Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

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but this time I hold out my hand to her with a grateful smile.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Swimming Updates

Hi, I have returned to update my blog.  I will try to stay attuned and complete with keeping record of workouts and trends in swimming. 
I am entered in the Rinconada Masters Spring Meet tomorrow.  I have limited the events I am training for this season.  That is 50/100 butterfly and 50/100 freestyle.  Entered 50 and 100 butterfly and 100 freestyle. 

I will embellish open water swimming soon after short course season and attempt a cross country double in September.  I am entered in the Big Shoulders 5K Saturday September 12 and then get to San Diego and swim the LJRWS(La Jolla Rough Water Swim) on Sunday.  It is too early to book flights, but I do have accommodations booked. 

OWS tentative schedule

Early June  Berryessa
Mid June  Del Valle
Mid July  Newport Pier to Pier
August  Santa Cruise Pier
Late August  Corona del Mar
September 12  Big Shoulders
September 13  La Jolla

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday

Tuesday I swam with Sara, my training partner for the long course season.  Excellent choice, we know each other well.  I think she was one of the first swimmers I got to know over the years in Santa Rosa. 


400 Swimming

100  butterfly kick/drill
100 fly

200 swimming

1000 other swimming, I forget what it was, but it was meaningful

100 fly for time 1:33

1900 meters


500+ swimming

2x200 free
build/ no time

2x100 1 arm fly

3x100 fly/free

250 swim

250 speed play

1800 yards


longer than normal swimming
25  minutes,
1500 yards
needed to swim some yardage, even if just that
5x50 free/fly
ez to the end

1700 yards


500 swimming

2x100 1 arm fly
2x100 fly, little breathers at wall

250 swimming


150 swimming

1600 yards

Monday, July 28, 2014

Saturday I Do What Is Prescribed By The Coach

I checked, I am good with this, but I didn't get any feedback yet.  Don't expect any, because I am my own coach, and I give feedback right here. 
I sent Coach Chad an email describing exactly what I did, times etc.
Coach Dan Greaves observed, and gave me my time for 50 fly.


Meet warm up,
400 meter swimming
8x50 drill/swim IM order  fly/not breast
4x100 buuild on 2:30
400 meter swim


50 fly
block start

250 swimming


100 backstroke
200 swim down

2200 meters


Rest/no swim day


400 meters swimming

8x50 drill/swim
no breaststroke

2x100 backstroke, build
2x100 freestyle, build  1:30,  1:24

200 swimming

600 speed play
including no breathers, sprint to finish, backstroke starting, butterfly turns,


Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 4 Taper?

What is tapering? We think we know, and I am sure I have hit my taper once or twice, maybe Indy 2004 and ? Not recently.  2014 PMS SC, no I was using USRPT.  USMS SC 2014, I had stopped USRPT and started TT, traditional training 1 month.  USMS LC 2013, Mission Viejo, I swam the pier to pier on Sunday and my first event was Thursday, so not really, how about 2013 USMS Indy? I need to check, maybe, and I did have some good swims.

1000 swim
  IM order
  Butterfly, no breaststroke.

200 swim

2300 yards