Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gotta Post Some Test Results

Sunday was a no swim day.
Saturday, October 19, I swam at Santa Monica
1500 meters aerobic
+700 swim down

1000 swim
3x200 broken
USRPT additional
35 second target
25 second rest

10x25 fly
25 second rest

cool down

Kroc Center San Diego
1000 swim
500 test

Past 500 swim test results


cool down

1000 swim
35 target
25 seconds rest

Swim at Brenda Villa Aquatic Center Commerce CA

60 minutes

no pace clock
no backstroke flags

kick on back with fins
5x200 IM
concentrate on fly and breast kick
cool down

Bicycle Stress Test
 0900 Kaiser Downey

Data results will be available
Preliminary results are excellent

Achieved maximum heart rate of 145
162 percentile for age
VO2 max 42.7


Friday, October 18, 2013


I have been visiting the Y on a semi regular basis, about twice weekly for 4 weeks.  Yeah.  i really am glad I located the Concept2 ergometer.  It is really the only machine in the facility that is worth a spit.


Shoulder maintenance
10 minutes



Middle 2K was split at


Best time
or 8 minutes

World and American Best

All Systems GO

Today was my first attempt at the new training paradigm involving USRPT.  Ultra short race paced training is a modern, science based, training system using a predetermined 'race pace' that is held through the set.  The optimal rest/break/interval is +/- 20 seconds.  A predetermined number of repetitions is completed at the 'race pace'.  When failure to meet the time happens, the next repetition is bypassed and then the set continues.  The set is finished when 2 reps in a row are failed.

I did a mixed workout today.  I mixed traditional training(TT) with USRPT.  This was my first real attempt.

1000 swim
500 kick on back w/fins

broken 200
45 seconds
on 3:30

35 second pace
20 second rest
go on 55 seconds
failed at 5 and stopped at 10

18 second pace(1:12 pace)
20+ sec rest
go on 40 seconds

400 ez

Good swim on Thursday too...!!!
And I rode the bike for 40 minutes!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Normal is Better

Yesterday was not a good day.  Effects from the day/evening prior were negative.  It took the complete day to recover.  I am a lightweight, when it comes to alcohol consumption, blah.  So I got nothing done.

Today was much better. 

1000 swim
kind of rough

10x25 back
17 to 16
active swim back

200 ez

10x25 fly
last one 15 smooth
active swim back
90 seconds

200 ez

over 1 hour

Monday, October 14, 2013

500 Swim Test

Passed the test this morning.  I looked at splits at

500 warm up first

500 cool down

several 25 back sprints
active recovery/swim back
17-16 seconds
longer stroke equals faster laps

descend to 35

several laps of easy swimming
total swim time almost 90 minutes

Talked with Gruber about Dr. Rushall article on race paced training.  Will be doing more of it as I get stronger.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Gee, Mr. Wilson, I swam a whole hour this morning.
And, I just got back from a really long bike ride, Mr. Wilson.  I rode all the way to the USC County Hospital way way over there.  It was almost a whole hour and a half.  I'm really tired.

I did a test Concept2 erg yesterday.

5 minute warm up @100 lbs

2 k test
4:43 1k
9:11(4:28) 2k

5 minute cool down

20 minute total

Swam too! In the AM....

Take a break, chill

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to ERGing

Last week I found the Concept2 rowing machine at the Y.  I am back on it.  I used it for 5 minutes last week after my weight work.  I was sore.  Did I mention that I had a pretty good case of DOMS going for a couple of days.  I think that may have been on Saturday. 

Sunday was a no swim day.  CicLAvia.  It was too warm, I only rode about an hour. 


500 swim

500 test swim

plus more


Just swim
I did like several
25fly/25back/25breast/25free order straight swim rotations

Doctors Appointments today:
Primary/SportsMed Dr. Su
Advised to back off somewhat

Swim easy 1 hour

5 min warm up
1k @4:30
5 min cool down

Left knee aching, right upper arm(flu shot), right lower back strain
minor stiffness in left neck

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Next Post

Talking stuff with Segway John, and another swimmer said that I would be okay when I did the stress test.  I asked him if he had an MI.  He said he did and did not want to talk about it.  That was it.  So John says his dad was a bicycle rider.  Did stuff like double century rides.  Had the big one in the back yard a year after he retired.  Never made it.  Medics called to the house.  60y/o.

Gee, I am doing great.  Started riding the bike once again, training for the stress test in 3 weeks.  I am told it will be done on a stationary bicycle.

Swim today.
55 minutes in the water

1000 swim

5x100 fly
50 relaxed/25free/25fly
2 minutes

500 kick
on back with fins
last 6x25 hard

200 ez

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Professor

Talk in the dressing room centered around some football weather Cal at Oregon.  this guy, who happens to be a cardiology professor who just retired from Northwestern says he is going back to see the Ohio State Northwestern football game this weekend.  I asked him if he was an alumnus, and he said that he just retired from 40 years of teaching there. I mentioned Mark Fainaru, if he knew of him, journalism stuff.  I thought he might have been a journalism professor, but no, he taught medicine.  I asked him if he taught cardiology, and yes indeed he did.  I introduced myself, and I mentioned my event.  We talked about it, he asked me some stuff.  1. How fast was it?  2. Is it a coated stent?  3.  How did I present myself?  I answered appropriately.
He said to be careful with the coated stent, something about them falling out or clogging up.  Hmmm.
Also said that I survived because my heart has developed collateral vessels(in the myocardium, my words) due to all the swimming and stuff.

 Anyway, I got home from swimming and on Sportscenter, both Marc and Steve Fainaru are on talking to Bob Ley about a book coming out soon.  It is about the coverup about head injuries in the National Football League. 


20 minute swim

Main set
5x50 free
60 sec
descend from 40
5x50 free
90 sec
34, 35, 34, 33, 35

Warm down
25s mindful, some back

1 hour walking

30 minute bike
from home up to Orange Grove