Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dyspesia, aka Belly Ache

Yeah, I hear ya, quit your belly aching. But really, twice last night, just up, no heaving or squirts, tmi... but I still, at this late hour in the day, have a slight bellyache. I have only eaten a bowl of oats, with honey and a small dash of soymilk. I tried a half banana earlier this afternoon, I think it went down the wrong pipe and it caused a short bout of blotation. Now I am hungry. Thinking of eating, but my stomach does not like the idea.
I still did a 2k test set this morning. Slowest time since I have been doing them...8:16 or something
10 minute warm up
2k test @8:16
10 minute warm down

I swam down. It felt rough for the first 5-10 minutes. I did some backstroke as I adjusted into a more sedate, smoother swim. I did some opposite side breathing too. I am getting better at it. I just need to remember to do it as I am retraining the muscle memory for breathing, and that is not all. I am doing these to become more symmetrical with my whole freestyle stroke...

I got a new shirt today.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Focus, then Act

Taking 5, minutes, to remember what I did for a workout yesterday. I swam 2 days,then I erged yesterday so I can do the test 2k on Saturday. I am going to the pool right now but I really need to log yesterdays pull.
5 minute warm up
10x500m/1m rest, easy active recovery
500mwarm down
40 minutes
I think I need a new card? Do I? I would need to get a card reader,$30, really..;.plus the $6 card, now go and pay those property taxes, whoops!

I went to bed early, and as I was waking up this morning, I was thinking. I thought about forgetting to pay the property tax this month! G*DAMIT. $10%+$20 penalty, sh*cks! Pay up dummy. Swim first, I am already late, just like being a little pregnant...

So, I swam at the Y, although I did not count laps, I did do some counting. I counted s/p/l several times. I also counted strokes during Texas 25's. Very nice. I also did some left side breathing drills, just to work on balance and symetry. I also did a short set.
5x25 Texas style, swim back easy on 60 seconds, easy, count strokes, under 20, all
50 free, no breather, open turn

45+minutes, thank you

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bike/Swim/Bike, The Finley Route

I used to do it every morning, I would get on my bike and ride to Finley Swim Center. It is a 2.5 mile distance. I did it this morning so I could catch up on some outdoor swimming. I need a change of venue once in a while. As I used to have 5 pools to choose from at this time of the season, I used to change venues often. I have been very limited to pool choices as I no longer commute to San Rafael. I miss swimming at Terra Linda Recreation Center, next to SRFD Station 6, and I no longer go south to Petaluma Swim Center as it is about a $12 trip. No JCC either. Ridgeway does not like me very much. It is so easy to call the SCFYMCA my home pool these days, and it makes sense too, economics and the Concept2 rower(s).

Indoor rowing is the latest fitness discipline that is gaining in popularity. It is by far the best form of full body workout, far superior to any of the triathlon disciplines, i.e. swimming, running and bicycling, and it makes all the other machines and apparatus and weights in the gym look like toys. The act of rowing builds not only strength, endurance, and power. It builds coordination of the nervous system that affect the overall synchronization of the muscles. This training gives the athlete the ability to move with great agility and smoothness.

So I rode to the pool, and I swam
2650 yards, just swim
I should have did a set or 2, but I did't.

Maybe take a look at long course this summer. I would like to go to Santa Cruz. I could swim 50/100/200/400/800/and1500. Six events. 55 turns. Open/flip? Hmm.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Now if I could only remember the pacing and meters and stuff. Started out at 915 meters then to 3333 at 16:16. 30 minutes at 6300 and 6666 at 31:30. Then to 46:40 at 10K. Good pull with good pacing. I think I am in training for a half marathon. The marathon/half marathon challenge is May 1-15, as the new erg year begins. I will try to record my distance at the Concept2 website.

Update for Saturday, I did go and erg in the afternoon, 15 minutes/3000meters. I swam down too, cramping in the beginning but relaxing and easing into thoughtful swimming for about 15 minutes.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Un Timely Logging

Wow, the last input of workouts was Sunday and today is Saturday, so I will have to guess back.
Monday Row 1 hour
Tuesday Swim
Wednesday Row 1:40/:20 set with warm up and warm down total 35 minutes
Thursday Swim 2500 yards straight
Friday Row 30 minutes good last 10 minutes 2300 meters 5 minute warm down
Saturday, finally made it to today. It is 2k erg test day, but I gave myself the day off from the erg.
I did swim, in keeping with the recent pattern of alternating workouts from day to day.
2000 yards
5x50 broken at 25 sec
5x25 fast, hold form descend to 13, swim back
2500 yards

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday Swim Saturday Test 2K

That is right, I swam 2500 yards on Friday and did not erg. I think I went for a walk in the afternoon.
Saturday was 2K test day.
10 minute warm up
I looked at my stroke rate/500m and it went from 30, 29, 28 to 27. Analyze please.

I need to increase my speed. I will try to concentrate on some sprint work. It appears that I am at a plateau at just under 8 minutes. It is time to #gorow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Remembering Wednesday and Thursday Workouts

Warm up, was that 5 minutes, yeah, I think so.
Custom List Row
1:40/rest :20, this is a 20 minute set workout with 5 reps before a 2 minute lull, then 4 reps. My goal is 500 meters/, that equals a 6:40 2K.
Swim down about 1000 yards

Row 40+ minutes
20 minutes to 4k, then to 6300 at 30 minutes with a 10+ minute warm down, total about 8k
Swim about 20 minutes

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post It On The WeBLOG

I did not pass up the pool this morning. I was feeling yesterdays erg and it took several laps, about 40, to break through and get comfortable. Then I just swam through, about 45 minutes, or aroung 2500 yards. That is all folks.

Monday I did the 10K erg. It was the first time this year that I did a 10K and it felt good. I got some sweat going, and I am thinking that I will try for the 60 minute erg soon. I do not think that I have been to that plateau.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Test 2K

Friday I only swam as I thought about the test 2K for the next day.
I think this is the day I actually did a "set" after about a 30 minute swim.
10x50 free, descending.

Looking back in the log, it appears that I had swam 6 days in a row and it was a good day to bypass the swim after the test.

10 minute warm up to 1900 meters
2K Test
End 7:58
I think I will use the 1:40/:20r and the target will be 500 meters@1:40. That is 6:40 2K,, go row!!

1000 meter warm down

I am back in the pool today, Sunday. Yech, it is cloudy(the pool) and I think that it is hard to do any set work this morning. I am thinking about how to retire from retired competitive swimming and go for it in 2012. I age up for meters.
30+minutes mindful swimming.

Go Row.
15 minute erg
3150m 5 minute warm down.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ergometer Workout

I did stay off the ergometer yesterday. Most importantly, I stayed off the shovel in the garden. I swam at Finley yesterday morning, it was like I never left. The MWF Finley pod was happily swimming away, and I took my rightful place in lane 2, from the west. It was very nice. Fresh air, birds, sky, etc.. 30minutes+

10 minutes warm up
workout set from custom list
I thought we were doing a 10 reps, but it was 9 reps with a 2 minute rest after 5 reps, for a total workout time of 20 minutes
2 minutes@500+meters 1:55 at end of workout
3 minutes warm down

15 minute swim warm down

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take A Break, Sailor(Erger)

4 days in a row on the ergometer, I think it is rest day tomorrow. I hope I can do it. I know what, I will go to Finley Swim Center for the early morning session. I have not seen that 'pod' since I don't know when. They used to appear in the liner notes occasionally. I checked in with the Ridgway pod on Sunday, nothing new, maybe a new swimmer or two, but it looked boring as ever. Sarah J. said hi, and she asked if I was going to swim this weekend at Pleasanton. No. I asked her if the team was having dinner at Nancy and Chris's, her parents, on Saturday after the meet, as is the tradition. They are and I got an email to that fact this morning. I am still undecided as if I will go to join the team and time.
Saturday was already logged, and was Sunday's 30 minute pull.
Monday, I pulled than swam
Tuesday, today, I swam for about 30min and then I pulled for 30,
workout rate intensity varies until
last 3 minutes @2min/500m

Rest day tomorrow, can I do it?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching Up

I could not wait to get back on the erg after a quick road trip with Toby to Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The following article will be about the road trip but this is a quick log of the workouts for the week of March27-April2.
29Mar-erg 30+min, swim 500 yards, sore mechanically
30-hike Pinnacles
31, Opening Day
1Apr-swim@USC McDonald Swim Stadium diving well, really warm

2Apr-Saturday Test 2K good even erg,
5 min warm up 900+meters
10 minute warm down
Good swim, time wise about 30 minutes

3April, Today
30 minutes erg
various paces, intensities, and techniques