Monday, December 31, 2012

The End

Really was the last workout of the year. 

100 50s on a minute.  I kind of did it.  Modified a bit, but it was good.  I did not start counting until I moved to the competition pool, then I began with the kick with fins.  I swam about 1000 freestyle in the rec pool before moving to the comp pool.

1000 free

kick with fins
60 seconds

no interval
continuous swim
good turns

actually free/fly
60 seconds
last 4 were fly/free

ez free
flat shoulders
watch hands
like sprinting except slow
cool down

5000 yards

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Swim Here Today, Extra Edition

Missed a workout yesterday.  It was an act of weather, there was thunder and lightening on the horizon.  There was really an incident, a plane was struck by a bolt right at the same time the pool was cleared.  That ended my attempt at a workout.  I swam about 20 minutes before I decided to call it for the morning. 

Sunday, today.

warm up, short course
250 free ez
500 back good form
250 1 arm fly

700 kick mostly dolphin on back

1 minute rest at 5
1 minute rest before 10

Long course
100 free ez

watch form, always



Friday, December 28, 2012

@esterne Posted Workout

 This entry is for December 26, 2012, the day after Christmas.

I tweeted my morning workout today.  It fit because I am still swimming/training on my own.  I told Kandis this morning that I will be back with the training group next year. That would be next Wednesday.  I don't know, I feel pretty good training on my own volition.  Just like old times.  Do I feel a bit of apprehension to go back with the training group?  Perhaps.

Year End Post

I have been doing pretty good this past month.  Due to many meets, a new approach to training, and coming back to competition, I thought it would be a good idea to stay away from the training group for a while.  I like it.  I have been training by myself, just as in the past.  I am a pretty good coach, I like my workouts.
Broken 200s
Lots of butterfly
1000 warm ups
500 kicks
good rest when necessary

Short Course
1000 warm up, including 250 1 arm butterfly
500+kick, more dolphin on back
500 broken at 100,
5-10 seconds
7:20 end
100 ez

Long Course
100 back

2x100 fly 1,1,1; 2,2,2


200 warm down

3200 yards/meters

This workout is a progression following yesterdays workout, which in turn, followed the previous workout.  This is how I train.  I will get back to logging the workouts in earnest January 2, 2013.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice Morning at the Pool

I have been taking it pretty easy at the pool. It is quite enjoyable.  I think they miss me at workout.  Mentioned to Coach Chad that I am having an off season for a while.  Good idea.  So I have been swimming on my own, just like the old days.  I am starting to remember the old days, too.  Going fast, swimming with purpose, too.  Brain needs to relax so my body can swim with purpose, again.

I will be a faster swimmer next season.

This means I need to adjust my workout schedule.

I will need to train by myself approximately 50% of the time.


See yesterdays Morning Swim interview with Masters star David Guthrie, our stories are similar.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Looking For Focus

It was not apparent at the meet this weekend.  I tried to use all the mental stuff I have been reading about recently.  All that stuff is not new to me, and I think that because my season/year has been so filled with change, there was something lost in the transition.
I have really enjoyed my new adaptation of swimming with a coached workout group.  Buttt, I am now questioning this approach to the coming season.
I feel I missed a taper, again.  There was some physical malfunctioning as two weeks before the meet approached.  Quadriceps injury lead to the right lumbar strain, then the strained shoulder 3 days before the meet.
Excuses?  Statements? Or just observations written/logged?
I had a really good time this season.  I swam well.  I swam under control.  I will need to maintain that control.
I will continue to evaluate my goals and focus in Masters Swimming.
The SPMS Short Course Regional Championships were held at the old Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool.  Thanks to all the volunteers and athletes.  We had a bunch of fun.  
See the on Swim Phone results

Monday, November 26, 2012


Right side I can pin point it.  It is approximately 5cm right of spine at the L-4 level?  What happened is that I was favoring my right quad strain as I was walking to the entrance of the pool on Tuesday.  My right knee buckled, and I suddenly nearly collapsed to the ground, twisting as I caught myself before I did hit the concrete.  I tweaked my back.  It has progressed to being very uncomfortable to sit. 
It does not have any negative effect on swimming.  It took a bit longer to warm up this morning.


400 swim
200 drill

IM order
50 swim
50 drill

200 swim


200 ez


400 warm down

2100 meters


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post This Here

This is the workout for November 24, 3012 at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center for the Masters group.
The coach not only writes the workout on the white board, he also explains in detail the planned matrix.  Cool.

Late entry.
We were allotted 20 minutes for warm up too.  I did start in the rec pool, nice and warmer, my feet were cold so I warmed them up for about 200 yards before getting in the comp pool.

We also did:
30 second vertical kicking
50 swim
2 minutes

The only modification to the posted workout was a reduction of 25s from 16 to 12

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Day After Thanksgiving

So yesterday was a forced NO SWIM DAY!  I hope there were some workouts before the big eat, although we did not have one at RBAC.  But it was back to the pool this morning.  See this article which is relevant to our progression. 
We are tapering and I am totally doing exactly what Chad is telling me/us to do.  He instructed us to stay away from the pool for the rest of the day, and I think he meant no weight training too.

~400 yards

600 swim
I only did 500

IM order
3 minutes

4 minutes

200 IM
5 sec at 50
10sec at 100

12 minutes swim

I don't remember any of the time intervals or rest stops,
I think I did the workout correct. 

1300 meters

plus 12 minute swim,
~500 meters

1800 meters

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Today

10 swimmers swimming.  We are tapering.
I felt a bit lackadaisical and like a newbie during warm up.


800 swim

4x50 kick
25 hard
25 ez

200 build

3 minutes

200 swim

100 AFAP

500 swim

2300 meters

No Weight Training

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Check on Conditions-GO

Test of injuries this morning.  All systems seem good, although lumbar/back is an issue.  I stumbled upon entering the building this morning, tweeking my right lumbar to equal the left side irritation from backstroke starts on Friday.  We did 8 block starts this morning, and nothing hurt!  The first 3 were at 50% and all too deep.  the final 5 were much better, adjusted the depth by keeping hands open and using a slight pressure with my hands to level off earlier.

Rose Bowl Closed
Santa Monica Swim Center
1500 meter swim
1000 meter kick
300 meter warm down
A bit of pain in the mid quad towards the end of kick set

No Swim Day
2 mile walk, created pain in quad
I suggest to stop walking/using quad for exercise

800 mixer


2 minutes
3x descend
3x ascend
50/50 free/fly

2x200 warm down

2200 meters

Good training room session
No lunges!


20 seconds

6x50 kick

block start
5-6 dolphins
no breather to 25
ez to wall
3 minutes
all fly starts

500 swim

2000 meters

Friday, November 16, 2012


That is a most disturbing sound.  I probably did not even hear the 'pop', but I sure felt like I heard it.  Fortunately I think it is just a little irritation, but I certainly strained it.  Right side, right in the middle of the front upper leg.  It happened during a lunge with a 10# medicine ball overhead.  Too aggro dude.  I also strained my left sacro-illiac region on the second to the last backstroke start.  We have been doing many block starts this season.  It is really a strong exercise.
1. Push out of the water onto the deck. This involves a smooth exit from the pool. 
2. Mount the starting block to ready position.
3. Reaction to start signal.
4. Execute a proper dive. 
5. Streamline body with hands together. 
6. Legs and feet together, toes pointed. 
7. Whole body follows hands into 'hole'. 5 feet deep is optimal.
8. Start swimming before slowing too much.



 Felt ill.
Swam by myself in the morning.

Regular workout



800 mixer

Kick set

Time Trials

Best time ever!

1000 warm down



Meet warm up

1000 extra ez

I have been doing a dry land training session regularly since October 15, when I returned from Walnut Creek.  I have been in the training room 3 days a week for a month.  NO accidents until today.  I should be stopping the legwork at this time according to some swimming literature I have read recently.  So it goes.  It is a psychological setback, I feel like I have let myself down.  I do not think it is too bad.  Time will tell, keep posted.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Past Post Including No Swim Day

Catch up is a drill.  It is also what I am doing this afternoon, catching up on the daily log of swim training.  I left to swim Thursday afternoon and have returned today. 

Thursday Noon

800 swim warm up

10x50 kick
w/o fins
IM order
last 2 choice

100 ez


50, 100, 150, 200
50, 1:40, 2:30, 3:20
fly, breast, back free
breast, back, free, fly

2400 meters


warm up

IM order

8x100 free
800 pace
1:45 interval
1:25/26/27 average

400 warm down
comoplained about irritating pinch in right deltoid
went to rec pool for swim down

2200 meters

Good weight room session


No Swim Day


Weight Room first

1500 meter swim
500 meter back stroke

2000 meters

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Workout Well

Things  are going well at the pool.  I am well on my way to swimming again at noon today. 
Tuesday I completed a double swim day.  Wednesday we did a lactic workout, the coach even said so.
We amounted to 2150 yards.

Thursday Morning 

3,2,2,1 warm up

Block start
30 seconds

1-5 AFAP
6-10 emphasis on start
11-14 IM
15-20 sprint start/finish

400 cool down

2200 meters

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update

We did the prescribed "meet warm up" on Friday.  I believe it is the standard Rose Bowl Masters pre meet swim. 

600 mixer

IM order


4 block starts 25 meters

swim cool down

I did easy upper body lifting but I did too much lower body and I was very sore on Saturday..

Saturday is a No Swim Day.

Mission Viejo SCM Meet
100 Back 1:27.5
100 Fly 1:15.03
50 Back 37.55
400 Free 5:33.79
   2:46  2:47

EZ morning swim
kick set with fins
Good training room session
lots of lower body work

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday Was Yesterday

So it goes, Wednesday was yesterday.

Today I am on my way to my 2nd swim session.  There were 3 of us this morning.


15 seconds rest

50 sprint

400 free

50 sprint from wall

800 free
last 400 was 6:20

some grumbling this morning
workout ended at 0720

2300 meters

Wednesday, Short Course Yards


warm up


30 second base

from block
25 free
50 free
100 free

warm down

unknown yardage

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Post

Okay, I don't think that this has worked in the past. I am at the iPad and am going to post the morning workout.


I continued to swim in the rec pool this morning. I woke this morning a bit down and felt like not going too hard.

I swam over 1 hour.

Warm up.


Body dolphin


This is great. Do not remember when I tried this from the iPad.

Go swim at noon..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Slow Down

I have been reviewing backstroke and breaststroke int he Swim Coaching Bible, Volume II this afternoon.  Reviewing and renewing interest, oh yeah, I reread Coach Bowman's chapter on butterfly too.


10 seconds rest
700 completed

4x50 kick

200 swim

4x50 kick

4 minutes
50 sprint
 best stroke
150 free

200 cool down

2300 meters

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rather Swim Than Blog

I just want to swim.


3 swimmers


800 choice
100 free sprint
39.00, 39.00, 1:18
nice even split
    coach said I did not finish hard enough
      I thought I did
600 swim down
100 back sprint
47.5, 1:37.71
600 swim down

2200 meters



2 swimmers

800 mixer

10x100 free
5x 800 pace<1:30 1:45="1:45" br="br">
5x descend 1:50


400 for Time

300 cool down

2600 meters

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Train Within A Goal

Onward towards Long Beach Regional Short Course November 30, December 1 and 2.


2 Swims


500 swim
400 pull
300 kick
200 IM drill
100 IM

8x50 drill/swim

4x50 kick





200 free
100 kick

200 free ez

insert kick set here?
totally forgot this

best stroke
next best stroke
last set was 100's

just about 2500 meters



4x200 free

8x50 kick with fins on

10x50 kick with fins

2:00, 1:53, 1:50, 1:42

200 swim down

2300 meters

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Morning at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center

It is a swim community.  By the end of workout this morning, there were hundreds of swimmers, parents, coaches, friends and relatives at the pool.  We had 4-5 in our lane, that appeared typical.  30-40 of us this morning, eh.  What was it, an intersquad meet, and there were a bunch of people.  Some lanes had over 10 swimmers, up to 13 in one lane.  Fun.

300 swim
200 swim
200 IM drill
100 IM

1:10 pace
good luck


1-3 descend
4-6 ascend

100 warm down

2500-2800 yards

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weight Room

After swim workout and after  some errands, I went to the training room at the pool. Enough weight and assorted stuff to get into a session.  Yesterday DOMS set up 22 hours after the Wednesday workout.
Today I did twice as much including lunges with 4# medicine balls and squats with 25# plate. 
3/4 pull ups
2xbench 90/110  12/10


Started comp pool workout 5 minutes late.

600 mixer,


4x100 build

100 IM timed/block

4x200 free

100 warm down

2200 meters

Thursday, October 18, 2012

PMS Short Course Walnut Creek

I am back in the water this morning in Pasadena.  I went to the pool yesterday afternoon but that is not a good time to even attempt to swim so I began the weight training in earnest.  The DOMS is just setting up even as I did swim the normal workout this morning.


600 mixer

1-3 descend best stroke on 2:30- backstroke all near 1:50
4-6 ascend butterfly, 25/25


1-3 descend backstroke
4-6 ascend butterfly


100 free, sprint from block

200 warm down

See results for the PMS Short Course Meters meet here or at

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Team Meeting

Meets, meets and more meets, I think our coach likes swimming meets.  Why we have a base plan through the 2014 FINA World Masters Meet to be swam in Montreal. 
There was emphasis on our training phases, encouraging words regarding dryland training, and some words about the team getting more swimmers to the meets.  It is encouraging to learn of swimmers entering meets for the first time, and of older, more experienced athletes coming out to compete again.  Lets keep this trend moving forward.

Think Swim


600 swim

8x50 on 1:10

25scull/6-6 packs/25stroke/6 push outs/25scull/6-6 packs/25swim/out ready to dive
10 seconds rest

400 swim

1900 meters


200 warm up
4x25 sdk sprint 45 sec
4x50 wall work 90 sec
100 IM wall work
400 swim down

 2000 yards short course

Monday, October 8, 2012


Friday, what was the assignment?  The assignment was ..Meet Warm Up...
To my meager recollection, we did:

Warm Up
400  swim



dive starts

warm down


Santa Clarita SCM Meet

4x50 free relay
no time

50 Free
Good swim

50 Fly
Tanked it to have something for next event

100 IM
Easy fly
Relaxed back
all over the place breast
Good energy for free

50 Back
Too bouncy and splashy



Ez Swim
No workout
1000 Free
1000 back
900 Fly/Free mixed

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breaking Point

Am I not supposed to talk about it, the groin pain, both sides.  My elbows are sore and the shoulder is talking too.  And today the right backstroke pull was irritated in the lattisumus.  I am tired too.  Good workouts this week


Coaches Clinic

Dive starts

descend 1-4
ascend HR 5-8

100 free 90% target time
actual 85%

swim down

2nd workout
400 swim warm up
400 kick with fins

10x25 Breaststroke
10x25 Butterfly
  Strained right leg during breastrstroke
200 cool down



400 warm up

8x50 no free
descend 1-4back, 5-8fly

block start
2 minutes

4x200 free
negative split

100 warm down

2100 meters official

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Again I was off to a mediocre start to the morning swim.  I took a 2.5 hour nap yesterday, arising at around 5PM to only get into bed late and listening to the noisy upstairs neighbor until 2AM
this morning.  My elbows are bothersome as well as my left groin. 



600 mixer

2 times,

400swim down

2500 meters

Monday, October 1, 2012

Disruptive Chatter-Man

Stop talking during workout.  Just swim.  I got in trouble again for being disruptive.  Save the stories for later.  Swim. 

Sunday I was very tired.  Saturday I traveled to San Diego for a visit to Petco Park, also known as 'Att-South'.  Giants lost, though it was a fun and good experience. 


1500 meter swim
2x200 back
100 back
8x25sprint/swim  breast/free
100 swim down

2500 meters

9 swimmers

3 times
100kick w/fins

8x50 swim
heart rate work
keep under 120 for me.  avg90-110

next 2 were at 75%
sat out last 100

200 ez

4x50 stroke
#3 hr112
#4 hr125

2100 meters

###Good dps this workout.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I am really reading The Mental Athlete, by Kay Porter.  I will be using the daily log here to plan and discuss the thoughts, exercises, affirmations, negativity, and changes in my behavior.

Normalcy includes a full coached workout.  Thank you Chad and Trish. I discussed my left hand placement including the catch and Chad suggested  use the zipper drill in the water.  He also showed us a dryland movement/exercise to help improve the high elbow which is more difficult for me to keep without rotating my arm inward and entering the water thumb first. 

Place both hands on a flat surface.
Rotate arms outward, leading with the elbow.

I am experiencing soreness in my elbow, right now, when I am doing this exercise.

I also mentioned retraining my nervous system to coincide with the process.


800 swim

6x100 on 1:50
2x build
2x descend

4x50 stroke(back) on 1:30
  coaches input=good, a bit of head movement but otherwise, real good
100 back full speed 1:34 h/r140

300 warm down

2000 meters

Supplemental Sprint Workout


400 meter warm up
Sprint work including
 x25 free
  x25 fly
200 meter cool down

45 minutes

Thursday, September 27, 2012

? Workout Ends At 0706 ?

What. I am sure it is my fault.  We swam a typical warm up, that is a 2/2/2, 600 meters, then went right into

10x100 on 1:45

That was it.  0705 and we were told that we could go to the hot tub or do

400 warm down.
Instead, I swam
10x100 free/stroke
including butterfly.

I swim butterfly at the end of my workout.  I have had plenty of time to have warmed up. I concentrate better if I am not concerned with mechanical/physical issues.  

I am getting into a very special book that I received from published by Human KineticsThe Mental Athlete, by Kay Porter, looks to be a positive, affirming, reenforcing, publication based on science, research including interviews with influential positive athletes throughout the sports world.

I see some strong parallels in my recent behavior that mirror several of the ideas and basic lessons being used to access the inner athlete in me. 

1.  I am participating in a structured and focused group.
     I joined a workout group with dedicated teammates, and a dedicated coaching staff.
     I have never been in this situation since high school. 
     Not true, what about Spring, 2009?  I did consider DeaAnn my coach and I made most of the run
      of workouts for about a month, doesn't look like this bit of training can be considered for the time.

2. This is my team.  I will equate the process of encouraging, being encouraged, and enjoying working hard towards a common goal.  That goal may be equated to exact times, distances, personal improvement, and elite competition placement.  Our goals may be individual but the process and effort is as a team. 

3.  I wrote some goals and objectives for the SCM season, 2012 before I ever got the book.  The book says to write stuff, like a journal.  Like I do for workout, do for mental training.  Okay.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crash and Bleed Week

That is how we are supposed to finish at the wall, BAM!  Swimming is an inherently dangerous sport/activity.  Please be careful and watch out for the other guy.  Last week started with a bang. 

September 17, Monday
I finished a repetition at the wall with a hard touch and I nicked my finger on a piece of steel.  Apparently, this piece of steel is welded over a drain vent near the surface of the gutter, and I touched the wall/edge/corner of this piece hard and sliced my fingertip.  That was the end of swimming for the day and I stayed out of the water on Tuesday and Wednesday too.  I did ride the bike on
Tuesday and Wednesday I ran barefoot about a mile on the sand .  I found a package of finger condoms(cots) and I was back in the water Thursday morning. 

September 20, Thursday
Completed workout

September 21, Friday
North Bay Aquatics
Complete workout with Ken DeMont
College of Marin pool is really a lousy pool.  Narrow lanes, shallow with lots of turbulence, especially at the walls.

September 22, Saturday
Swim before the meet.

September 23 Sunday
Alan Liu Memorial SCM
Mountain View Masters

200 free 2:34.31
50 free   30.30
100 free 1:07.91

September 24, Monday
No Swim Day

September 25, Tuesday

Rose Bowl Aquatic Center Long Course, HOME pool!

1500 meter swim <25 minutes="minutes" p="p">5x200 stroke work including butterfly but no breaststroke
100 warm down

2600 meters

September 26, Wednesday
Back with the workout pod, thank you.
4x200s/p/k/stroke, 16 minutes

3x(descend, hold ascend)
4x50 kick on 1:10 no fins
100 kick for time, no fins

4x200 warm down on 3:30

2300 assigned, completed yards

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hermosa Beach Board Shorts 1 Mile Swim

The swim was very low keyed.  John Coughlin, the amputee from last years Maui Channel Swim was there as were about 40-50 other swimmers.  We all wore matching board shorts, Navy Blue, to make a statement.  It did not present any problems swimming in them and the conditions were very good.  The water was very pleasant, say 69-71 and the surf zone was not too rough.  There was no negotiable current, but the bouys were small and not easy to spot.  I should see if there are any results, nor did I did not ask for my time or place overall.

It became unbearably hot when I arrived home at noon.  I relaxed for an hour before heading to the bike festival at the LA Historical Park.  I got a bit of heat exhaustion.  The folks in charge of the volunteers saw that I was a bit woozy, as they thought I may have had too much to drink.  Alas, I was very hot, and no doubt looked poorly.  They told me that they did not need my help and maybe I should seek first aid and cold compresses.  I went straight home, although I had to ride my bike back to my car. 

I actually was fairly full of fluid when I rested for almost 3 hours under the a/c.  Heat sickness was my self diagnosis.

Sunday I am not swimming.  A physical day away from the water.

Back to swim training tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2012

That Was Some Workout

Oh yes, that was a good one.  No time for chit chat and we got it done.  Good job by all.


600 mixer(10 minutes)

8 times
45 second vertical kick
50 swim 1 minute

10x100 free on 1:40
hold pace, which was 1:30+-

400 free hold above pace

Warm down
6x50 on 1 minute

Hermosa Beach Pier Swim tomorrow.  Benefit for Challenged Athletes Foundation, and injured open water swimmer John Couglin.  Board Shorts 1 Mile Open Water Swim.  Tour de Fat festival at LA Historical Park too.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feel Good or Not

Yes, no, I don't know.  Just swim.  I found another Open Water Swim for the weekend.  This one is special as it benefits The Challenged Athletes Foundation, specifically John Coughlin, the swimmer injured during last seasons Maui Channel Swim.  It is the Board Shorts 1 Mile Open Water Swim. We will be swimming at Hermosa Beach.  We are all being issued board shorts that we will be required to wear while swimming.

As I try to straighten out my left hand entry to the catch of freestyle, I think the whole arm needs to be retrained.  I could feel fatigue and muscle soreness as I need to set the muscles at a slightly different angle at the catch.  This is causing my elbow to drop a bit.  Going to look up which way internal rotation is for my arms...nope, it appears that I am just lazy and I need to think more.


400 swim warm up
6x50 bsnf on 1:15
3x100 free on 1:25, last one on 1:35
200 ez
3x100 bsnf on 1:50, BACKSTROKE

50 imo/200free
last one 50free/200im

3000 meters
it only adds up to 2800 though

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I still swam.  My arrival at the pool was late, even after 0630, and I told the coach that I was not swimming workout today as I am a bit physically exhausted and a bit under the influence of a virus(sic).  There were several people that were stung by bees this morning.  WTF are those bee traps doing strapped around the light poles?  The attractant in the traps are doing just that, attracting bees to the pool deck where they are drinking.

I swam ez all morning, the first laps did not feel good.  I then worked on many of the flaws in all my strokes. 
My butterfly seems to need the most retooling.  Golf swing.
Pull scapula towards spine.
Keep elbows straight through complete recovery. 
   By bringing scapulas together, the rotator cuff is less impinged during recovery with arms straight    overhead.  Visualize and practice on deck. 
Initiate catch forward of shoulders, at neck

Worked on depth control of  breaststroke streamline
Worked on streamline with biceps squeezing ears

Freestyle left hand entry
Do I have a IR(internal rotation) problem causing the improper hand entry prior to the catch

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SICK DAY (is not a reason to miss swimming), La Jolla RWS

Perhaps a mini virus.  I think I may be a bit run down, kind of tired, I have been doing a bunch of ocean swimming the past month.  It is much harder to swim in the ocean than in a swimming pool.  I competed in 3 ocean swims the past 3 weekends.  Good.  No ill effects on my post back issue(s).  I was a mess before my surgery.
Saturday I did not swim, at all.
Sunday I swam to an age group 4th place(93rd overall Men Masters) finish at the 82nd Annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim.
I really do not like big group starts, but what can I do.  I am trying to get out as quick as possible.  I took a fairly accurate course, with the current, staying on a good line to the first white bouy.  I redirected a bit to the balloons, which were beginning to float away and rounded.  I swam off direction for about 25 meters before noticing that I should be heading back to the cove, rounding another bouy before taking the last leg into the finish.  It was a fairly accurate swim.  Swells were 1-2 feet, not too much, maybe 2-3 feet.  The start was on a little strip of sand with rocks hidden so stepping with care was necessary at the start.  The finish chute was probably cleared prior to the competition.

Please see for complete official coverage and results.

We reviewed the videos with Coach Chad.  I suck.
Too many problems with all strokes and starts.
  Head movement
  Left thumb enters at catch,
   hand needs to enter fingers first
  Right foot flutters, probably nerve problem,
  Glaring misplaced catch on video.  do I do this all the time?
    Pull is not started until hands are under torso,
    Come on, I must start the catch  at the shoulders
    Pull scapulas(blades) towards spine
    Keep elbows straight
    Drag thumbs on surface
    Less undulation
    Lifting head way too high on video; when I swim, I do try to keep my chin on the surface
    Asymetrical arm movement,  due to old shoulders
   Good hand placement at catch phase, 10 and 2 position
   some head movement, due to inattention
   Wall start, went directly too deep, with all associated issues
   Weak narrow kick, we know why now, groin strain, perhaps a strained obturator nerve sheath??
Front Start
   Lower Head
   Raise Hips

Back Start
   Use new head position; keep neck in neutral position at start

Swim 2K



Late for warm up

20 minute swim for time??
1250, maybe

8x50 kick
4x50 kick ez

400  warm down

Friday, September 7, 2012


Perhaps if I try hard I could remember yesterdays workout, alas I will not press the issue.  Too tired.  I was also impressed by the article I found in LA Observed this morning.  It presents a baby great white shark that was hooked from the pier at Manhattan Beach on Tuesday.  Uh, I swam the bouys at Lifeguard Training HQ yesterday.  I also watched the small pod of dolphins swimming inside the bouys.



400 swim
100 kick
100 swim
300 kick
100 sprint(squint) 1:24
400 IM

8x50 kick on 1:20
1-4 5 seconds faster
5-8 5 seconds slower

200 warm down

2400 meters

There was not much effort today as I am exhausted from swimming.

Monday, Labor Day Oceanside 1 mile Pier Swim.  This was a very challenging swim, especially getting out into the open water, past the break and strong cross current.
Tuesday, workout and 1500 kicking in early afternoon
Wednesday, workout and 1500 kicking in early afternoon
Thursday, darn it, I forgot what we did and 1 lap at Tower 26, MB
Friday, workout, nap after

Saturday I will be traveling to San Diego hoping to get an entry into my first La Jolla Rough Water Swim.  Unfortunately I only learned of the swim after entries had been closed.  There is a possibility that I may deck enter, but only tomorrow/Saturday, from 0900-1200, and only if the event has not reached the limit of swimmers allowed.  I think that is 650, and I already have a room. 

Perish the thought, what if I do not get entered and swim unofficially?  I have never done that. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wednesday workouts are short course formatted.  We were videotaped today, I think we will be looking at ourselves swimming soon.  I swam kind of good and kind of sloppy.  Backstroke was best. My free was pretty clean too, we were only doing 10 second clips, I think, but all strokes and starts too.  So it was pretty simple today, with the videotaping taking about 20 minutes. 


5x200 warm up, choice, 20 minutes

video session
4x25 imo on 1:30 10 seconds apart

1 front start
1 backstroke start

5x200 warm down, choice

2300 yards

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This swim has the distinction of being one year older than the La Jolla Rough Water Swim, as Labor Day was the 83rd annual Oceanside Pier Swim.  See here for results.  It was very challenging getting out.  We were fortunate to be in the last wave of swimmers and the starter let us start much further south on the beach.  There was a very strong north current, much more so than any current at the bodysurfing event 2 weeks prior.  Many swimmers were either unaware of the strong conditions or were just overpowered by them. 
It was a battle to get out.  I did turn around, but by then I was 3/4 of the way through the break, and hey, don't do that.  Got back turned around to the first bouy, and by the time I first sighted, I was on my way.  I was not taken by the current, and I did get out of the surf. 
It was colder as the disturbance off the Baja Peninsula created some pretty swells.  There was a bit of warmer water further from shore.  I estimate it took me almost20 minutes to get out and to the first bouy, 5 minutes to the second bouy, and another 5 minutes to swim ashore.  Official time of 29:30.8.
There were some hypothermic swimmers. but it did not appear there were any swimmers in severe distress.

First Up

Trying to get into the water at or before 0615.  I made it into the pool at 0615 this morning, yeah.  We did a kick workout and there was some minor discussion after workout that we should do more kicking.  Another swimmer mentioned something about getting to the pool earlier to do some kicking.  I got my new Aqua Sphere Zip Fins.  They are not designed for fastness, but they are a good training fin. 


1000 warm up

4x25 kick on 45 sec
4x50 kick on 60 sec(?)
200 ez
4x100 kick with fins on 2 minutes
4x100 swim with(out) fins on 1:30
   I did all intervals without fins except 1:40 between 2/3
200 warm down

2700 meters

Friday, August 31, 2012


Woah there coach who emails our workouts to the deck coach.  Our deck coach has been Ka this week as Ch has been coaching at the USMS Super High Intensity Training (SHIT) Camp in Greensboro NC.  Really those intervals are not possible for this old boy, but I am sure there must have  been a misprint regarding the 4x100free on 1:20, and it was reasoned that we would go on 1:45s.


100 breast

Main Set
400 IM 8 min
200 free 3 minutes
200 IM  4 minutes
4x100 free 1:45
3x100 IM 2 minutes

exhausted!   I forgot to warm down, instead I talked with Maurine K.

2600 meters good job class.

I think that I shall begin documenting the lane mates
We shall be identified by first initial only until further notice,,,
Ji Sc To Pa Gl Mg Am Mo =9

The end of a good week of hard swimming.  I started on Saturday with a good 1 mile ocean swim, and continued on Sunday with a hard 2k non-stop at the RBAC.  I diligently recorded the weeks workouts on time this week. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I tried to get in the pool early but only succeeded to start at

Warm up
400 swim
200 kick
200 drill/1 arm fly

Main Set

Block Start
Butterfly at #10-20, not all

400 warm down

2200 meters

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Short Course Wednesday


Warm up.
200 free
200 IM
200 choice
200 kick

descend by 5 seconds 1-4 twice

on 1:30
100 free

100afap 1:13

200 warm down

2700 yards

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coached Workout

Nice of Kandis to tell us we were only doing the first hour of the earlier workout, thanks.  Just kidding it was a maximum workout, and those early swimmers are the drones, plodding their way through the prescribed meters.  We, the elite/competition group(ha), are only allotted 1 hour, and that is perfect.   Sooo.,


800 mixer

4x100 free on 1:40
hold pace 1:22-1:28

800 free
same pace

4x100 free on 1:40
repeat above
held 1:28

200 warm down

2600 meters

Monday, August 27, 2012

Goals and Objectives for the SCM Season

Just kidding, I have neither goals nor objectives other than swimming fast in all events that I enter.  Relatively speaking, of course.  I am looking ahead to the SCM meet in Walnut Creek in October and the SPMS SCM meet at Long Beach in December.  I may enter one or two day meets, it depends on weather.  Santa Clarita is the weekend before Walnut Creek, and there aree meets at UCLA and Pierce College too.  Does Irvine host a SCM meet too?

I finished the Corona del Mar 1 mile swim in 22.09 for a third place finish and a gift card to In+Out.  The water was warm, the swimmers were polite, the course was gentle and well monitored and 265 swimmers finished.  It was a good reintroduction to the open water.

Sunday I swam 2K straight at RBAC.

Monday it is back to training.

600 mixer

10x200 on 4 minutes
200 descending

6x50 warm down on 1 minute

 2900 meters

Friday, August 24, 2012


The idea of swimming in the ocean is intimidating at times.  Many cultures learn to accept the ocean and the aquatic environment but the majority of humans never set foot in it, and certainly have not intention, reason or desire to swim in it.  It is a challenging experience. 

Saturday and Sunday last week I attempted to bodysurf the great break at Oceanside during the preliminary round of the World Bodysurfing Championships.  I did not make it to the second round, but it was a great learning experience and I made some new friends.  Mark Cunningham, the champion, was in my heat.  He is awesome!  I watched the final championship round and there were others that were as awesome.  I am a bit behind the curve, but I will get it. 

Monday I went to RoseBowl workout. 

Tuesday I swam 1000 meters at RoiseBowl, then went to Manhattan Beach and swam a lap.

Wednesday was at RoseBowl and I lost my fins!  It sucks.

I was sick on Thursday. I went to Manhattan Beach and rode 10 miles on the bikeway but I could not swim and I cancelled the rest of the day.

Today is Friday, August 24.
RoseBowl workout
600 swim
Butterfly training consisting of instruction about contracting/lifting shoulders/scapula, ie pinching the shoulder blades together, and a straight elbow recovery.  Straight elbow recovery assists in forward motion during recovery phase.   Thumbs drag on surface as does the chin when breathing.
We even got to use the therapy pool for beginner drills.!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Yes indeed the swimming season has taken a few weeks off.  I see a tweet from Anthony Ervin to SprintSalo asking for a workout with a reply that there are no real workouts yet and I think that after the Olympics and all the Championship meets, we all need a rest/break.  I have b4en enjoying the beach, Manhattan Beach, several times this week, twice.  I swam a lap twice both days.  Lifeguard says it is an 800.  Nah, but it is the ocean.  I was very tired in the afternoon.  My body was exhausted.
Today I am going to Oceanside for the World Bodysurfing Championships this weekend.  I am in yellow in heat 5 first thing in the AM Saturday.  Should be fun.  There are 2 rounds Saturday and semifinals and a final on Sunday.
I entered my first ocean open water swim in quite some time.
Corona Del Mar/Don Burns 1 Mile Ocean Swim
Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPMS Long Course Revisited

Whew, it was a warm one.  It is after all the middle of summer and it is Southern California.  It was nice and hot.  We were blessed with a bit of coolness in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday.  I did not swim any events on Friday, but I did do a prescribed pre meet workout.
See results either at the SPMS website or on

I had some very poor starts in many events.  I asked if I was dq'ed for my wobbly start leading off our 200+ 4x50 mixed free relay.  I think every other relay start was poor to fair, honestly.  It translated down to my individual events, which for the most part were lacking any vigorous reaction to the start signal.  As I recall, all my entries into the water were a bit deep, but with very good power off the block and a good streamline and efficient break out strokes.

All my swims were good, none great.  Very happy with both 100 meter butterfly swims on Sunday.  Also very pleased with 200 free and 50 fly.  I just missed goal of under 3 minutes for the 200 IM.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rest and Staying Cool

Also, North vs South, no tapering and other 60 year old news.  North California, ie Pacific Masters Swimming has a meet this weekend.  It is the same meet we have in SoCal, but twice as big.  Even larger when you look at my age group.  Ok, so much for that, I swim here in SoCal and am looking ahead to this weekend.  5 relays have been added to my swims, including 100 meter fly in the 4x100 medley.  I looked at SPMA psyche sheet today posted on

700 warm up
some taper stuff
taper set #2, according to coach C.
included were 3x25 sdk for time, jeah
4x50 at 1:30 all fly
2x50 for time/pace free/fly
warm down



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No Title

I actually got in t he rec pool this morning, even though I called the water swimming fluid yesterday.  Hmmm, but I was only there for several minutes.


600 swim warm up
8x50 IM order
  EZ, fast on 90 secibds
4x100 IM
  Fast/ez, ez, fast on 2 minutes
12 breakout 12.5
200 ez
outta here

Monday, August 6, 2012

Close Eye on Swimming

Australia did so poorly at the swimming venue in London that there is a serious inquiry into what is going with SwimAustralia.  So well.
Getting ready for a swim meet myself this weekend.

Monday morning workout.
800 meter swim

6x100 on 2 minutes
3x hard
1x ez
1xfor time
1x ez

3x100, broken at 50
1x100 free 1:16
1x100 fly 1:24
1x100 back 1:40
50 meter recovery in between

200 swim

50 free timed 32.43 in water start

That is all folks...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Morning Bail Out

I did swim today.  Not with the 0600 Saturday morning group, no sir.  I went in later and loafed my way through 3k.  No not really.  Here is the run down for this morning.

for Sure:
400 free
to 400 back
to 200 free
400 kick with fins
600 more kicking dolphin with fins
5x200 free, build ez

Friday morning
some warm up
Start drills from start block
3x150 free
2x50 free for time, 34, 33
2x100 free for time 1:16, 1:12.43
4x200 on 3:30

Thursday No Swim Day

warm up
Tower of Power
2x kick with board
6x25 kick on 40
3x100 IM for time
4x200 free warm down

I think.

time to get ready for the SPMA Long Course meet.

400 free
50 fly
50 free
200 free

200 IM
100 Fly
50 Breast

Relays both days...


Extra session in the afternoon.  I need to do some fly work.  I did some fly work.  I am also working on new breathing patterns.

400 swim
100 ez fly
7x50/50 free fly
some warm down
apprximately 1500 meters

Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Workout on Paper...

Finally made it into the pool before 0620, like 0619 this morning.  Learned that the pool opened late this morning too.  so I swam about 200 yards before workout.  Good lane count this morning.  2 ladies and 5 men too.

600 swim

Main Set
30x50 meter swims on 60 seconds
  broke it down thus;
  10x50 free
  10x50 back
  10x50 odds fly, even free
100 ez

200 swim
100 kick

2500 meters, done

Oh dear, I did enter the SPMA Long Course Regional Champs in Mission Viejo next month.  I am looking forward to the Sunday swims.  I entered 200 IM 100 butterfly and 50 breaststroke, and the latter are back to back.  Saturday I entered 400 free, 50 free, 50 fly and 200 free.  Should be tough to place in top 3 in any of these events.  Glenn Gruber and Robert Rosen are probably swimming the freestyle events as well.  Good competition.  FUN.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey Butterfly Swimmer

Swim butterfly.  Swim more butterfly.  I need to swim more butterfly for the next several days.

It was nice to have another day away from the pool.  I took Saturday away, although I did go to the pool.  I spoke with Chad, the coach.  We talked about the upcoming meet, relays and the weather. 

There was a nice group of swimmers this morning.  Working back, I got out at 1000, so I must have started swimming around 0845.

Swim 2500 meters
5x100 back, spongy body, new backstroke
  we need more discussion on this theory of backstroke, I like it
  I think I see some swimmers using the newer relaxed body position.  The neck is relaxed, and the eyes are looking at my feet.  I try to shape my body into a curved, nearly sitting position.  I am looking for a laminar flowing of the water over my shoulders and torso.  I will be scrutinizing the backstrokers and IMers, especially any that swim for Coach McKeever.  Will she need to work with Rachael Bootsma?

I finished swimming in the rec pool.  Diving coach alert this morning...
10x50 butterfly
8 slow
2 faster

Remember what Dana Vollmer just said.  It was something like 'I love to swim butterfly.  The 100 fly is my favorite race'.

Darn spoiler alert earlier today said 100 butterfly world record.  I'll watch it tonight anyway.  I am sure it was Dana, wasn't it?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Timely Post

I got into the rec pool for abourt 200 yards before I transferred to the team workout.
How much did we swim for warm up this morning?  I don't know, how about 600 meters.
Then we went into some sdk with fins
6x50 sdk with fins
6x50 with fins no breaststroke
400 free
200 back
100 fly
work the walls on every turn
4x200 on 3:45 warm down
2700 meters

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still Swimming

I went to Lake Tahoe for the fourth installment of Shedstock over the past weekend.  As I understand htere are events on Friday night too.  I think that we need to get together with Charles to use his smoker and do it right.  I need to check with the Holly's Place too.

It looks like I need to log a full week of swims.
Thursday, July 19

Friday was the meet warm up workout.  There was a meet in San Diego on Saturday.

Folsom Aquatic Center
2200 swim
slight headache/gas from eating breakfast at Andersens Pea Soup at 0700

No Swim Day, NSD
an official day off from swimming, also known as a rest day

South Lake Tahoe Rec Center
500 swim
400 kick
5x200 back
2x400 reverse IM
200 swim

Petaluma Swim Center
2500 swim

Santa Rosa
Finley Aquatic Center
Unknown amount of swimming

700 swim
4x100 build on 1:45
8x50 on 60
100 ez
2x100 afap on 4 minutes
2x50 afap on ?
600 swim
2500 meters

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Workouts to Log

Both today and yesterday we had good, hard workouts.  We focused on the IM stroke yesterday and today was power/strength day.  We used the power tower/miracle rack/swimming contraption pos that is all we have and I am glad to be able to use it.  As read previously, some consider it a privledge to be able to use the rack/tower.  First, it is a contraption and it needs to be properly set up and positioned.  The swimmer needs to be strong enough to be able to get benefit from using the apparatus. 

800 warm up

4xIM order

4 minutes
1, 3 IM
2, 4 free

2400 meters

Short Course

Warm up
500 yards?

8x25 kick
no fins
30 seconds

400 free
200 free, push outs and six packs
100 free, 25 tower

200 swim down/talk

Monday, July 16, 2012

OMAHA Revisited

Good to be home and it was a good time.  Everything was good, except the location of my motel.  I assumed the shuttle service would be similar to the system in Greensboro, alas It was not.  It did not present any problem although it was not optimal.  Very friendly staff at La Quinta Inn in Council Bluffs.

See results here.

 Century Link Center.

Workout Monday

200 meters in comp pool.
Tape toe.
400 warm up
4x100 kick, no fins
4x100 descend

4 times
2x50 on 45 seconds
50 kick on 1:30

warm down set
4x150 IM on 2:30
fly,back, breast
back, breast, free
breast, free, fly
free, fly, back

200 swim

2x100 back

3000 meters total

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Nice image of some great swimmers that I am proud to know.  I have many fond experiences of swimming on relays with all, except John Morales. John and I may have at one time, but he was always a bit with the younger swimmers.  I swam with Warren and Dave(and Joe Dunn) at Worlds in 2006.  I swam with Don at Nationals in 2009 and we were on the All American 400 yard free relay with Tim Birnie and Martin Rubinger that same year.  I swam with Dan and Bob at both SC(with Lee) and LC(Walt) Nationals in 2012.  Let's go some more again.

Relays were great at Nationals.  3rd in 200 Medley and 4th in 200 free, men 240+.  I know Sarasota beat us in the medley, Keefe Lodwig(68) swam fly and had a lead, like 5-7 yards?  Go to the Meet Mobile app and see the complete results at the USMS website.

The latest USMS newsletter says we got 7th place as a local team.  I wonder why Nebraska  and even MOVY(Missouri Valley) are included in the local team category?  It was originally announced that we dd indeed place 5th in the local team category at the meet.  I shall squawk shortly.

Highlights of the meet were
1.  Cheryl Simmons, awesome 1st place 100 meter breaststroke,
     Ditto for her 2nd and 3rd place swims in 50 and 200 breaststroke swims
2.  I won awards in every event, including the awesome men 240+ relays and an excellent mixed        240+ free relay with Cheryl, Lisa, and Dan Stephenson.
3.  Excellent time and money well spent.  It was a social and athletic event that we, as a team, excelled at doing.  We got along as teammates swimmingly and many did some bonding as well.  It did seem that every one swam well, there were no illnesses, injuries, or other incidents among our group. 

I am back in the training mode as our regional long course meet is next month at Mission Viejo.
The meet should be very competitive.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

1 Hour Swim

Just swim.


I did not enter and am not planning to attend the Long Course meet in Santa Barbara today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coached Taper Workout

Perfect.  Right on the nose.  There were many swimmers this morning.  5 of us are going to Omaha.  Got an email from Coach Chad with some news.  Workout tomorrow and Wednesday.  In Omaha, at the trials pool.  One word.  Awesome!  Meet in our assigned seating area  too!  Section 104, I am pretty sure.  Dinner with the team after workout too.  Again, awesome.


400 swim, maybe 500
4x50 kick on 1:15
4x50 swim on 1 minute
100 ez
4x100 descend on 2 minutes
1:25, 1:20, 1:20, 1:22
4x50 afap, block start on 2 minutes
  fly, free, free, fly
200 ez

1700 total meters

Saturday, June 30, 2012


That is what happened at 2:30 yesterday afternoon.  I was enjoying my off day from the pool as I am training for the National Masters swim meet this coming week.  Yesterday I went to see Ted, the movie, in Hollywood.  I took my bike on Metro, and after the movie, I started to ride a bit.  Then I went the wrong way.  I started to follow a fire engine to a call and I deviated from being careful while riding and being so close to a major swim meet.  Traffic was starting to move again as I approached Sunset Blvd.  I was riding southbound between parked cars and the right lane.  I then decided to pull around the waiting traffic in the right lane and I hit a pothole.  Estimated speed of 5-8 mph.  I had gloves and helmet on.  I landed between the lanes, using my gloved hands to break my fall.  I hit my chin directly on the titanium insert.  The impact was probably dissipated on the plate.  I belly landed, and my lower body landed on the bike, except my left knee has road rash.  I really scuffed my shirt and have a bit of road rash on my belly.  My left wrist/forearm seems a bit more traumatized this morning. 

I ordered my RoadID yesterday after the mishap.  I got the slim model with 2 extra wristbands.

I felt it this morning.  A bit banged up.  Also felt muddy in the water.  Groggy.  Medication(s). 
500 swim
200 1 arm
100 back
225 fly
5x50 breathing patterns
10x25 hard ez
200 warm down

2000  short course yards, or less

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leave Me Alone, I'M TAPERING

I want that tee-shirt.  Check it out here.  I also reviewed both of the articles labeled taper at

600 swim
500 kick with fins
200 1 arm drills
4x100 free
 rest 60 seconds
1:22 ez
225 fly
ez pace, triple kick, touch turns
10x25 fly
last 4 with swimback all at 15
2300 yards short course

ez short weight room session
2x5 kip pull ups

Tomorrow is a rest day

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sharpen and Go

Therapy worked.  I iced, rested, and anti-inflamed the left shoulder yesterday.  I also did some thinking, or what I would call self counselling.  I swam pain free.  The shoulder irritation has dissipated.  I am also on my own for the next week.  I think that I need to go at it alone.  I need some personal time.  I think that I need to taper, or sharpen by myself.  I tried to go all the way with the coached taper, but I need to do it alone.  There are several reasons.  I cannot get properly focused in the group environment.  I also have a psychological issue about hurting myself in the group environment.  Any number of factors may be involved. 


good warm up
some butterfly,
breathing pattern practice, 2up, 2down
touch turn practice
25 free with swimback, down to 13
2x100 free last one 1:10
warm down

50 minutes

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shoulder Psychological Exam

Needed. One shoulder psychologist.  Or a shoulder psychotherapist.  We need to provide a shoulder intervention.  Left shoulder.  Problematic.  Beginning after 50 breaststroke at Greensboro.  Backed away from all breaststroke movement since then.  Shoulder weakness demonstrated significantly this morning during 1 arm fly swimming.  Right shoulder works very well.  It is strong and asymptomatic.  Left shoulder/arm movement is demonstrated to be weakened by a significant factor.  Ill.  I caused left a/c impingement this morning.

Analysis of today concludes I swam too fast too early in the morning.  I did some fast swimming after about 200 yards, sprinting with the polo team.  I think I tweaked.  Upon entering workout, I mentioned to swim coach that I needed to be careful to not cause injury or accidentally hurt myself.  I shut down after our warm up. And I got whacked with a swim-chuk.
400 swim

8x50 interval unknown, fast, ez
200ez I got out of the pool after 100, explaining to teammates it was better to get out and seek treatment than push myself.

Total includes 500 credit for early warm up.
1800 meters


Got email(s) from head coach in Omaha.  Swimming 3 relays, including 200+ mixed free with Cheryl, Lisa and Dan.  Awesome.

The other email describes our workouts until USMS Summer Nationals next week in Omaha.
Coach Chad has asked all Nationals swimmers to follow our 0630 workout schedule.  It looks good.  One day is missing.  I shall ask either Patrick or Cheryl tomorrow.

I rode about 10 miles easy to get a sandwich at Langer's.  The Police Chief, Charlie Beck, was there.  He was probably getting a sandwich too.  He does a really good job, as LAPD Chiefs go.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tapering Again?

Yesterday, which was Sunday, June 24, I did NOT swim.  It was the first day in about 3 weeks that I did not enter a pool.  I swam on Saturday on my own in the rec pool.
I warmed up for about a half hour.
I swam 10x100 free without a clock, easy.  Last 2 were 1:18 and 1:15 still easy.
10x25free on 30 seconds, easy mostly 17, down to 16.
Today Monday June 25


600 warm up
1. 200 fly, building from one arm switch to full stroke
2. 200 fly broken at 100 and 150   3:37
3. 200 free broken at 100 and 150   2:47

warm down
3x200 free descend on 3:30
3x200 free ascend on 3:30

2400 meters

Countdown to USMS National Championships, 10 days

I will be able to swim at the championship venue July 3rd from 4-7PM and July 4 from 3-7PM.

I am trying to locate the awesome fireworks display in Omaha.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mental Day

I just know that the workout/swimming did not go real well this morning.  Mediocre yardage less than enthusiastic participation on my part.  We did some turn/wall work, I did not do very good.  Poor examples all.  We did some kicking with and without fins.  We did some swimming too. 
200afap 2:50

Taking the rest of the day off. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Start Thinking Taper

It is a nice feeling to be in good shape.  I had a discussion with my left shoulder and we are good.  After workout this morning, I took it through a typical weight room session including 3x5 pull ups with no problem.  I am so happy with it that I think I will swim some butterfly tomorrow. 
We are on schedule.
Extra kicking began Monday and shall continue until June 28, well into the beginning of supervised taper.  Kick sets will be 15-30 minutes in duration.

June 20

200pull(1 arm fly)

4x100 free 80% 1:45
4x25sdk on 60sec
100free 1:05
150free to lactate threshold 1:50/145hr
600warm down 25scull/25swim

Swam workouts Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  Additional kick sets started Monday.

36 baskets of disc golf on Saturday.
400 swim down

Bike to RBAC
800 swim

Ballgame at Angel Stadium on Monday.  Giants 5-3 winners.  Jeah!  There were many gamer babes from Giantsland.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last 2 A Day


400 swim
200 drill

4x50 kick o 1:10
4x100 fly on 2 minutes
4x100 free on 1:45
4x100 IM on 2 minutes

12x50 free on 1:10
1-4 descend
5-8 descend
9-12 ascend

2400 meters


600 mixer warm up

2x50 kick on 1:15
100IM on 2:15

there was a bunch more on the board, but after that set I was done...

1800 meters

4400 meters for the day, just fine

Monday, June 11, 2012

FINA World Masters Championships

Rose Bowl Aquatics Masters swimmer and teammate Dan Stevenson is the 2012 World Champion in the 100 Meter Freestyle.  Congratulations Dan.  I will see you in Omaha.  Hey, is Robert Strand there too?  I'll see him in Omaha too.  Swim fast, stay healthy.  Same goes for me.  And Walter too.  But wait, I need to log the workouts from the past several days.

 I was pretty much pooped.  I just did a basic lap swim, although I did some serious dolphin kicking with my fins.  I was in the pool for an hour.

Pasadena Senior Games Swim Meet
20 minute warm up(1000)

400 free  5:50
warm down(200)

100 free 1:11.5
warm down(200)

200 free 2:45.8
500 warm down

2600 meters


Warm up was late, then I got to workout at 0645
4x50 10 kick switch 1:10
4x50 breast(fly)drill, I did over/under recovery with butterfly kick

100 back 1:31
2x50 back 1 minute rest 41, 43

300 warm down
that is only 900 meter without warm up, they must have done a long warm up(800)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Well On The Way To Omaha

 I received an email from Dr.  G. John Mullen as I was sent a defective dvd and we need to get that issue fixed.  I have been reading the new chapters in the Swim Coaches Bible,Volume 2 since I received it yesterday.  The chapter from Coach McKeever on backstroke is very interesting, as she is describing a new backstroke philosophy/technique.  She is the 2012 USA Olympic Head Coach!  I will listen to her.  I hope what little I learned will help my backstroke.  Are there any other writings, chapters, articles, etc, that she has authored?  Good positive re enforcement  in the chapter titled 'Mastering Swimming".  Is there also a book by the great Olympian, Jim Montgomery, by the same title/  Let me check.  Whoops, can't do that because I am in a motel...!!!  My apartment flooded last week, from the sink in the kitchen at night, I woke to a flooded dining room and kitchen.  Yech, what a mess.  New carpet, underlayment, new kitchen cabinets and counter at sink, probably a new sink.  I am out of a stove for 3 weeks.  I am out of the apartment for at least another week.  This does suck.  I think the grease blockage came from upstairs.  They are large people. Grease eaters.  Eew.  I am really good with my waste, right.  Duh.  I let it solidify, and then throw it in the garbage.  Before that, I would have a grease can, where all bacon grease and frying oil would stay until thrown into the rubbish.

Training is going well.
I ran out of swim towards the end of the yesterdays noon practice.  Tired, and my knee told me to stop.  Point pain on the top of the patella.  Weird.  To balance, point pain on the right clavicle.  Looking ahead to tomorrow, Thursday.  It will be a double dipper, two a day day.

Short course


4 times through
4x25 kick, IM order on 35sec(with fins)
50 fly, back, breast(fly), free

4x50 fly
4 minutes rest in between

200 warm down

Notes:  I swam old fly 3 times, then I remembered what coach said.  4th time was easier and just as quick as first 3.

I just came across a note on complete recovery sprinting in the SCB Vol 2, chpater 16, The Art of Training Sprinters, by Dave Marsh and Bill Pilczuk.  Cool. 

Full weight training session beginning at 9:30 for 1 hour.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surprise Saturday Backstroke Clinic

Very nice workout this morning, although when Coach Chad said there would be a surprise at workout this morning, I thought maybe a guest star swimmer, or maybe some treats left over from the previous night's bash at the pool.. but no, it was a backstroke clinic, complete with drills, instruction, methodology, theory and fun.
Long Course
600 warm up swim
8x50, back/free on 1:05
200 ez

6x backstroke drills
100 meters each

zombie, kick with rotation, hands on chest or abdomen
10 kick switch backstroke
1 arm backstroke, switch at 25 meters
1,2,3 backstroke drill, 1 stroke with first arm, 2 strokes with second arm, 3 strokes with first arm,
double arm, alternating kick
oh oh, forgot one here, is it the cup balancing on forehead?  We did it!  I went 50 meters!

200 free
150 free/50 back
50free/150 back
200 back

300 warm down

3100 meters

Friday, June 1, 2012

May 30
Short Course swimming Wednesday
We swam sprints with parachutes

Thursday May 31
Double Day
700 warm up
4x50 Kick no fins on fast interval
4 at 1;30 pace on 1:50
2 at 1:25 pace
2 at 1:20 pace
warm down
2200 total verified

Noon Swim
lots of long butterfly, 200 style
I think the set was:
2 times through, different stroke for each distance only fly, back and free, pace times were given but...
warm down includes 100 fly at 200 pace
probably 2000 meters

600 warm up
10x50 drill down, swim back
on 1:45, what did we do,,,
4x100 build
200 warm down
1600 meters

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Went For A Swim This Morning

Then a workout broke out.  Thank you Scott and Tom for joining the morning 0630  competition/late morning workout.  No toys, drills, or instruction this morning.  Just swimming.


100, or 700 meter warm up.

15x100 free
10 seconds rest
5x mindful
5x build
5x hard


8x50 IM order
15 seconds rest

200 warm down

3000 meters

Today will be my first coached double workout.

Hopefully, I will be able to stay on a schedule of doubling swims on Tuesday and Thursday for the next 4 weeks.  I will try to keep constant with dryland on MWF.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

NO Title

May 25 Workout/practice
2,2,2,2 warm up, shortened to 400 meters

4x50 kick with fins, IM order no breaststroke

3x200 IM last one afap (3:300) no breaststroke/fly instead

1400 meters

early out

May 26 Saturday
comp pool warm up

6 freestyle drills, 100 each

arm by side
superman catch up
fist swim
zipper recovery
finger drag

5x100, alternate paddle drill/ ez free=3x100 w/paddles
paddle drill, no straps
  rest paddle on wrist while pulling, grab paddle with fingertips during recovery

5x200 on 3:30
first 3 @3:02/3/3

early out @0715

2500 meters

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where Is Coach?

Wow, this has not been witnessed yet, but there was not a coach on deck this morning.  Eerie.  The rec pool was closed and I see they are actually vacuuming the pool.  It's a miracle.  The comp pool looks like it got a sweeping too although there many areas that were missed.  But hey, I think it is the first time I have seen this.  Like I said it is a new day.  I hope they keep at it. I chirped with a guard and he seemed to concur that the staff needed to do it more often.  It seems there is a bit of slackness on the day to day operation of the pools. 

500 meters

So with no coach planned workout, we, being Pat, David and myself, came up with this.

400 swim
300 pull
200 kick and
100 drill
This is a typical warm up. 
Adds up to 1K

4x50 kick, board w/o fins on 1:10

3x200 on 3:30

4x50 ascend on 60 sec

I continued with another 30 minutes of swimming
Mostly butterfly
Various configurations, paces, etc.
1 arm
slow 100
some backstroke
about 1K

3500 meters

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Second Workout Today

Got in the second workout today.  I was just wiped out after lunch.  I rode the bike to the little Snap gym in South Pasadena at the Metro crossing.  What is that, about 2.1 miles.  Then I did a complete upper body, including bench rack.  Rode back home, duh.  Ate, then crashed.  Thought about going to evening workout, better not.  Perhaps tomorrow as I will not do weights.

Not Much Yardage

What is the contraption called in the swimming world.?  A weighted tower, and we wear a waist belt and swim across the pool dragging however much weight has been put in the barrels. 
No breaststroke, I doubled on butterfly and feel okay. 

0621 700 yards, 28 laps

600 warm up

6x50 25streamline kick, either dolphin or free, I did all dolphin/25swim 1:15

4x25 IM order weighted tower swim
100-200 active swim down between

warm down

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tweet This Workout

Pretty sure that i have not logged a workout in several days.  I took last week as the Amgen Tour of California went by and I was a volunteer course marshall from Sunday May13, 14, 19, and 20.  I swam on Saturday the 12, took the 13, and 14 off, out of the pool.  I was back in on Tuesday morning and we swam well for the rest of the week.  Saturay I swam before going to Ontario for the TOC and the last set I swam was a bilateral breathing set.  I strained my neck!  Sunday was a no swim day and the neck was just beginning to get sore and it got sore.  My left knee was a bit inflamed from the ride up Mt. Emma on Friday.  I began to ice my neck, shoulder Sunday afternoon.  Ice therapy continued through Monday. 

Excused myself from team practice as could not swim hard.
i did swim/kick for 60 minutes


800 mixer warm up

4x50 kick on 1:10

300@4:45  restroom break somewhere

warm down
4x50 ascend on 60sec
4x50 ascend on 60sec

3400 meters long course

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recorded Live, Swam Earlier

Oh boy, swimming practice this morning.  I love it!  Upon arrival at the pool, I see there are already so many swimmers.  I took my early warm up in the rec pool.  Sharing is mandatory.  I am slow to get moving but get loose enough to make it to workout.  David, Glenn, Scott and Mo this morning.  Coach texted Patrick, WTF and turns out Pat texted back after to all that he has just finished a course of antibiotics, doh.

Next thing, I am entering Summer Nationals but I have not swam long course for the last 2 seasons.  I have no times in the database except for 1500 meters at Santa Cruz in 2011.  I am using the conversion table from Swimming World Magazine and swimming the same events as I did at Greensboro, substituting 400 freestyle instead of 50 breaststroke.

Today, it was
200IM drill
I did not read the board correctly and did 400 swim, 300 swim

25SDK/25swim on 1:20

16x50 on 1:15
odds 25fast/25slow
even 25slow/25fast


50free AFAP 29.6

400warm down

2450 yards

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

Great theme for a blog about swimming.  I took 2 days out of the pool this past week.  I went to Santa Rosa as I volunteered to be a course marshall for the start of Amgen TOC this year.  I was at 4th and D Street.  Cool.
Monday I was at Vista Del Mar and 25th Avenue in San Francisco.  This is just after the official start as the riders were leaving the Presidio.  Know the intersection well.  It was a great assignment.  There were 3 assigned law enforcement officers and an official course marshall as well as myself.   I rode my bike to the assignment from Marina Green check in and then back to the motel.

I was back in the pool for the noon workout.  Whew, I really do not like swimming at that time of day.  If necessary I would get over it and there are about 10-11 swimmers in each lane.  That looks like about 30-40 swimmers.
 Lots of swimmers wait until exactly 1230 to get in.  I was swimming at 1215 in the rec pool.  It was hard.  When I got in the workout pool I was fine.


=800 13min pace


=3 min pace
200warm down

3000 meters long course

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Workout, Not Practice, A.I.

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Allen Iverson's rant about "Practice".  It is really the standard of sports rants in the Media.  Today and yesterday, we worked out, not so much as practiced.  We swam.  We swam and we swam some more.

I threw disc on Sunday morning.  Stopped by the pool to rest and stretch the wings with 1km of easy swimming.  

Monday we had two swimmers from the Great Province of Calgary swimming with us.  Glenn and Jeanne had come to swim in the Santa Clarita Long Course meet on Sunday.
1000 warm up
300free    1:40
6x50kick  1:10
200swim down

Tuesday 0618
Fresh in my mind.  Only swimmer today.
4,3,2,1, Done complete
400IM, fly in place of breast
200warm down
I might have skipped  the warm down

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breaststroke, Formally

Today we had a breaststroke clinic.  There were swimmers from San Diego here this morning as they were invited special.  There were at least 40 swimmers this morning.  We trained and were coached in all aspects of the breaststroke.  Wow. 

There was a time during the past two weeks that I traveled to Greensboro NC to swim.
The 2012 USMS Spring Nationals was last weekend.  It was fun. I did well.  I would do it again.

Goals were met.  Especially the one that meant much, the 100 free.  58.13.

Friday April 27
100 Butterfly 1:06.13 first swim of the meet
Very happy with effort. splits 31, 35
50 Breaststroke 33.11
Textile best time.  Only other non aided swim was at Caltech earlier this season
Point irritation at top of shoulder noticed in locker room after day.

100 IM 1:10.--
Goggles came off on entry, and I should have been DQed as I one handed tried to adjust my goggles during the butterfly leg.  I then messed with the goggles at the turn and just fizzled..I pulled them down during the backstroke..and now that I cannot see close in, yada yada.
50 Free 26.46
Okay.  Best time, non aided, since the tech suit era.
Very much room for improvement.
200 Free Relay 25.91
Okay, good start, good turn.

200 Medly Relay, 50 Butterfly 27.88
Good start, good swim,
50 Butterfly 28.45
Too many breaths.
100 Freestyle 58.13
Good effort, and I do remember thinking that it was my last swim as a 59er going into the final turn,,,I think I did miss the perfect turn, but I kicked so hard off the wall I probably made up for the weak push off.

I swam down Tuesday at Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center in Charlotte NC. 

Back in the water in Pasadena on Thursday, Friday, and this morning.  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stop and Go

Tapering is going well. I checked with the teammates and our taper seems to be the same, including yards and what we are swimming.
Saturday was the first day out of the pool since last Thursday, before the SPMA meet. As per usual, I take an off day with no swimming two days before a meet. The day before a large meet, I do a loosen up swim to get the feel for the water.

1750 yards

400 swim
400 kicking
breaststroke work
10x25 free
warm down

1500 yards

200 kick with fins
8x25 kick with fins
4x50 free descend with longer rest
32, 31, 30, 30
4x50 fly ez broken at 25 at 30 seconds, 1 minute between 50,
100 pace
200 warm down

Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Taper

500 swim
500 kick, assorted, with and without fins
100 ez
300 breast, assorted kick on back, full stroke, 4x25 under 20, near 17
free play
5x25 no breathers on 30
5x25 hard on 90, breath and no breathers, note, last 3 I slowed down and went faster, long 14s
all swim backs, assorted paces
100 swim down

exactly 2000 yards

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go Time #fulltapermode

Now it feels like it is time to GO! Full taper mode is the stage and I just need to maintain good common sense and stay away from danger. No throwing, running, lifting, tripping, twisting, bending, or performing awkward jerk style movements. Watch food intake. No reason to eat too much, as my physical activity diminishes as the taper process dictates. Can I go for a bike ride? Apparently I can, providing I do not hurt myself. Stay away from crashing. No hard hills or excessively long rides.

Wednesday I swam short course with the group
500 warm up
8x50 drill/swim last on 3 minutes @ 31sec
4x100 IM 5 seconds rest
100 free 1:06
400 warm down
I did
8x25/25, inverted breast kick/breast
100 swim down
1900 yards more or less

As we know, group training has its benefits. It also has its drawbacks. My main problem with group training when it is crunch time is...I have specific needs, or I should say my stroke does. I need uninterrupted sessions where I can look at my deficiencies and work to correct them. I also lose concentration during down time while listening to other people/coaches, talking, chatting, and otherwise losing rhythm and concentration. I spoke with the coach and explained the situation. So on and so forth to

Short Course

500 swim, right into it.
100 breast with a normal good effort
100 free

10x25free sprint, swim back at 20 seconds, on 90 seconds
many low 14s, 1st 5 no breathers
200 swim down

2100 yards, exactly!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finding 14

That was a good meet this past weekend. The drive in to the venue was very pretty. The mountains, only several miles away, were snowed upon. The storm from Friday had left partly cloudy skies, snow powdered the mountains in the near distance, and it was breezy all day. It was not too difficult to keep warm as the water was warm. Heard among some swimmers was talk of the heated swimming conditions, but it was better for us, overall. Sunday was a much better day, weather speaking. The wind was not much of a factor until the afternoon and it was fair and mild. Swimming conditions were very good.

I started slowly as per usual. i could not find legs for 500 free and my time was slower than expected. I did have some legs for 100 butterfly. Nothing like the initial 100 fly at Irvine in March. Whew. Later in the afternoon, the 50 fly was clunky. Not much of an effort in my mind. I did not attack. I only thought about it at the last 10 yards.

Sunday I found out that it was relay day for me. 3 relays, all with the same members including Mike, Gary, Doug and me. I was the youngest.
I started the day with a 100 yard butterfly leg in the medley relay. About 1:28. honest.
I warmed up with 500 yards before that swim and then I swam down 200 yards before
100 free 1:01.19 somewhere. Lucas noted glaring flaw in right pull coming across my centerline. Whoops. Correction. It was sloppy, that was noticable to me. Warmed down 250 or so.
Swim 200 leg in 800 free relay, check time. Guessing 2:35. Swim down 200 yards.
Swim 50 free leg in 200 free relay. Swim down 500 yards
50 free 26.94. Overall correction includes more power from shoulders, good pull, good turn, good kick from core. I did a swim down, but I really have no idea how many laps, probably 5-10. I then swam a near pr 1000 free. Very good job. 6:43 out, 6:35 in, nice strong back 500. Only 5 seconds slower than 500 yesterday. I was done, lets add up the approximate yards. Patrick swam 4600. I probably swam 3000+.

Easy swimming for 15 minutes
25/25 inverted breast kick/full stroke

Tuesday, today.

500 swim
5x100 free on 1:30 at or near 1:15
100 ez
5x100 free/fly no time
100 ez
10x25 fly, several at 14, swim back
500 kick down with fins

Friday, April 13, 2012

Total Laziness Towards This Blog

I really need to keep it going. Today is Friday and I think I last entered data on Tuesday.
I crashed into the pool upon a practice start as workout was progressing on Wednesday.
I pulled out of workout. RICE was the order for the rest of the day. Big bag of ice, rest, no physical activity at all for the rest of the day. It worked.
My ailment seems to have been alleviated.


8x100 5-10 seconds rest

4 times through IM order
4x25 drill progression to full stroke on 30 seconds

To the blocks and the scene of the crash, and the early end to the workout.
I think I was not SET, as in my body was not ready to enter the water and I landed on the surface incorrectly. I put unnecessary torque on my lumbar/lower back and strained the right side.

A dryland workout was also on the schedule.

Typically a rest day before a big weekend meet. And I did feel much better.
Bike ride over 40 minutes
Light shoulder maintenance with 3/4# dumbbells

Back in the pool with no residual problem from Wednesday accident.
Lower back stiffness noticable

500 meters warm up on my own
200 meter choice
8x50 meters drill/swim back on 1:10
4x100 build
Then some starts, I did 2 in water starts

To the rec pool, I did some light butterfly
get out and rest

Saturday events
500 freestyle
100 butterfly
50 butterfly

Sunday events
100 free
50 free
1000 free

See Swim Phone link for all results and other information

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Found It

Now, do I have enough training sessions to implement the renewal/ We shall see. I found it this morning during the 25 fly sprint session.
Slow Down to Go Fast
I remember.
Thanks to Garret Weber Gale several seasons ago, he mentioned doing this. Less fighting and more power while using proper methodology and extremely perfect form and technique.

Swimming alone

Begin at 0636
3x100 kick without fins on back
2x100 kick breast on back without fins
20x25 kick with board without fins
500 free
5x100 free/fly
10x25 fly
10x texas 25s ez
1x50 free no breather

3100 yards short course

Long course

10x100 free
short interval average 1:30

Short course
5x100 free/fly

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Welcome Home

I have always managed to get my workout in when I travel. Familiarity with the areas swimming facilities too and it is always nice to swim at new/different pools.

I just got back from North California today. I have been swimming for at least 2 weeks straight. We can look latyer

I can go back to March 31, Saturday, as I swam on my own at RBAC.
April 1, Sunday. Swim at Santa Monica Swim Center. 3K good swimming
April 2, RBAC. SCFYmca in the afternoon.
April 3 Tuesday Finley
April 4 Wednesday Finley/ SCFYmca
April 5. Thursday Swim with Vincent at Alhambra Fitness Center, his club. 2k indoors.
Folsom Aquatic Center for another workout
April 6 Friday Roseville
April 7 Saturday Rooseville Swim/Fitness Center, Ride tandem with Vincent 7 miles
April 8 Sunday drive home

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Get in the water,. Just glanced at the psyche sheets for Nationals, coulda, shoulda, woulda,,,now that is out of the way, just swim.
I felt so good this morning that I was in the pool for 2 hours.
I warmed up with oh so many laps.
Kick set with fins
1000 yards
6x100free on 1:30
3x75, then 5x75 all free dropped time to 54
5x100 fly ez smooth
10x25texas style,
where did the time go and how many yards did I swim today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rough Tough

I felt pretty lousy this morning, as I did not sleep too much. Went to the Clippers game again last evening, and I also did not eat properly. I actually missed dinner, instead having 2 pints, nuts and popcorn at the game and another large barley pop. But I was in the water this morning.


I swam alone.

25 minute warm up
5x100 free on 1:30,
250 kick with fins
10x50free/fly, no clock
250 kick
5x100 back/fly/back/fly
20+25kick with fins, lots of underwater swimming
250 warm down

Unsure of yards, but I was in the water for 1.5 hours

Took a nap after breakfast.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Go to Work

Good set.


Ascend h.r.

50 40.7 round up to 41
100 1:17 too fast should be 1:22
150 2:03 perfect
200 2:45 second slow

400 warm down

2600 meters plus warm up

Training Room session
Leg work 2nd day in a row. Very sore.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Morning

Darn it, I can never guess which gate will be open to the parking lot on Saturday morning. Upon entering the pool area, I noticed that the lane lines were not in. Lots of swimmers standing around. I planned to do my usual warm up in the rec pool and then decided to triain by myself.

I swam alone. I felt good. As a matter of fact, left a/c was bothering me in warm up, then it is gone. No real soreness, but I did fatigue towards the end of the workout. Good, I swam good.

1000 warm up

5x100free, build
5x200 free
1-no time
3-broken at 100, 10 second, 1:17, 1:17
4-broken at 100, 10 second, 1:16, 1:15
5-broken at 50, on 45, average 35-6

2x100 drill
10x50 free/fly, fly/free on 60 seconds

200 warm down

3400 yards

I talked with Chad after workout. Told him the workout, told him that I need to do some training alone and I entered the meet.