Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Connect the Dots

November 14th, I did row.
15 minutes, over 3K
Swim too!
1000 easy yards
10 soft no breathers
2x 25breathe/25no breather

Tuesday, today 11/15
Ride to pool, sore ache from hip.

Swim 2500meters
42 minutes

Ride home for pr, 20 minutes

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where Are The ERGS

What, where are they hiding the Concept2 ergometers? I was ready to erg this morning before I swam, but NOOO, who hid, stole, or otherwise took the rowing machines from their spot? No erg, no good.

Swim hard.

I felt ill a couple times, as I did yesterday. Hard work, self coached.
I can feel improvement.

500 free
100 back
400 fly drills
10x50 fly, no times
100 free
8x Texas 25s, and more. good drills.
Ride to River

700 meters
300 meter swim 4:48
2x500 meter broken 50 @50sec and 5sec
200 meter warm down

I had to get out, I was getting grossed out by the filthiness of the pool. I hope they clean it soon.

I hope to not get grossed out too much this morning.

Ride to RBAC

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gosh, This Is Just A Workout Log

I know that,,
Where were you at 1111 on November 11, 2011? Numerologists would look at it thus, 11.11.11. I was in Pasadena having a cup of coffee, after I went to the Veterans Day Ceremonies in Memorial Park in Pasadena.. I rode the bike there. I swam earlier in the morning.

Swim at 0700

500 yards free

500 meters free lc

100 back
4x100m free 1:30 on 45 descending
10x50m 40s on 50
last 4 extra rest
100 warm down

I am curious as how I trained several years ago. Oh boy, I can look at my weblog. Blog.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keeping Track

Yesterday was Tuesday. It was the 4th straight day of swimming.

Ride to Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, it was chilly.

2k good pace, 100 backstroke in middle
100 back
100 breast
200 fly
2x 50 fly/free

Ride home.

I am deciding if I should swim 5 days in a row.
I want to row.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cool and Crisp

The ride to the pool was lovely.
500 meter free
100 back
4x100 free on 1:45
100 back
100 breast
200 fly drill
6x50 fly/free
100 warm down
looks like 1800 meters but was in the water 45 minutes

Nice ride home too.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Injury Caused By 5 LB Dumbbells

I am pretty sure that I isolated the shoulder incident of the past week, causing a dramatic cutback in the exercise load for the last three days. Included are 2 straight off days, complete rest.
November 6, today was back to normal.
Swim 2000 meters long course
Swim 500 yards easy play
I found 3 lb dumbbells after I used the 5 pounders. I did short sets with the 5 pound weights, then I felt much better using the 3's. The cable machine is too heavy to do rotator exercises. This is how I found out that the injury/strain was caused by too much weight for rotator movements.

November 5
Swim 2000 yards, only

Movember 4, off

November 3, off

November 2,
row 20 minutes
swim 1000 meters, pain in left deltoid, mid head

November 1, Tuesday, unknown

October 31, Monday,
warm tub
1000 yards