed the masters coach at RBA. Chad Dureiux. Told him I am in town and was unattaching from Santa Rosa Masters(SRM).

I visited the closest YMCA this morning. It is the South Pasadena/San Marino Y. It is a bit closer to here, but it is small, smaller than Sonoma Family. There is a Concept2 and the pool opens at 0530. Rose Bowl Aquatics is great.