Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Ahead

I look to swim with someone at noon today. I did an ez 1000 and 2km row at Y this morning.

Tomorrow, December 31, there is a "blue moon" and there is a virtual rowing challenge.
Minimum distance is 5 kilometers and it must be done twice, because a blue moon supposedly is the full moon appearing a second time in a calendar month. Hurrah!

I did make it to the noon swim at Ridgway, but I did not swim with Dave, John et al. I stayed away and swam some distance back/breast.
500 ez free
10x200 alternate back and breast 200s
100 ez warm down

3600 swim
2631 row

It looks as though I might start keeping more detailed yardage/meters totals. I am going to try to task myself logging yardage at the USMS tracking site as I already keep an accurate track of my rowing with the Concept2 log card. I think that I will try and use the 17th Man's method of keeping a running total of daily, weekly, monthly and annual yard/meters swam.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tht pretty much says it, I swam 3000 yards. Straight. No stops and I did flip turns except first 6 laps. No time, no clock, just swim freestyle. Done.

The Tamalpais Masters, TAM, are administrating two postal swims this season. They are hosting their annual Jon Steiner Memorial 1650 postal swim as well as being host for the USMS 1 hour postal swim. I look forward to participating in both events again this season.

I hope to see many of my Santa Rosa Masters teammates swim these events too. I think there were many participants for the 1650 from SRM and I hope to see many more this season. I am almost always available for timing.

3000 yards

Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End Update

Thank you for bearing with me during the absence of new content to the blog. It seems that things have quieted down somewhat on the swimming news and stuff. I am returning to the blog simply to keep track of my efforts and thoughts for the upcoming season. I will only report on the happenings of the day, and I will continue to strive for accuracy and originality in reporting on the new season.

We all look forward to beginning New Year, 2010, with the annual Santa Rosa all comers 2 hour swim. What is our goal this year, 100x100s, or 100s on ? intervals, or something different. Morales has extended an invite for brunch after. I think the majority of competitive swimmers are looking forward to February and the USF meet, I am. The SF Quadrathon is in January, I probably should do it this year, no excuses.

Today is Monday and Finley is where I swim in the morning.
500 free ez
5x200 back
5x200 IM
10 min tread water
5 min sculling
free play

2500 yards

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I kind of went around the h+f desk at the MJCC yesterday. GF forgot the guest pass, and we could not convince the girl at the desk of that. Another swimmer let me in and I saw one of the trainers that I have known for several years and he said he would take care of it. Anway he did and I met the guy at the desk and everything was okay. So I swam at the MJCC and I again felt like a larger fish in a smaller pond,perhaps it is because the pool is a bit shallow, an the lanes are not as wide as Finley and the lane lines and crosses are thinner too. Okay, okay, I did have a nice swim.
1000 choice, mostly free
500 kick on back with fins
10x100 free 1:45 about half were near 1:20, last 1:12
speedplay, very short all free no timed laps, too hard to see the pace clock
about 3000 yards

It was very nice to swim at Finley this morning.
1000 choice, mostly free
500 kick on back with fins
2x100 fly drill
10x100 IM concentrating on fly and breast, reverse order last 5
3x100 IM broken
3100+ yards

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up To Date

Swimming is returning to roots. I had a peaceful and energizing swim this morning at the Finley Aquatic Center. The Center will be hosting a bicycle event this weekend and Levi Leipheimer is involved. There are expected to be thousands of people and Finley is going to be closed through the weekend. There will be swimming through Friday morning.
1000 swim choice, mostly free, some back
500 kick with fins, on back
10x100 free, on 1:45 paced @1:20, 2 breaks
500+ speedwork, including 12+ hard/ez, 2x25 back, 10x25 on 30
3200 yards

Monday, September 28, 2009

Additional Swimming

It was okay to go to Ridgway later Friday morning. I said hi to a bunch of people, Deb S. was swimming too. I swam a bunch of 50s with Cesar and another swimmer after I swam about 250. I think we swam 10. I then just kind of messed about.

I looked forward to the Saturday swim at Ridgway. Saturday workout with the leaders usually is a shorter workout, focusing on speed. Therefore the yardage tends to be shorter for those of us that keep track of that sort of thing. I think we swam about 2100 yards, total. We did a bunch of 50s, and a set of 25s, using the starting blocks for 4,8, and 12. Fund.

I took Sunday out of the pool. I came back to Finley on Monday morning.
1000 swim, choice
500 kick on back, dolphin, with fins
5x200 fly/free
2x100 ez
speedwork, including no breathers
2x100 ez
about 3500 yards

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Morning at Finley

Cooler than usual, that is how the water is today. This morning started cool, a bit of moisture in the air, not a crisp morning but very pleasant. I strarted swimming then looked at the clock, it was a bit after 0715, so I swam until 0730 and then started swimming some butterfly. Slow at first, I began to pick up the pace a bit. I took a break, swam a reverse 400 IM to reready myself, then swam some more 50 blutterfly. Then last one was 38 before I started talking. No yardage was kept.

I was forwarded an email from the NBAM, North Bay Aquatic Masters. Good to hear from them. I would llike to swim with them again. I am wondering if my swim program will be changing soon. More on that in a bit.

Weekend Recovery

Three days is 72 hours. That is how long my last tour was, ending on Tuesday morning. I was looking forward to the water and I went to Finley first thing. I just swam. The first swim after a tour is always hard due to the problem that I have with cramping. Over the years I think that I can say that the cramping is an effect of stress and my metabolic system is reacting. It usually takes a day or a workout to eliminate the stress chemicals.
On to the workouts/practicing for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday, Finley 2 times
0930-Swim 35 minutes
1230-Swim with Jim Perilman
warm up
alternate 50 breaststroke with Jim,
interval varies about 75 sec
elbows very sore
concentrating on bringing pelvic base forward and lunging forward off that base

30 minutes swim
10x50 back descending to 41, on 60/1:30
probably more than ten, just swim baby

15 minute swim
15 minute kick on back with fins
30 minutes butterfly swimming
15 minutes speedwork/freestyle/blutterfly
including, 25hard/25return 20/60, 25s
I am on my way to the pool now, I want to swim with the Friday nooners, I will see.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doubling Up For The Weekend

I probably should just give it a rest, but I want to swim. The dreaded Saturday/Sunday/Monday shift/mandatory overtime came upon me this past weekend. I just cannot find a pool that I can swim in on the weekends. The earliest opening swim facility is the Petaluma Swim Center, and it opens at 0700 this season. Both YMCAs are not available either. I think that the Marin Y opens at 0730. So I supplemented my weekend off with two swims on Friday. They were both at the Finley Swim Center.
A note: Terra Linda and Petaluma Swim Centers close for the season on October 17th. I am looking forward to rejoining the Petaluma masters group that works out at the Petaluma High School pool at 0530. They only swim on M/W/F, and I can supplement that with the Marin YMCA.

Friday morning
25 minute aerobic swimming
IMs. I swam several easy 200 IMs, just easy, but not garbage yards. I worked on regaining my form, what I had anyway.
4x25 butterfly, paying attention to my form.

Friday evening
I think I swam 400 yards for a warm up
12x50 free descending
3700 yards total

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comments to the SCAQ Blog

We found out the other day that one of our own, swimmer Rich Hartley, passed away while competing in an organized swim in New York City. He unfortunately was found unconscious while attempting to swim from shore to shore under the Brooklyn Bridge. This event was first seen by me in Monday's edition of the Marin Independent Journal, and the SCAQ blog picked up on the news too. I commented to the SCAQ blog on Monday and today regarding Rich's passing. In the SCAQ blog there is a link to an article in Newsday about the incident and it further states that the organizers of the open water swims in NYC require a form of proof that a swimmer has accomplished either meeting a set pool standard or have completed another open water swim. This type of requirement should be noted by the organizers of triathlons, especially the governing body of USAT, because there have been far too many drownings in triathlons.
I did not know Rich personally, although we did share some pool time at TLRC. I always wondered who that older guy swimming next to me was and why I had to swim pretty hard to keep up with him while he did open turns and I was flipping mine. Turns out he is a very accomplished swimmer with a long history of competitive success. Apparently he was one of the first swimmers to successfully swim from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge in 1980 and he recently completed the Bob Roper Invitational, which is another SF Bay swim.

I started another round of physical therapy on Tuesday at another facility. I apparently have to work on rotator cuff strengthening and stabilization. The therapist noted that I have a specific muscle that is not working properly and he kneaded it to the point that I actually saw a noticable physical difference after treatment. It is only slightly better today.

I swam easy on Tuesday, no counting laps, no pace clock, only a bit of stroke work. Probably 2500 yards.

Today I swam at a new venue. North Bay Aquatics has a masters workout at Redwood HS in Larkspur. The workout is M-Th at 0545-0700 and Ken DeMont co-coaches with Don Swartz. The NBA seniors were also swimming this morning. Ken coached the masters and Don worked with the seniors.
I can not remember the exact workout, but it made good sense. Some progressions, some stroke work, some hypoxic work, some descending 50's. And a 200 warm down.
It felt link 2500 yards. Maybe there is a NBA website with the day's workout.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Before And After

I was real grumpy Friday morning. I was going to see the shoulder doctor people in the morning after I got off duty and went to Finley to see how the shoulder was behaving. The clicking was still there, but the rotating pain was minimal. I swam about 1200 yards before I got out and went to the doctor.
Needless to say, they appeased me very well. Ellen the nurse assured me that this is the time, about 7-8 weeks out that patients are grumpy and anxious about the residual pain and clicking. She told me it is normal, and it is still in the healing and readjusting period. The P/A then told me the same thing and offered me basically anything, more time off, light duty, or anything else. She said that if I need any documentation about the work schedule, to ask. They made me feel so much better. I walked out of the office feeling so much better and I am going to start another round of p/t next week.

Friday I went back to Ridgway at 1130 and just swam, I did not count any laps, not clock was involved and it just felt good. I probably swam a total of 3500 yards for the two sessions.

I also went to the Y to do shoulder p/t. I rowed 15 minutes and then did p/t.

Saturday started at the Y with another 15 minute row and then about 25 minutes of shoulder p/t.

I swam at Ridgway with the ad hoc masters workout group. John M. led the workout, keeping to the theme of sprint work on Saturday.

400 warm up, choice
3x100 kick, 2:15
3x100 kick/swim, 2 min
3x100 swim 1:45

4 rounds Medley order
3x(75 free, stroke count12/13, 25 stroke)
50 ez in between
about 2700 yards

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ez at TLRC

Yesterday was a rough day at the pool. I swam pretty well, but the rotator part of the shoulder was uncooperative and sore, especially doing lame style butterfly. This morning was a bit more tolerable.
2000 swim ez choice
250 kick on back with fins
250 back, ez
250 fly ez 1 lap at a time, some 50's, just a bit of pain
250 breast ez, mostly kick
3000 yards

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slumping Trapezius, Biceps Tendon Severence

Now what?! Cassandra, the Lifeguard/swim coach, noticed how pronounced my long head of the biceps is gone. She also pointed out to me that I have a slumping Trapezius. I have had point pain and tenderness exactly there for some time. I noticed it during the p/t and I did tell the therapists, several times. They even treated it with manipulation and massage. Excellent. Finley is having a pump changed so there were some swimmers from across town at Ridgway. I just swam until I couldn't take the pain any longer. Competitive butterfly is out of the picture for the time being. I thought I was coming back. I think that I need to change the focus of the blog. I am still in a state of undetermined suspension. I will be back to update this issue, soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looking For Maui Channel Results

I heard that DeaAnn sweam the Maui Channel again this year. I was at the Petaluma Swim Center on Saturday and I saw some of the Petaluma swimmers including Greg, Larry, Mike, Lloyd and Pat. Pat told me that DeaAnn was in Maui doing the swim, wow! It was a real pleasure to swim the long course, it was my first long course workout of the season, although I did swim in the PMS long course meet before the shoulder procedure. Speaking of the shoulder, I will call the doctor to request more p/t. I am also going to ask if I am supposed to have clicking in my repaired shoulder. I don't think so, but I do not know. It has been 7 weeks since I had the procedure.
I swam easy at Petaluma Swim Center on Saturday, about 2500 meters with 600 meters of kicki9ng on my back with fins.
Sunday I swam with the Ridgway group including Morales, Foraker et al. Don led the workout and I swam about 2700 yards, I don't remember the exact workout, but there were 3x200 broken at the end of the session.
I did swim on Monday, Labor Day. I remembered to go to Finley and I swam exactly 1 mile, 70 laps, not too fast, not too hard. I went to work and here I sit, waiting for the shift to end so I can swim on Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TLRC And Then To Work

First day back to duty as firefighter on Engine 55 in San Rafael. The station looks the same, except for some clearcutting of the hillside, again. Dan retrofitted goofy door handles on E55 and we have new uniform shirts with SRFD patches on both sleeves. Apparently we must look even better than before. Uniform.

I got to the TLRC pool later than I wanted but I was in the water at 0615. I swam real easy.
2000 yards swim
250 kick with fins on back
250 breaststroke kick
150ez warm down
2650 yards

Monday, August 31, 2009

I Am GoingTo Work

Tomorrows entry will be from a different location, work! I am so not excited about the prospect of making up 6 mandatory overtime shifts, the first two are coming in the next 4 day. I will just have to suck it up, it is not unexpected. I should swim at the Terra Linda Recreation Center, I think that the pool will be there tomorrow morning.

This morning I swam at Finley.

500 swim, choice
500 kick on back w/fins
10x100 free on 1:45, last 3 on 2 minutes at1:13-5
2x50 back
2x50 breast
6x50 boindi fly drill, last 2 easy full stroke, slow
2600 yards

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Butterfly, Unrestricted

I really did ot want to go to the pool this morning. I went to the Y to do P/T, so I rowed for 10 minutes and then worked on the rotator exercised. I did some balance board and then went to pool at Ridgway. I sort of showed up just as the group swimming with Warren was finishing some ridiculous magnificent mile set. Too many push ups involved for me to do.

I did swim and I wanted to do my stroke, butterfly.

500 swim
500 kick on back w/fins
500 butterfly drills
5x100 free/fly/free/fly
5x25 fly/25 swim back
5x50 free/fly
100 swimez
2600 yars

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Okay, Let's Swim Butterfly

Remember to cautiously approach and think about the necessary progression to rehabilitation. I did that. I now consider myself back to normal. Shoulder is better..I swam some full butterfly today. I am happy. I swam with Warren, Leslie, Hermine, Paco, Todd, Don, and Michael in my first organized workout since the shoulder procedure. I am looking forward to swimming with the Petaluma group again.
250 swim

3x100 kick, 2:15
3x100 kick/swim 2 min

6x Morales IM on 1:30
25 fly/vertical kick, note, these butterfly laps are the first butterfly since before surgery
50 breast/vertical kick
75 back/vertical kick
100 free

12x50 on 60 I used this for warm down

2800 yards

Friday, August 28, 2009

What a Beautiful Evening

It is sub tropical this fine evening. There has been something from the south that has brought unusual weather for us here in North California. It is a bit humid, a bit overcast, partly cloudy all day, and it is a different weather pattern. Weather happens. GF and son will try to go to Fenway tomorrow, but it is supposed to rain, 100% chance. Game time is 7PM, perhaps the storm will have moved through.

I am continuing with my own little staycation. The bay area is fantastic, why even leave the area? I went to Berkeley today. I checked out Aquatic Park DG, nice little walk along the marina shoreline. The course can be seen from I80. There are many other pedestrians, picnicers, strollers, children, etc, so not only is the marina in play, it is very important to be aware of the other people along the way. No DG tomorrow.

I swam at Finley this morning.

10x(250 free/50 breast)
last 250 was 10x25, various interval

While doing sprints met Bill Cannady, a former swim coach, swimmer and San Rafael resident. He swam at SRHS, knows lots of swimmers from Joe D. to Marie McSweeny and Don Scwartz. He graduated San Rafael 1966 and is early 60's, and lives in Palm Springs.

Warm down 250

3000 yards

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now It Aches

But I think that I am still getting well. This morning all went well at Finley. I eased into a series of 200 free with 50 back between, so it will look like this for the workout.

10x(200 free/50 back)
10x25, various speeds with various intervals. Last 4 were controlled no breathers at 14 seconds.
The key to these laps are a controlled, slowed stroke rate, with emphasis on the smooth, clean and efficient entry, catch and hand placement through the pull.

2750 yards

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Optimistically Cautious

I felt so good this morning that I was up at 0435, well before the alarm clock was set to play. I even got out of the bed and was drinking coffee before the radio came aloud. So I dallied and finally went to the pool and there it was, an open lane. I returned to the pool shortly after I suited up and began the morning swim.
1000 swim
250 back
250 breast
10x100 free on 1:45 descending from 1:32 to 1:15
250 swim down ez, with some butterfly arm movements
2750 yards

Monday, August 24, 2009

Santa Rosa Masters Summer Party 2009

Summer is a special time of the year. It is Long Course and open water. Many of us can appreciate the daylight as practice begins and how the sun is warm and pleasant on our fragile yet strong bodies. We can swim when it is warm outside, not just in the pool, where the temperature of the water only varies a degree or two from 80 F, year round. We can go to the beach, and the river and the ocean and appreciate the aquatic environment. Our environment is not only concrete, tiled lined, and temperature controlled. It can also be cold, choppy, dark, and deceiving. Currents, tides, and other aquatic life forms may await some of us who venture beyond the pool.

We had another successful masters swimming season. The team membership grew to over 100 members, as listed in the Pacific Masters newsletter. There is now a noontime masters workout, new for this season. We had almost 20 swimmers at the national championships, and we were outstanding. Masters swimming in Santa Rosa is constantly gaining participants, as seen in the growth of the Santa Rosa Masters, SRM.

The summer party hosted by the Canales was a blast. Warren and Rich Swain were grillmasters and the salads, sides and desserts were of the highest quality, made with love, care and the best ingredients. Laura made the dish of the party, a wonderful banana cake with the best caramel/butterscotch frosting in the world. Recipe please.

The pool was the perfect temperature,, and all the children swam. The putting green was in service as well. Aqua volleyball was dominated by the Beals, of course.

It was a very nice day.

Cautiously Optimistic

Actually I was cautiously optimistic yesterday because I felt pretty good through the workout and I did some gentle butterfly motion with both arms simultaneously, which leads me to be cautiously optimistic about swimming and going back to work soon. I am scheduled to go back to full duty next Tuesday, September 1. This morning I was at the Finley Aquatic Center.
It was a simulated workout.

1500 swim, no right shoulder pain, the left pec is a bit sore due to 23 holes of disc golf yesterday.
5x100 free on 2 minutes, 1:45
10x50, 4 biondi butterfly, slow straight arms, 6x25 medium, 25 swim back on 1=1:30
2650 yaards

Sunday at Ridgway

1000 free
500 kick
6x50 free
4x50 boindi fly drill, with 2 arm recovery, straight arm
100 warm down ez
2100 yards

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The doors to Ridgway did not open till 0930 and several of us were waiting. It seemed to be a regular Saturday workout, with J. Morales leading the way. I went along and did as much as I could to keep in rhythm, and I did.
I warmed up with 300 free

Workout consisted of
5x100 kick on 2:15
4x100 kick/swim on 2:00
3x100 on 1:30

16x25 on 40 sec, reverse IM order, descending
I did easy Biondi drill for butterfly laps and brought both arms through recovery motion for the first time.

the rest of the workout was
5x50 with rest off blocks

I swam down about 300 more yards.
2200 yards with kicks, but not too much to complain about. Perhaps I may have turned the corner, I need to stay easy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Real Quick

Sore this morning. Did some cruise swimming early in the 1000 free swim.
250 swim breaststroke
250 1 arm fly
500 kick with fins on back


I am going to Golden Gate Park Disc Golf Course for a tee time at 2PM.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backing Down

I have lowered the intensity of the swim workouts and I am just going to concentrate on the prescribed physical therapy. I decided take this approach and determine if it makes a difference in my recovery, which is taking longer than I would have expected, although I am impatient and I always try to come back too soon.
I went in to p/t yesterday morning very cranky and sore. I had taken the preceding day off from swimming and I did not do any p/t either. I swam in the morning at Finley, and just about every stroke hurt. I swam 2000 and kicked 500, but there was no quality, except for the end, I did 2x50, 38 and 35. I was real sore, I did not take any NSAID either, and then I used the arm bike for 30 minutes. I went for a long, hot walk at the Stafford Lake disc golf course. I played the first three and the final 4 but it was too hot and I could not find the 4th tee. I was pooped, and I got a bit dehydrated. Whoops.
I recovered well enough and I stuck to the plan of backing down on the intensity of the swimming this morning. I only swam 1200 yards. I felt comfortable for about 1000 yards before the shoulder started barking. I went to p/t again this morning and felt better than yesterday. I am having some severe range of motion problems. There is still quite a bit of tightness and pain and there is now crepitus, or popping sensations. There seem to be looseness. I am concerned. I have been unable to do any butterfly.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

7 Days In A Row

IRidgway looked normal today. I has cleared up considerably and I took a head count when I arrived and there were 25 swimmers. I got cleaned up and yakked for a while with Olympian Gail Roper. She is cleaning up the record books for her new age group and had had several articles in Swimming World recently.
I did not keep accurate count this morning , I swam about 2000 yards, and I did a 500 but it was a 7:45. I guess I am tired from 7 days in a row, plus I was at the Y this morning to do shoulder rehab including a 7 minute warm up on the rowing machine.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shoulder Update

Ridgway was open this morning after being closed for maintenance the last week. I said hi to the masters swimmers, including Warren, Deb and Leslie J. Then I looked at the water. Yech! It is green, and it did not look like any pool that I would enjoy swimming in this morning. I trekked over to Finley and checked in and the water appeared crystal clear, inviting and it is very comfortable. The gutter system at Finley is more efficient and the pool is deeper overall. The lap swim area is deep at both walls. Finley may be a bit warmer but I think ther is only 1-2 degrees difference overall on any given day. The water gets roiling at Ridgway, especially when there are a large group of masters working out. I have actually sen whitecaps during sprinting and butterfly sets. It is like swimming in chop, good for open water training but it can be dangerous when there are 5-6 masters swimmers in each lane. Lane awareness is important and encouraged.
Saturday Finley 1000
1500 free, purposeful swimming, slow cruise
500 free 7:22
250 ez

1000 free purposeful
250 back ez
250 breast ez
500 free 7:25
250 kick with fins on back
250 breast kick
100 swim ez

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two for One

I had such a bad day on Tuesday. I felt much better Wednesday morning when I went to Finley.
I also went to the physical therapy session after I swam and felt pretty good. Later in the morning I went to ATT Park and saw most of the game from behind the right field fence, the game was a sellout and there were about 200 fans behind the fence. The security cleared us out after the top of the 4th, but then reopened the gate shortly thereafter for the rest of the game. It is always fun back there. Fans seem to be more boisterous and enthusiastic and the view of the field is great, and we can yell at the opposing teams right fielder mercilessly.

2000 yards, ez last 500 slow cruise@8:00
250 ez breast kick
2250 yards

2000 yards ez last 500 ez cruise@8:00
2x100 breast ez
50 breast ez
2250 yards

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Erik Sterne said...

Is it possible that masters swimming heard about my reasons for allowing compression assisted swim suits for older swimmers so they may feel less pain and be significantly more stable in the lumbar region, thus limiting back issues and so on and so forth? Allowing masters swimmers to use compression assisted swim suits for these health issues would reinforce my thought that these suits can be considered prosthetic devices, therefore having no place in competitive venues, excepting Masters swimming.

Tony Austin said...

I am loving this comment.

I occasionally post a comment on Tony's excellent blog and apparently he liked my comment.

On to swimming today I don't know what happened but I started out as I do, slowly. I started to build a bit because I noticed that both shoulders were pretty good.
500 swim
500 kick on back w/fins

That was it. I could not start swimming again because the left shoulder was bothering me too much.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reunion Weekend With The Shed Boys

We stayed in the shed during the summer of 1969. There were 7 of us and a path barely passible through the 7 beds. Lake Tahoe. We graduated that summer and went to the lake to get summer jobs and what a summer it was. We were really good friends in high school and we are all so glad that we came together this past weekend. I tried to swim Saturday morning after 27 holes of disc golf, it did not happen. both of my wings hurt, although I did not take one throw with the right arm. Bravo. I played a controlled game, trying to conserve my throwing arm and preserve my dignity, There was no soreness Sunday morning, and we went to the other 18 hole course in Zephyr Cove.

I did manage to swim 2000 yards freestyle this morning.
I kicked about 500 yards on my back with the fins
I drilled TI style for 100 yards for a total of
2600 yards.

I just noticed that I did not log last Friday's workout. I felt good.
1750 yards(70laps)
12x50 free on 60
100 ez
2350 yards

I am apprehensive about going back to full duty on Friday. Am I properly healed enough?
I think I will call the doctor.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We were going to go to the JCC this AM but the outdoor pool was broken again, I believe it is a faulty pump this time. We made a quick descision to go to the TLRC pool and it was really nice. The weather is changing today and there was some cloud cover but more importantly I felt pretty normal in the water. I did not have to start as slowly as yesterday, when I was really sore still from the previous days Y session and I went to p/t before I swam too.
1250 swim ez
30x25 on 30 sec, 2 1 minute rests after 10 and 20, last six very sore shoulder area at impingement region.
2000 yards

1500 swim ez-near cruise
250 choice
5x50 cruise on 60, 40-36 sec
2100 yards

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My elbows are screaming. At least it is not the shoulder screaming. I better back off the weights. I am only going to to do p/t tomorrow, besides swimming. I think my elbows hurt so much from the stresses of lifting, although I am not lifting too heavy, I did do some strength moves, like clean/jerk and a couple of snatches. i rowed for a good 10 minutes too.

Swim at Ridgway at noon.
500 choice
500 kick on back with fins, dolphin
500 swim
8x50 free
1900 yards

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sore and Weak

I got back to the swimming pool this morning. I feel pretty good about it. I was only out of the water for 2 weeks, not counting the two days before surgery that I was injured with a muscle strain. That was bogus, I hope the surgery wasn't bogus.. The tricep/bicep is sore and there is still a bit of pinching at the a/c joint. Workout was easy.
500 ez choice
500 kick w/fins on back
10x50 free 1 min/1:30 from 45 to 38 not to straining
I then went to p/t and worked good, I was a bit sorer that previous sessions.

Friday, July 31, 2009

No Excuses

"I think there's three options for Michael," Cavic said. "The first option is to use the suit that he's wearing, the second option is to get one of these [polyurethane] suits, which I guarantee Arena will provide him within the hour, as soon as he wants. The third option would actually be a dream of mine, to have the whole final everybody swimming in briefs. I swear to God, this is it, this is what I want, but this is the most unrealistic of all scenarios."

This is what all purists want to see in swimming, who IS the Champion. The field is level and MP can do what he wants. The whole issue of the technical racing swim skin will still be talked about for some time. There is talk of a professional swimming circuit, kind of like rodeo, or NASCAR. How about an X Games kind of swimming competition. There is ample room for technology and innovation in these arenas of oompetition. Some may even call these sports.

There may still be a competitive swimming venue where the new technology can and may be tolerated and welcomed. That would be the world of Masters Swimming. The technology is perhaps a boon to the older swimmer. The compression factor that these suits offer helps keep the old body together. My back certainly benefits from the extra support that even the old Speedo Fastskin offers. I think that a full length swimskin or tights for a male swimmer probably offers extra support for the knees. the added compression factor really helps keep the creaky knees, surgically repaired backs and other loose joints and other parts of ones anatomy from hurting. The slimming efects of the technical racing swim skins are not to be overlooked. Many years ago, when the original body suits began appearing, I remember the great Jenny Thompson saying that the suits act as a swim girdle, they are so tight and slimming. They do offer a better hydrodynamic profile, especially where needed.

I was really uptight when USMS took Blueseventy as an official sponsor. Just as Speedo has been part of the whole suit issue and is a major sponsor of USA Swimming and so many of our swimmers, USMS took the issue to bed with them and wound up having as a sponsor, an extremely controversial development of swim technology. So controversial that suits and the materials such as the kind used by b70 has brought about the ban of this sort of swim technology.

I believe that USMS adopts the basic rules of FINA. There are exceptions and the use of compression devices through the wearing of full body technology may be tolerated. There may even be a double standard implemented. Wait and see.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Good News

I will be back in the pool asap. It has been nice out here but it is getting close to the time to when I can begin my comeback. It has been a pretty rough season, but I will be able to put that behind and move forward again. I will be formulating a plan. I will continue to concentrate on the healing process and rehabilitation so I can approach the pool with a renewed vigor and attitude.
The post op visit went well this morning. The sutures were removed, and we looked at images of the procedure. I have a complete ruptured biceps head that happened way back on Feburary 18, 2005. It is a documented work related injury. I believe it was misdiagnosed as a biceps strain or something like that. The stump was smoothed off, a large bone spur that was irritating the rotator cuff was removed, the acromial process was burred down, and a bit of the clavicle was also burred away. There was some other clean up. There was also a capsular release that was performed, which involved an incision made in the capsule that encompasses the labrum to release the tension caused by it being too tight.
I did not see the doctor, but I saw the PA. She said that as soon as the incisions are completely healed, then I can go back in the water. She also said that I can return to work as soon as I feel I am able. I am giving myself 2 weeks, I released myself for full duty on August 14.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Miss You

Take a look at the arm/shoulder at the left, pretty huh. I am doing well, as you know the procedure was less involved than anticipated and that is leading to an easier and quicker rehabilitation/recovery. I did begin home p/t the day after the procedure and it has been progressing well. I was at the 2nd p/t appt yesterday and it wentwell. Heat, manipulation, some motion exercises and 5 minutes at the arm bike, then ice, and that was it. I have been to the pool a couple of times to say hi and see people.
The Ridgway Saturday morning swimmers had breakfast at Hermine's house after they swam. Great waffles, eggs, fruits, coffee, and Mimosas. We watched the replay of the Tour, the climb of Mt. Ventoux, Becky,Rex, Harry, Leslie, Hillary, Frank, Todd. I missed a few, where was Deb, she was swimming, and so was Dave.
I talked with Norm and his wife. Norn is going to have Dr. Schmidt do his shoulder, and maybe the other one later. Norm says that he may be in a sling for a while. I think there is a bunch of older stuff that needs to be dealt with.
I go to the post op appointment tomorrow and I think Cassandra may accompany me. I do not think that I will see Dr. Schmidt, I will probably see a PA, and I will report the findings.

Thank you FINA. Soon the suit issue will be over and all that will be left is damage control. We need to reign in guys like Rowdy Gaines, who seems to be pro tech suit. It has been fun but so much damage has been done to the sport, our true spokespeople like MP and Ryan and other great athletes are looking forward to 2010, when swimming will once again, be swimming.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recovery and Rehabilitation

I think the shoulder procedure went well. I was a bit apprehensive, and I thought that there was more significant damage. I am releived, the pain is tolerable, andI started p/t today at Santa Rosa Memorial P/T. I just talked to Susan N. and she started her p/t yesterday at SR Back and Fitness. Susan told me that Pat at Back and Fitness was familiar with Tim B. too. I think that is where Schmidt was going to send me, but I wanted to go back to SRMPT. I know several of the therapists well because I worked with them before and after my back surgery. I had a different therapist today, Johnathan. I think Jeff told me he was going to do the evaluation today. He worked well with me.
The surgery basically took care of two common issues. The first issue was the type II curve of the acromiom, and he did a acromiomplasty, basically shaving down the bone and removing whatever bone spurs were present. The second issue involved releasing tension on the capsule itself by making tiny incisions on the capsule, I think. That is what the therapist told me. I have a follow up next Thursday, as well as 2 p/t sessions next week. I feel good, I just need to keep the reins pulled in so I don't cause reinjury.
I have done my home p/t twice today as well as a supervised session.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swim Swim, Sun

Ridgway was the call this noontime. It is always fun. I really love to swim. Hermine, Becky and Sarah J. were swimming in the next lane with Todd and Dave H. Don F. and I joined another swimmer from London and then there were 5 of us in the lane including Rex. I just swam and looked around. Hermine was wearing a new black sports bikini, and I caught her lying around the lane dividers. It was a typical workout, Dave H. led the way. Mostly kick/swims, as I recall. My body still was kind of sore in general, particularly my right scapula. I tried to be social too. I met a lady named Lisa as I came on to the deck and near the pool. She was asking Jimmie F. when the masters were showing up. I explained to her the situation. Basically, it is a group of friends that swim together on Fridays. Some of us are official Santa Rosa Masters, but the group is whoever shows up, and someone takes the lead for a workout. It is fun, and many of us return on Saturday morning and do it all over again. It's FUN.

No More 2 A Days

I am so sore, probably because I am not supposed to take any NSAIDS until after Tuesday, I think. My right scapula was really yelping yesterday evening, and the rest of my body has been pretty trashed, even this morning I am feeling a bit sore. I am going to swim later in this morning. I have been going to Ridgway for the past few swims, it is really cooler than Finley and it is more enjoyable.
Yesterday I swam there and I did a controlled easy 2500 yards.
500 free
500 back
500 breast
500 kick with fins, on back
10x25, swim back at 20 sec, 5 no breathers
I also went to the Y in the early evening and rowed 20 minutes+2 min warm down

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Santa Rosa Masters Coach Seen in Swimmer(USMS) Magazine

Hey, Coach Hermine Terhorst, that IS your image featured among others in the feature article on Nationals at Clovis. The SRM Masters Flower Power banner is also showing in the large image of the meet. The Hepworth sisters are wearing Santa Rosa Masters Flower Power swim caps in their photo included in their article. What a pretty smile, Hermine.

Down Time Approaching

I saw Susan N. at the Y this AM. She was checking out the facilities and her daughter was with her. I am counting the days till Tuesday and I am trying to swim as many times as I can until then. I do have a monthly card and I almost always get my money worth. That, for me, is 13 swims, yech, was a number. That is the break even swim session.
I swam easy on Monday, the day after the meet. I also went to the Y and rowed 30 minutes, yeah, and did a circuit at about 75% on the Nautilus. I was suffering from a case of DOMS Tuesday, and I swam 1500.
today I went to the Y and did shoulder p/t and then went to Ridgway and loafed through
500 free slow
500 back slow
500 breast glide
500 kick with fins on back

Sunday, July 12, 2009

PMS Long Course Update

There are only 5 SRM swimmers on Saturday, and Laura B. will not be here today. The meet is going very well, the largest age group is still 55-59, and the 60-64 is pretty big too. 20 swimmers in 50 free, 18 in 200 free and so on(in 55-59). The facilities are very good, there are plenty of showers, parking, and deck area. There were a few sprinkles of rain during the 800, but nothing to get bothered about. I have talked shoulder surgery with everyone and the stories range from short rrecovery to longer recoveries, and biceps ruptures.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Largest Age Group is Mens 55-59 at PMS Long Course

Wow, what a difference from the short course meet in April. The age group is huge, there are over 20 of us in 100, 200 and probably 50 frees. I submitted slower times than usual because of the injury and I have not pushed the season after the shoulder injury. Speaking of the shoulder, I went to the pro op appointment today. I think this weekend will be my last competitive weekend in some time. I hope that I can come back for the Long Beach meet in December. I am looking for an injury free weekend. The heat/psyche sheets are posted at the PMS website.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Entry Is Quick

750 choice
250 1 arm fly
2x200 IM, alternate 1arm fly
4x25 cruise
1500 yards

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taper: Just Back Off

Forget about it, I just swam 5 days in a row and I swam twice on Friday, on purpose. So today is really supposed to be an off day, no swimming anyway. I am going to go to the y but only for personal P/T. I did go to Finley for about 20 minutes before it closed at 1:15. I swam a few yards and did some breaststroke break outs. that's all, folks. I am going to rest up for the weekend. And watch some swimming on

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lance Factor

YMCA day as I was only going to swim a bit, but I had to hurry to get 1750 in so I could watch the TTTT of Astana and Lance Armstrong. He looked tough. Tough, Texas tough. Ineed yto do some Texas 25's to honor him later, maybe tomorrow. I think the shot is wearing off a bit, I could hear my shoulder at the p/t session yesterday. I can feel familiar tweaks, but no pain.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get in the Water

Should I begin a taper, huh? I feel really good in the water. My shoulder feels great, but I think that I feel the impingement and the tear on occasion. I think that because of the cortisone injection, there is no associated pain when I feel the pinch or strain.
1000 choice
5x100 free, pace
20x25 kick, no fins, some board, some underwater dolphin
250 dps,
2250 yards

Believe it, I am going to swim at the PMS Long Course meet this weekend. I have not trained hard at all for this meet, it is more of a test again. I am staying away from butterfly, except for the 50. I am pretty much swimming what I usually swim when I am not swimming IMs. I have not swam much butterfly in the last two months. I can swim the stroke, although hand placement on the catch is key to a less painful stroke.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Swim at Ridgway

I think I took Thursday off, but I did do my pers0nal p/t at the Y. I rowed a good one, I think I did a good row, either 3550 meters in 15 minutes or 5 minutes, I think it was the previous one. I went to finley on Friday morning and swam 2500 yards, pace mostly off Emmy Cozine. I went to Ridgway for noontime, and swam about 1000 yards, mostly fly drilling and breaststroke swimming.
Saturday was a fairly well organized workout at Ridgway, and there were nine of us. I did a several hundred yard warm up, and then we did
3x100 kick choice
3x100 kick/swim choice
10x100 choice on 2 minutes, hard 3, 6, 9, 10 is timed
10x25 on 45
4x50 ez
2250 yards plus warm up(750)

Today, Sunday, I basically swam 2000 straight and 500 kicking, with and without fins.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swim for the Roses

I am supposed to be really putting my shoulder to the test this week and it is holding up extremely well. I have been having some thoughts about the situation and it concerns the cortisone injection that I received in late May. Is that what is keeping me out of pain now that I am able to do most everything normally, considering that I have backed off the heavy training and have not had any gross setbacks? I do remember the cortisone injections that I received over the several years of marathon training. I would be fine and able to run pain free for several weeks, even months, after each injection, even though the pain and swelling would come back eventually. Is this what is happening? I understand that the SLAP tear does not repair itself, although Dr. Schmidt says the MRI is usually inconclusive, so possibly I do not have a torn labrum? I feel a slight twinge in the mid bicep region under competitive strain, and I do feel that if I go hard with the 'hammerheads' that I am on the edge of blowing out the shoulder again. Many questions still need to be answered. What are the liability factors involved with a situation like this, when it has been determined by worker compensation that surgery is indicated, but the patient is feeling healthy now , perhaps because of the recent cortisone injection. Will the patient get injured again?
I swam at Finley, I tried to swim hard.
700 choice
800 kick on back with fins
10x100 free, ez/hard, descending to 1:12
100 ez
8x25fly/25free 60 sec, 18-16 fly laps, work on timing and wider hand placement
3000 yards

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying to Work,Swim Hard

Okay, I am trying to swim hard. I swam easy at Finley this morning, I don't know why. I went to Ridgway after noon to do some hard butterfly and I ended up talking with Gail R. mostly, although I did get some hard 25s in.

500 swim choice
500 kick on back with fins
1000 swimming?
7x100 pace
3000 yards?

3x100 1 arm fly
some hard 25s fly

Monday, June 29, 2009

Stutter Step

I went on a roadie with Joe and we did not swim one lap. I think I swam on Monday and Tuesday the 22 and the 23, and I returned to the water Saturday the 27th. I swam with 10 SRM swimmers, not too hard but it was mostlly a freestyle workout too. Sunday I swam on my own as I did this morning at Finley.
1000 choice
500 kick with fins
500 easy free
10x50 free 60 sec
6x50 free no breaathe 1st lap
2800 yards

Most importantly, I went to the Y later in the morning to do P/T. A bit of soreness in right bicep when doing curls. 15 minutes of rowing, flawless. Did shoulder therapy and I did some pull ups without favoring the right side. I did 3 short sets, 3, 4, and4. I am looking forward to tomorrrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easy is the Key

Easy swimming is the key to staying away from pain. Tell Warren that this morning, I am sure he will understand what I mean. i am on my way to the Ridgway swim this Saturday morning. I started to record my shoulder p/t that I am doing on my own until surgery. I was at the Y yesterday to do that. It went well until I cooled off a bit and then tried some 15lb dumbell curls and presses with oncoming pain, so I ended the session. I rowed 15 minutes for the warm up, about 3100m.
I did take a few days out of the pool on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I got back in Thursday morning at Finley and swam easy, easy for about 1500 yards and then I went to the JCC and swam with Charlotte(new nickname-Charmine, get it, lol?) and the JCC Masters group. She told me onte thing about breathing, and when I got to Ridgway Friday, Dave pointed out that the correction looked out of sorts, that I was breathing late, which is how I corrected the problem that Charmine told me about. Huh? No yard totals, although it seemed like about 3500 total on Thursday and 2000 on Friday. I probably will not keep accurate yardage this morning either. Have a nice swim, and I hope to see you at the pool soon.

I understand that an old classmate of mine, Janet Riggs, coaches at Park Terrace and has done so for many seasons. Another classmate, Martha M. emialed me recently as my high school class is getting together for a reunion in late September and I have received some com from a few people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Swim

I am not real happy with myself. My shoulder is messed up. It really bothered me throughout the night and I do not see any reason to swim today. I guess I need to give it another rest. I am also a bit down emotionally because of the shoulder injury. I can not do too much and after I get it fixed, I will probably do even less, until rehabilitation starts. I looked forward to getting my sciatica fixed and rehab went very good, but this time I am in a different frame of mind. It really does not matter how or when I injured my shoulder, what matters is that it gets repaired and I have as successful and rapid rehabilitation as I had with my back.
I have only been doing some light, uninspired lap swimming. My shoulder came down hard on Friday, I think I jumped and I led with my shoulder. EXtra painful, and it has been painful to do most everything. I did swim on Saturday, there were only about 4 other people and yesterday I just swam laps, about 100 of them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is shocking is that a world class masters swimmer, Ken Shilling, at the Stanford Masters workout had a HEART ATTACK during workout. Teammate/bystander CPR and 5 stents later, Ken is doing good, with no apparent damage to his heart. This information was recently posted on the PMS newsletter. I am so happy that the Santa Rosa pools finally have the AED machines. I don't see them, but Loretta told me that they are here. Remember that a water polo guy died after leaving Finley water polo practice a few months ago. I will be relieved when I see the machines t the Santa Rosa pools. I am going to check at the Petaluma Swim Center as that facility is now managed by Forevers Aquatics. I made it to Finley for the door opening this morning and I shared a lane with Emmy Cozine.
1500 free
500 kick on back with fins
500 fist swim
100 ez
500 cruise 7:12
100 ez
3200 yards

Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick, Not Quick Enough

I went to Finley and I tried to get there at 0600 but did not get into the water until after 0615, although I did get half a lane, in the shallow end.
1000 free/back
500 free
500 kick on back with fins
250 free 10x25 on 30 sec
200 free ez
2700 yards

I rowed for 15 minutes, with a 2000 meter time of 8:15, a pr

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Swimming

There were a bunch of SRM swimmers that swam at Lake Berryessa yesterday. Mike, Dave, and Warren were there as well as being at Ridgway this morning. I got in a 500 yard warm up before we decided to listen to Warren make up one of his workouts. He took it easy on us, considering he swam at the lake yesterday.

500 warm up
4x200 back/free for me

6x300 oreo

2x 100 free/100kick/100free
2x 300 breast
2x 300 back/free
3100 yards

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Saturday

I thought all the SRM swimmers except a few were to be at the Beryessa swims this morning. There were 11 of us swimming at one time,, I think for most of the workout. I started out on my own, swimming 34 laps of mindful swimming, then I was asked if I was to join the group with Sara, Harry, Michael L., Deb, Hilary, John, Hermine, Leslie O., Adam, Paco, and me.

8x50 stroke/free
4 times
1. 10 strokes total
2. 20 strokes total
3. 30 strokes total
4. 40 strokes total

16x25 stroke/free on 30 sec, IM order
200 ez
2400 yards workout
850 yards warm up
3250 total

Just a note on the shoulder. It held on the butterfly part of the set. I did experience a recurrence of the pull in the lat on the right side that was the initial strain of the March 12 incident. I have not felt that pain in a while. the shoulder is still tentative.

Friday, June 5, 2009

B70 Has Been Dissed

I hear that Blueseventy, the manufacturer of controversy, I mean the Nero Comp technical competition swimsuit, is going to sue FINA over their controversial decision to disallow this specific swimsuit making it illegal to wear in competition. The decision is not based on the scientific testing that has been performed over the last several months. The ruling is based on subjectivity, due to the problem that the suit has in trapping either air or water in the zipper area of the back. FINA has arbitrarily decided that because of this design flaw these suits are deemed inappropriate for competition. Blueseventy has asked for clarification about the design flaw, but FINA has not come up with a response. I think that the suit manufacturer should come up with its own solutions to the problem and not rely on FINA or another governing body of the sport to dictate to them how they should manufacture their product. Although FINA is not handling the swimsuit issues very well, I do not think that they should have to tell any manufacturer how to make their product, they only need to approve the design and function of a suit.

Two For One

I have not been too inspired with working out lately, therefore I have not been filling out the blog
as much as I can. I fulfilled another week of p/t, and todayit was okay, the shoulder seemed less irritated than usual. I did the 10 lb. curls with no pain in the shoulder , only in the tricep. I should be able to row without pain today. As for swimming, I have been lap swimming, no butterfly, no sets or hard training. I have to get this problem fixed. I will not do butterfly, it is that much of a problem. I should not do pull ups, either.

Lap Swim Thursday, Finley
1100 ez
1100 cruise
200 back
200breast kick
16x25 easy

Lap Swim Friday, Finley
1.5 miles

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Is Tlhe First Out of Water Day

I am tired and my right arm, or shoulder, is sore today. I went to the Y this morning before p/t and I did 3 pull ups, and then I rowed for 15 minutes, the first 10 were very uncomfortable. It loosened up. I do not think that I will swim. I told Patrick, the p/t, that I did swim, yesterday and that when I dove in the first time, it was good, but the second dive was not so good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dive In

I dove in to Finley this morning. It did not hurt at all. After my pee break, I dove in and it hurt. I
1000 choice
500 kick on back with fins
500 fist swim
500 cruise@6:57
4x50 ez
500 cruise ez@7:12
2x50 ez
3300 yards

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finley this AM

I got an email from dd, she was not at PHS workout this morning, but she did leave workout cards and specific instructions to be mindful of body position among other things. Mindful swimming is what TI refers about. Think about body position, hand placement, and what I think of most because I am newer with the front quadrant theory or style of swimming, is the extended glide with my forward arm while the recovering arm is being extended past my head as the extended arm begins its pull as the recovering arm passed the elbow of the extended arm. I thought of that today.
500 choice
500 swim
500 kick on back with fins
500 cruise 7:08
4x50 ez
500 cruise 6:48
4x50 ez
2900 yards

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning

I passed on the Petaluma Swim Center this morning. There is long course on weekends till 1130. I went to Ridgway and swam easy.
500 choice
10x50 drill,
500 kick
500 ez
500 cruise@7:04
2500 yards

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ridgway Saturday

I am so glad that I swim in Santa Rosa. There is a good group of adult swimmers that frequent the facilities inn Santa Rosa. The group this morning was small, but I really like the diversity and comraderie that comes with swimming with an impromptu gathering of swimming enthusiasts. I started swimming and there was Deb, Michael, and Todd Wilson, then Sarah J. and Paco C. joined in and we began. Then Morales joined us, for 500 yards. Paco swam for a short time too. John is swimming at Del Valle tomorrow, Paco is a cardiac case. The workout was like this.
Warm up250, most backstroke
6x100 lock
4x100 kick/swim
8x50 stroke 60 sec

4 times
3x75 back/breast/free on 1:30
2x50 ez
2800 yards

Friday, May 29, 2009

EZ Cruising

I dove into Finley this morning, it felt great, no adverse effects. I remember the last time I dove into Finley, it hurt. I was going to tell the p/therapist I was going to swim, but I did not. We have a routine now, it is woos, but necessary. I have not tweaked or jammed my arm for a few days. We will just let the medical community judge my malady, whether it be an acute problem or a problem brought on by use.

I swam 100 laps yesterday. It took about 40 minutes
2500 yards

1000 choice
500 kick, on back with fins
1000 free, cruise good symmetrical front end
2500 yards

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Swim Day

I could barely get motivated in the morning, I passed on Finley and went to P/T at 0800. I have some soreness from the fall from the bike on Monday, but other than that, ok. I finally went to Ridgway and just swam. EZ,
2000 yards straight
250 kick with fins
10x25 kick with board, dolphin/free
I think that I can take a day off. 7 days in a row.
Oh yeah, I went to the Y before P/T. I rowed for 10 minutes, and the shoulder started to get sore the farther I would pull back. I did some pulling drills too, with no ill effect.

Monday, May 25, 2009

EZ Memorial Day Holiday Routine

That is right, and it is a nice way to swim once in a while, just relax, not too hard, just having a nice day. The sun was out, the pool was not crowded, I had a lane to myself, and I just swam.
500 swim
1000 kick/fins, 10
16x50 mostly 1 arm alternating flylaps breast kick
6x25 breast kick on back
10x25 sprint back on60
500 swim bilateral breathing
3250 yards ez

Men 100 Yards Butterfly (prelim 6) | 2008 USMS Short Course Nationals | Swimming Race Videos on Floswimming

Men 100 Yards Butterfly (prelim 6) | 2008 USMS Short Course Nationals | Swimming Race Videos on Floswimming
This is Erik Sterne(me) swimming the 100 fly at the 2008 USMS Nationals in Austin Texas at the Texas Swim Center.

Watch how long I take at the 75 turn, I could have set up a campsite I took so long.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Close to Good

I was looking forward to the swim effort this morning. Arriving at Ridgway early. I had a nice warm up of 750 before the group began. Mike C. had something in mind that had a bunch of 200's included.
3x200 kick/w fins
3x200 kick/swim swim 50's
2 times
2x200 free/pull
4x25 fly

2 times
2x200 back/IM
4x25 fly

There was a bit of pain during some fly strokes, at this time, about 4 hours later, there is a bit of crepitus.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is Good

My shoulder started the day a bit sore at the injection site and the outer deltoid area. I went to Ridgway this morning to test the shoulder and it seems to have passed the test. I did some butterfly with no ill effects, other than being a bit out of shape for the stroke. I swam fairly hard with the workout group that was there this morning. The workout was put on the board by Jan, and I think the new swimmer, I am not sure of his name but it might be Alfonzo or Alberto, came up with it. It was a good workout, with some sprint work. As best that I can recollect, this is the workout that I did, which is somewhat modified.
6x50 choice
6x150 choice

3 times
100 sprint/50ez
I worked in some fly during this set

quick set on 40 seconds
8x50 hypoxic
about 3400 yards, back to it

Note: I do feel a bit of irritation in the typical area of the clavicle. I am to keep an eye on this.

Friday Workout

News from the shoulder side of things. My appointment with the shoulder doc, Dr. Eric Schmidt, was Friday, moved up from June 8. I brought him the CD of the MRI as well as the preliminary findings from the radiologist. He took a couple of quick images of my shoulder with his own device, is that a ct scan or xray machine in the exam room. He then explained to me what he sees as the problem, and it has very little to do with the findings on the MRI. I received a cortisone injection at the office, with the understanding that if the problem does not go away by the next time I see him, in three weeks, we will approach plan B, which will be arthroscopic surgery.

I also went to PT after I swam at Finley. I swam without any problem, even if I did swim easy for 2000 yards. I then put the fins on and kicked for another 500 yards. I am going to Ridgway this morning to swim with the gang. I am testing my shoulder today. It still feels like there is a twinge, but I have not done anything to really stress the shoulder, yet.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finley in the Morning

I arrived in the pool a bit after 0700, and did a dumb lap swimmer trick. First thing, I dove in and immediately felt the familiar soreness in the right shoulder, ouch. It only took about 100 yards to swim it off. Once I did that, I had a fair swim of 2000 yards, at about 50% effort, watching my form, hand and arm placement and trying to swim symmetrical. The right hand has a much better 'wave', searching for still water to hold. It was a very encouraging day at the pool. I did 500 yards of assorted kicking, with and without fins, with and without a board. I look forward to swimming tomorrow, before pt.

I have finished posting all the floswimming videos of Santa Rosa Masters swims. See the blog and your favorite Santa Rosa Masters swimmers at the USMS Nationals at Clovis.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Went Swimming

But first I went to Spine and Sport, the physical therapy outfit. I had an 0800, and we went over the problem. I showed up with the preliminary MRI findings, and told Pat that I am going to see the shoulder doc. I got a call from the worker comp adjuster, Elena, and she told me that she has approved the referral to Doctor Eric Schmidt and that she was going to call his office and tell them. I hope to hear from them soon.

Yeah, I got back in the pool today. I swam an easy 1000, then kicked on my back with fins for 500. Then another 250 swim, and then I did a little test on the wing. I tried some easy wind sprints,25 frees on 30, progressing to 16 at #8 then,on my easy lap back to the other side, I felt it, the pinch in the clavicle region, yeah that one. I did about 250 breast easy then got out.

I shall try the same routine tomorrow in the early morning, at 0600 at Finley. I am a bit out of shape. 9 full days out of the pool, away from the gym, no walking, or other aerobic exercise either.

The last I heard, the Blueseventy nero swimskin was not given the approval for competition. FINA came out with the list of approved swimskins, and out of over 200 suits submitted for rating, only about 10 or so did not meet the standards that the governing body of swimming has recently adopted. We are all anticipating the backlash and disappointment that this ruling will cause.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is not good news. I have messed up my right shoulder with a SLAP tear and some other tears, tendonopathys, bursitis, and cysts. What a mess. Anyway it sounds like a mess. Especially the SLAP tear.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Check In

I am checking in to let us know that I am still here. I have decided to take the extra day or two away from the pool until I have had the MRI and we have evaluated it. The MRI is scheduled for 0645 and the appointment with the doctor is at 1130 tomorrow, Tuesday. Not much else.

I did see the NCS meet at Concord last Saturday. I was standing next to Coach Teri MxKeever and I introduced myself as a Santa Rosa Masters. She small talked with me about the Santa Rosa swimmers she was interested in watching swimming, including Molly and Maya. She did not mention Sophia. All three of them had a really great meet. See the results section for a link.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Highlights From Clovis

These were some of the more important swims of the meet. I especially like heat 13 of ladies 100 IM, Hermine in Lane 1 and DeaAnn in Lane 3. These wonderful swimmers are my coaches and friends, DeaAnn is the coach of the workout group at PHS, the group that I have been swimming with since January. She has also been a friend for over 20 years. Hermine in Lane 1 is the coach of the team that I am affiliated with, Santa Rosa Masters(Flower Power), yeah. She is also a close friend, and Cassandra is my girlfriend. I look forward to posting many more of the floswimming highlights of teammates, friends, and champions.

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 16) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 16) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Hermine swimming an outstanding 26.60 seconds, obliterating any old pr.

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 20) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 20) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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This is Cassandra swimming a prl in 50 free.

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 17) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 17) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming
DeaAnn Joslin
Lane 7, w/o technical suit

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Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 11) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 50 Yards Freestyle (final 11) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Deborah Swain swam for Sherm Chavoor in the 1960's. She recently found the masters swim program in Santa Rosa. She is one of my favorites..

Women 100 Yards Freestyle (final 15) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 100 Yards Freestyle (final 15) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming
Lane 2

Women 100 Yards Freestyle (final 12) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 100 Yards Freestyle (final 12) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming
Hermine, Lane 3
Leslie, Lane 8

Women 100 Yards Medley (final 13) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 100 Yards Medley (final 13) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

This heat has DeaAnn in Lane 3 and Hermine in Lane 1. This is the championship heat. Hermine scratched this event due to whatever, she had ice on her lower back earlier in the day. She later had a great 100 free today.

Women 50 Yards Breaststroke (final 10) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Women 50 Yards Breaststroke (final 10) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

DeaAnn winning national championship, by .02, I think that is about two fingernails length.

Floswimming at USMS Clovis Meet

Floswimming did an excellent job at the meet. I believe they got everyone in each and every heat/event. Thanks to Floswimming for their outstanding job. There is a direct link to floswimming USMS Nationals page in the results section.

Men 200 Yards Freestyle (final 11) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Men 200 Yards Freestyle (final 11) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Men 50 Yards Butterfly (final 10) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Men 50 Yards Butterfly (final 10) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Men 50 Yards Freestyle (final 16) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Men 50 Yards Freestyle (final 16) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Men 100 Yards Freestyle (final 13) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Men 100 Yards Freestyle (final 13) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Men 50 Yards Breaststroke (final 10) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

Men 50 Yards Breaststroke (final 10) | 2009 USMS Short Course Nationals on Floswimming

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Update From Synergy

I visited Dr Gary Nichols this afternoon. He is going to order an MRI stat. I should have it this week and I am scheduled for a follow up visit next Tuesday. I hope nothing is found on the MRI, although if there is a problem that does show on the scan, we will go from there. Until then, I will be taking a full week off away from the pool. I think that rest will be the biggest factor in my recovery. I look forward to swimming again on next Monday. I guess that I am still a bit pumped from the weekend at Clovis North. Every community should have as nice of a facility as Clovis North Aquatics Complex. Great meet, perfect weather and swimming conditions. Lots of places to eat. Not many sights, but I think the main draw is swimming, not touring. It may have been a bit out of the way for the Easterners, but I think connections and stuff made it easy enough. Look at the results on the USMS website.

Post for the Post Nationals Blues

Whew, what a weekend. We missed a bunch of the folks from the East, I still think that a bunch of them went to the Y meet in Ft. Lauderdale in April. It was a real good meet anyway. I am really tired, fatigued in a way, spent emotionally, but not really. I really did not have that emotional experience this season. I think that I can attribute my under performance to a sub par season and of course the dramatic setback that occured on April 29, pulling the dummy along the floor and through the wall that we had breached. It didn't take much. I really backed off during the taper. I could not really give any %100 efforts during taper. I was tentative with any butterfly that I did swim, and from the first stroke of the first event of the meet, I knew that I was injured. I did scratch myself from the 100 fly on Saturday, hoping to salvage the rest of the meet, which I did. I swam my 50 and 100 free in the old style fastskin, and when I measured the suit next to the b70, I looks like the b70 is about a full inch wider at the leg opening.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Shall Be Back

The Nationals are this weekend! How does it look? Did I do it right. My shoulder is questionable I will be taking an arsenal of preparations with me, and I will try not to stress out. Who knows, maybe I will find access to update on the weekend. I put the butterfly under a short stress test, but where I really fail is doing something as subconscious as a sudden movement or perhaps coughing or sneezing vigorously.
500 free warm up
300 kick with board, breast
about 30 minutes of test swimming

Events and Estimated Time
50 fly, 9:35
200 free, 10:20
200 Free Relay, 3:20
50 free 10:55
100 fly, 3:10
200 medley relay, 4:00
50 breast, 9:45
100 free, 12:50
200 mixed free relay, 2:55

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Regular Rest Day

Today is a regular rest day as I am at work on the second day of a two shift set. I schedule this second day of a work set as a rest day throughout the season. I injured the clavicle on last Wednesday, but it felt really good on Thursday until the last 25 free sprint when I really tweaked it. Friday at PHS was not bad. I swam the regular workout, even though the last sprints were only at 75%. Saturday I swam with the team at Ridgway and we only did about 1700 yards, although I did a 100 freestyle time trial at 90%. Sunday was another easy day, I did mostly kicking and wall work, turns and breakouts. I swam about 2000 yards Monday and did a few laps of butterfly, although only at a moderate pace. I was only seeing if the shoulder was going to be functional for fly on Friday. The shoulder seems to be healing and this morning it is good. I am looking forward to swimming tomorrow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning at PHS

I have been looking forward to today since yesterday. I can swim easy butterfly, with a bit of discomfort, but I think that with no swimming for 48 hours and if I do not have to do any dumb fireman tricks, I will be okay. I really felt the legs after the swim yesterday at Finley. I think it was all the treading water and kicking, but I feel okay today, although a bit tired.
400 swim choice, some easy fly
8x50 odds scull, even scull/swim
about 1000 free various pace, distances, some speed work, but not too hard
10x25 fly easy, just working the arm motion
5xstarts from block
about 2000 yards

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Safely Exercised

I went to Finley, I just could not stay away from the pool. I wore the b70, no problem and does it help with dps.
It went like this, very cautious, only a few strokes of 1 arm
500 easy swim
500 kick with fins
10x25 kick with board dolphin/flutteer
10x25 breast turns, tread water in middle of pool for start 1 min
10x35 free turns, tread water in middle of pool for start 1:30
1750 yards plus treading

Staying on Track

I need to take a sick day from swimming due to the impingement of the right corocoid process of the clavicle. I am still debating whether to go to Ridgway to do a quick kick set and acclimate to my b70, which I can not return, but will be able to get a $160 credit when the new generation of suits are deemed acceptable to wear. Is this a responsible gesture on the part of the Blueseventy? Have they had a feeling that adverse actions might be implemented in the next round of the technical competition swimsuit issues? It is an issue with all swimmers.
There are several questions that I need to ask myself and the swimming community.
Do I stay true to the pureness of the sport?
Will I be left behind at the blocks?
Am I compromising my ethical stance on the use of devices and equipment in swimming competition?
Does compression swim wear act as a prosthetic device?
It offers older swimmers much needed support in their lower back, hips, knees and other regions of their body, reducing pain and improving flexibility.
Perhaps this observation of the compression effect that all the technical suits offer is indeed to be tolerated in masters competition. The main controversy in my opinion is the buoyancy factors in the fabric/materials used in the manufacturing.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ridgway with the National Team

I iced the shoulder about 4 times yesterday after I swam. It felt a bit better this morning when I woke up, I still can not tolerate the full butterfly, I concentrated on Breaststroke today at practice with John, Warren, Paco, Dave, Leslie, Lesley, Michael, Mike C, Hermine, Deb, and Sarah and Don and Tim.
500 warm up choice
3x100 kick
3x100 kick/swim
3x100 choice on 1:45
8x25 on 40 choice
100 free time trial @ 80% 1:03
100 warm down
3xstart off block
5x breaststroke turn pull downs
200 misc ez

Friday, May 1, 2009


I was in the water shortly after 0515 and I swam the workout okay. I doctored up with 200mg of celebrex and I felt okay. I took it one stroke at a time and stayed away from butterfly, although I could do breaststroke and that was the stroke that I worked for stroke work. I did some one arm fly during the warm up and with breaststroke with dolphin kick.
500 warm up choice
15 minutes of treading water
75 swim
6x100, skds(swim, kick, drill, swim)
12x75, 3 sets of 4 reps, free, IM, stroke
1. slow, slow, slow
2. fast, slow, slow
3. fast, fast, slow
4. fast, fast, fast
12x25 sprints, slow, slow, fast
2300 yards + 15 minutes treading

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is This Psycho?

It all started on a good note this morning at Ridgway, and until the last stroke, it was what appeared to be a quick recovery from the slight strain of the right clavicle, corocoid process, and it the workout progressed beautifully until literally the last stroke, whick was at 2300 yards. I managed to swim down 200 ez. The story was, I strained the right clavicle again pulling a dummy at a drill. Papered it too, again. Woke up okay, entered the pool at 1000.
500 swim, good form, strong
250 kick with fins
250 kick with board
50, 100, 150, 150, 100, free dropping to 1:53 last 150
2x100 fly, stroke count a@7
3x100 fly drill, mostly 1 arm
4x25 free 30 sec
4x50 free, broken, 2nd 25 sprint, this is when I really strained the shoulder, clavicle,
impingement, and now I am really upset.
200 ez swim down
I look ahead to PHS in the morning, hopeful that I can swim unimpinged.
I also feel that for a return to workout from 48 at work, I was swimming, without the usual cramping.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Is Easy

Tuesday morning at TLRC and I am in the water shortly after 0600. I swam pretty good yesterday, and I did the final weight workout at the SCFY in the early afternoon. How does anyone work out after the noon hour is beyond me. That time is specially reserved for a nap,especially so at work. We call it a safety nap. I do have a bit more of a time when trying to nap at home, but those safety naps at work really help. My weight workout was good, I did a test set of bench presses on the rack. I had a good set, I think my fitness level is right where it should be. I am going to look at the workouts I was doing just before the Texas meet last year. I think I did a fair job of logging my workouts before the Nationals last year, then I just kind of lost interest in recording the workouts.
This blog is now linked at, thank you Rob D. His blog is a bit more refined than this one, check it out.

500 swim
500 kick on back with fins
500 broken, 10x50 on 45 sec, swim at 40-38 seconds
5x100 free 1:20-1:24 20 sec rest
12x25 kick with board
10x25 free on 30
10x25 free on 45
200ez warm down
3000 yards

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Goes Sunday then Comes Monday

Sunday at Ridgway was another confusing day. I wanted to swim with the group and I did, but the group was small and Warren led the attack with his relentless pursuit of long backstroke and 400 IM work. Modifying was the order of the days workout. I really do not have any idea what kind of yardage I swam, I can only approximate. There was some quality hypoxic work towards the end and I must have swam around 4000 yards.
Lots of breaststroke too.
warm up of 500-1000 choice, kick
8x50 on 60
3x100 free: swim, kick, swim
3x100 free: kick, swim, kick
8x25 swim
3x100 breast: swim, kick, swim
3x100breast: kick, swim, kick
8x25 swim
no back for me, I started to do 50 breast repeats, descending
10x50 Texas 25, 5xsecond 25, 5xfirst 25

Monday at PHS is so organized, but then it is a coached workout too. The water is very warm, I would say 82* plus. DeaAnn mentioned to me that I could go hard,meaning the full workout, singling me out because of the big meet in 11 days that I will now begin the sharpening, tapering process. She has an eye on me.
500 choice warm up

800 swim
100 IM
300 kick

700 swim
200 IM, no back
300 kick

600 swim
300 kick

500 swim
400(8x50 fly/free, free/fly, broken at 20, on 1:15

5000 yards, 300 kicks were 250 so 4850 yards

I think coach went to a USA Swimming meet over the weekend and she had a bit of a rant going about the suit issue. She also touched on the dolphin kick ruling on the breaststroke, noting that there has been issues with the interpretation of the kcik.

Sunday, April 26, 2009 for Latest Scuttle

The big boys are getting riled. The issue at the forefront of our competitive minds is equipment. Our sport is supposed to be PURE. We should not lower our athletic standards to being equipment operators, like automobile racers, bicyclists, golfers, tennis players, and the other genres of sport where equipment is a necessary part of the game. Our greatest swimmers of the time are now speaking out about the future of our sport.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ridgway Saturday Morning with Half of the National Team

500 swim choice
500 kick with fins
6x50 kick/swim/drill
4x75 kick/swim/drill
I sort of forgot the rest of the workout except for
6x100 3 minute intervals
2,4,6 hard, 6 off blocks
I had a do over at 1:06.5
300 ez
10x25 free, 6@ 30, 4@ 60
2850 approximate yards

Tech Suits At

I just sent them an email about my displeasure with the b70 nero comp shorty and then I looked at the technical suits and there are Rocket Science suits with both arms and no arms, there are Aquazone suits too. It appears that the suits have just recently been released for the general swimming public. I was looking at the old FS Pro and they are fairly reasonably priced too. There are no reviews available on either of the new products, and the TYR Tracer Light is also available from

Waiting for Noon

Yesterday I waited till the noon swim at Ridgway, and I am sore this morning, I think it is DOMS from the weights on Thursday, compounded by the Friday workout.
500 dhoice
500jick with fins
12x50, choice on 55

3 times at 1:45, 1:30 and 1:15
3x100, fly/free, last set is 75 lyards
4x50 slow

16x25, every 4th fast on 45, IM order, fast is free
I did about 6 butterflys
3500 yards

This morning I am planning to swim with the informal Santa rosa group. I asked Warren Schenstrom if he could put a finger on a specific part ofhis training that he can attribute his improvement. He said to me that it is the time trials that they do each Saturday. I am looking forward to swimming this morning. Cassandra may join us at Ridgway

Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Water Day

I usually do not post on a day that I don't swim, but I thought it would be okay to post today. I hope to do a weight session today, I like to lift in the late afternoon, right before dinner. I cannot swim on the second day of a set because we work a 48 hour shift. This day is always scheduled as a rest/recovery day, except I usually do some dry land, either weights or I walk on the treadmill. I looked at the psyche sheets again and there are not many of swimmers from the east coming to USMS Nationals this year. the YMCA Nationals appeared to be well attended by the east coast swimmers. I think if I had to choose between Fort Lauderdale and Clovis, and I lived east of the Mississippi, I would probably join a Y, if I wasn't already a member, and go to Florida.
I shall start my tapering soon. I will swim 5 days in a row starting tomorrow, and I think my last workout before the taper will be Monday at PHS. I will seek coaching knowledge and advice from DeaAnn, she knows a thing or three.
I got a in a weight session this afternoon when I was preparing the evening meal at work. I used some heavier weight, but the bench seemed a bit heavy. I also did the treadmill this morning and I walked fast for 2.10 miles, setting a standard for 30 minutes. I am thinking that I only have two or maybe only one dry land session before tapering for nationals.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three in One

I was in the water at PHS by 0515. I was at the Y yesterday afternoon and I did a fair amount of weights. I used the rack to test my peak bench strength. I did 3 sets of 8, starting with 160 then 180 and down to 170, in addition to military and curls.
700 choice warm up
8x75 kick/drill swim, 4free, 4 breast
500 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 1 lap stroke/1lap free etc. Holding ping pong balls(fist swimming)
500 same w/o ppballs
5x200 20 sec rest, fly/free, back/free, fly/free, fly/free, warm down
3300 yards

Psyche sheets are posted for Nationals. I have top ten seeding in 50 fly and breast, and 100 fly.
DeaAnn is top seeded in all breaststroke.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice Day

I bypassed TLRC this morning and swam at Ridgway. I saw the SRM coach, she asked me how I felt about being a PMS record holder. Tim, Don, Martin and I swam the 400 free relay in 3:49., shaving the old record by a second. My split was 58.23.
700 choice
700 kick on back with fins, long underwater
5x200 free, 100 easy in between
5x100 fly, easy, counting strokes 7=8
500 speed work, various fly/free, intervals, technique
4000 yards

Monday, April 20, 2009

PMS Weekend

PMS Short course Champs were over the weekend. I am back in the pool this morning with DeaAnn and the workout group in Petaluma. DeaAnn ran a marathon in Salt Lake City over the weekend to celebrate her 50th. I hope she is still planning to go to Clovis. The meet roster and psyche sheets are posted at the USMS website.
700 choice warm up
8x50 hypoxic(texas 25s,
4x50 10sec int
4x100 fly/free
12x25 back
4x200 all at 2:45
12x25 stroke
500 kick on back with fins
That was it for me. I was still a bit fatigued from the weekend
3900 yards, it didn't seem like that much, I guess we are having fun.
I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, good pace, 2.05mi, first thing in the morning at work.
I hope to blog about the meet later, but I need to start dinner at the fire house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two for One Post and PMS SCYChamps

I return again with the workouts from the previous day and today, this morning at PHS. I think I took it easy today, but I am really fatigued after workout. Since I came home instead of going to work, I stayed as long as I wanted. The last set would have been a better fit in the middle of the workout, but I was too tired to go the full set.
Wednesday at PHS
500warm up

3 times
3x100 kick on back with fins
1.arms at 45, 90, 135, 180
2.arms behind back, clasped

4x500, broken, IM order,
2x50free, ez
2x50free, ez
last set stroke is IM

Tuesday I swam at Ridgway and the water was 77.9*, but it felt okay.
500 choice warm up
500 kick, choice w/breast kick and breast kick on back
5x200free build, 10 seconds rest
5x200IM, free/stroke
10x25 kick with board
3250yards, roughly
I talked with the SRM coach, Hermine about the meet this weekend.

The Pacific Masters Swimming Championships are being held this weekend at the swim complex in Pleasanton. I hear that there are 781 entrants this year. This is a very big meet, with the Nationals coming to Northern California in three weeks. I see that there are just under 1600 entrants at Nationals. I am looking forward to a nice warm weekend. I am going to take tomorrow off, I shouldn't even go by the pool in the morning, but I probably will. The YMCA Nationals are this weekend. I heard that some swimmers from the East are going to swim the Y meet as their Nationals instead of coming to Clovis. Many really good Masters swimmers in the East and South affiliate with YMCA. Sarasota Florida YMCA has a really large and very good Masters swimming program, as well as being the new home of USMS.

It appears that the NEM SCY meet last month had 858 swimmers at the meet. Apparently, they were supposed to limit entries to 750 participants, that was a large meet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday and DeaAnn's birthday

I was very fortunate to be able to swim on Easter Sunday. the TLRC was open, and after work I went straight to swim there. I found out later that the pools in Santa Rosa were closed(so was the SCFY, Sonoma County Family YMCA in Santa Rosa).
500 free good pace warm up
500 kick with fins on back,
5x50 kick with fins, 25 underwater/25easy
10x25 kick with board
4x200IM, free/stroke, work stroke
200 ez out
3000 yards

Monday at PHS and it is DeaAnn's 50th today.I arrived at around 0510 and did 700 choice warm up. In honor of coaches 50th, we did all 50s, the set being broken down thus...
We were supposed to go on 10 sec r/i but to keep on interval, we went on 45 sec interval, which allowed me 5-7 seconds rest.
We also were supposed to alternate 6-8 25 ez on 30 between sets, I think we did 6 after the 4x50 and 8 after 8,16 and 32. We also did every 4th 50 stroke, I did 25back/25free for recoverey, going right to the next 50 w/o rest. This was a fun workout and I swam until 0645 because I felt that traffic would be a nonissue.

4400 yards

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Morning Petaluma

I arrived at PHS shortly after 0500 and was in the water with enough time to complete the 1000 choice of warm up. Idid about 700 swim and 300 kicking on my back before we started the workout at 0530. The Friday routine begins with about 15 minutes of treading water, then 75 ez swim. Workout totals for the session are
1000 choice swim warm up
15 minutes treading water 75 ez
5x100 back pull w/bouy

12x75, 3 sets of 4, IM stroke on fast laps, m=moderate, f=fast
1. mmm, mmf, mff, fff
2. fff, fff, fff, fff, fff
3. fff, ffm, fmm, mmm

3x200 free
3000 yards w/15 treading water
All my fly laps were fairly strong.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost Home

Back at TLRC this morning with Cassandra C. We got her entered in the upcoming meets this morning and we went to the 1100 session at TLRC.
1000 choice
300 kick
4x50 free 60 sec
50,100,150,200,150,100,50 fly/free all good strong fly, on 1 min
3x100 broken 20, 20, 30
300 choice warm down
3000 yards

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Early in the Morning

I made it to PHS at around 0500, and I was in the water soon thereafter. I got my 1000 yard choice in before actual workout this morning. DeaAnn had us do either of two workouts, an endurance set or a sprint set. I led our lane in the sprint set.
1000 swim, 6 hard/2 moderate
6x150 IM double up on two legs(fly/back)
20x25free 2 on 25 sec, 2 on 35 sec
100ez out at 0630
3300 yards, missed 100 yards of 1 IM

I swam fairly easy today, I did the hard sprinting at yesterday's workout.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Terra Linda Swimming Opens

Monday the Terra Linda Recreation Center in San Rafael opened for the season. Cost is the number one reason it opened a month later this season than last year. I registered at the kiosk, and I will pick up my employee pass on Thursday. I just returned from a long weekend of being out of the water. We went to Pleasanton for a high school invitational on Saturday. Friday I had a molar surgically removed, and I took a sick day Saturday and actually stayed shut down for most of the day. I went back to work on Sunday, without swimming, but I did two rotations of weights in the morning at work.

We had a slow day at the first day of TLRC. The water is clear, warm and smooth. Nice big lane dividers too. It looks like they retrofitted the drains, VGB compliance? It is a very nice place to swim. It looks like there is a new masters workout group in addition to a triathlon training group that is using the pool because TLHS pool is O/S.

1000 choice
500 kick on back with fins
4x400 IM
8x50free/fly 1 min
3500 yards

Tuesday morning at Finley and I have chosen to swim in the same lane as Gail. She is a gifted swimmer.
1000 choice
10x50 kick choice
4x50 dolphin kick on back with fins
2x100 1 arm fly drill
200 fly
2x100 fly/free

4x50 kick choice
2x100drill/swim IM
200 IM
2x100 IM
4x50 swim/stroke

20x25 free, speedplay
6x25, 20, 20, 40, 20, 20, 40
4x25 30sec
4x25, no breathing, 45sec
6x25, 20, 20, 45, 20, 20, 45
4100 yards

Friday, April 3, 2009

Far Westerns at Morgan Hill

I missed DeaAnn this morning, Pat McMillan led the workout. He is literally DD's right hand man. She is at Far Westerns, I should have saved my nickels and swam at Finley this morning instead, but I went to PHS and took my time to get in the water this morning, and I swam 500 choice before workout.
I am beginning to see a pattern to the workouts now. Friday we do about 15 minutes of treading after the warm up, which does start at 0500. I was probably in the water at 0520 this morning. I took a head count after the first person got out and there were 15 of us in the water, still.
6x50 drill/swim
3 times
6x150, :15 interval
4x25 :30 interval
1. IM/split/no free
2. Free
3. Choice, I did IM/split, which is 25stroke/25free, no free leg
I also did 5 instad of 6 150's
2550+300d/s+500wu+15min tread
It looks like I did 4 4000+yard workouts in a 4 day stretch. I did dryland training on Wednesday and I might go to the Y right now. I will update if I do.
I am feeling that my right hamstring is on the verge of exploding. Be careful.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight then Swim

I got to the Y late yesterday afternoon and rowed for 10 minutes and then did about 20 minutes of barbell/machine progressive/2rotations of 5 typical moves, going heavy. Incline bench.
Finley was nice and deep today. Yeah, a bit sore from Y workout last evening,1 celebrex before workout.
1000 choice
4x(3x50, flags, flags, wall, 5, 5, 15 interval)
8x50 kick
8x100, free/fly, fly/free, 2 min
8x50, free descending, 1 min
200 free
8x25 free, 30 sec
6x50 free, sprint 25, go on fastest interval(20 sec) cruise 25, 1:30
4x50 cruise/ warm down
4100 yards

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fast and Slow

I went to PHS this morning. That means I got up at 0414 on my day off and drove 17 miles(34 round trip) so I could swim with the Petaluma Masters workout group. I tried to get there to do 1000 choice but I only did 6-700 yards before the workout started.
3x(3x50, 45, 45, 60), 2xturn at flags
8x100 choice, 2min. I did IM order, no back(2xfly)
8x50 60sec
8x25 30sec
6x100 IM 2min
4x100 kick
4x50 fly/free
4350 to here, with the traditional 1000 choice warm up, I think I ws about 250 or so short this morning, so I ended up swimming good for 4000 yards.
2x100 free
2x50 f0ee
2x25 free
350 for a 4700 yard workout, yeah, we didn't make it to the last set, but we got close.
I told the coach that i got my Blue79 in the mail yesterday. I freaked when my friend and my son grabbed the suit and tried to rip it inhalf. Thank heaven that they are really strong suits. Yeah, I got a Blue70, and I am not proud. I think that I will only wear it at Nationals. I do not think that I want to wear it at PMS,and I still am undecided about SPMA. deaAnn sent me the workout from Friday and i swam it yesterday. the warm up set is the same as the one we did today, I did it incorrectly at Tuesday's workout.
1000 choice
3x(3x50 40, 40 60, turn at flags first 2)

3 times
4x50 kick
2x100 drill/swim, kcik/swim
200 swim
2x100 fast
4x50 fast

1. fly
2. IM
3. free

I think there was 12x25 here at the end, because the workout was 4600 yards. I talked with Gail Roper about the workout and she said that it is too many yards and I should be going with the clock. I told her that although this workout is longer than most of my own, I also work with the pace clock, but I was following the workout that was given to me, and it was personalized for me too.

In addition to the swimming workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday, I did weight training at work on Sunday and Monday. I used heavier weight on Monday and I really didn't experience soreness. I walked on the treadill both days for 30 minutes.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Seems Like Sunday

I slept till 0800, but was up several times after 0500. I was a little slow getting a warm up in about 300 before the workout commenced. John led the way again and
3x100 kick 2;10
3x100 kick/swim 1:45
3x100 swim 1:30
8x25 :30

Main set is 3x200 broken time trials
100 20s, 100
100 20s, 2x50 10s
4x50 10s
59-100 easy between

400IM swim
200 broken
5x50 easy
looks like a low yardage workout, and I did not keep close count of my warm up or extra session yards.
about 3200 yards
I am now going to order the last blue seventy kneeskin at swimoutlet. I hope it is still available. Otherwise I may have to go with the WCM team order, but it may be difficult to send it back if it is not the right size.