Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Went For A Swim This Morning

Then a workout broke out.  Thank you Scott and Tom for joining the morning 0630  competition/late morning workout.  No toys, drills, or instruction this morning.  Just swimming.


100, or 700 meter warm up.

15x100 free
10 seconds rest
5x mindful
5x build
5x hard


8x50 IM order
15 seconds rest

200 warm down

3000 meters

Today will be my first coached double workout.

Hopefully, I will be able to stay on a schedule of doubling swims on Tuesday and Thursday for the next 4 weeks.  I will try to keep constant with dryland on MWF.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

NO Title

May 25 Workout/practice
2,2,2,2 warm up, shortened to 400 meters

4x50 kick with fins, IM order no breaststroke

3x200 IM last one afap (3:300) no breaststroke/fly instead

1400 meters

early out

May 26 Saturday
comp pool warm up

6 freestyle drills, 100 each

arm by side
superman catch up
fist swim
zipper recovery
finger drag

5x100, alternate paddle drill/ ez free=3x100 w/paddles
paddle drill, no straps
  rest paddle on wrist while pulling, grab paddle with fingertips during recovery

5x200 on 3:30
first 3 @3:02/3/3

early out @0715

2500 meters

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where Is Coach?

Wow, this has not been witnessed yet, but there was not a coach on deck this morning.  Eerie.  The rec pool was closed and I see they are actually vacuuming the pool.  It's a miracle.  The comp pool looks like it got a sweeping too although there many areas that were missed.  But hey, I think it is the first time I have seen this.  Like I said it is a new day.  I hope they keep at it. I chirped with a guard and he seemed to concur that the staff needed to do it more often.  It seems there is a bit of slackness on the day to day operation of the pools. 

500 meters

So with no coach planned workout, we, being Pat, David and myself, came up with this.

400 swim
300 pull
200 kick and
100 drill
This is a typical warm up. 
Adds up to 1K

4x50 kick, board w/o fins on 1:10

3x200 on 3:30

4x50 ascend on 60 sec

I continued with another 30 minutes of swimming
Mostly butterfly
Various configurations, paces, etc.
1 arm
slow 100
some backstroke
about 1K

3500 meters

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Second Workout Today

Got in the second workout today.  I was just wiped out after lunch.  I rode the bike to the little Snap gym in South Pasadena at the Metro crossing.  What is that, about 2.1 miles.  Then I did a complete upper body, including bench rack.  Rode back home, duh.  Ate, then crashed.  Thought about going to evening workout, better not.  Perhaps tomorrow as I will not do weights.

Not Much Yardage

What is the contraption called in the swimming world.?  A weighted tower, and we wear a waist belt and swim across the pool dragging however much weight has been put in the barrels. 
No breaststroke, I doubled on butterfly and feel okay. 

0621 700 yards, 28 laps

600 warm up

6x50 25streamline kick, either dolphin or free, I did all dolphin/25swim 1:15

4x25 IM order weighted tower swim
100-200 active swim down between

warm down

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tweet This Workout

Pretty sure that i have not logged a workout in several days.  I took last week as the Amgen Tour of California went by and I was a volunteer course marshall from Sunday May13, 14, 19, and 20.  I swam on Saturday the 12, took the 13, and 14 off, out of the pool.  I was back in on Tuesday morning and we swam well for the rest of the week.  Saturay I swam before going to Ontario for the TOC and the last set I swam was a bilateral breathing set.  I strained my neck!  Sunday was a no swim day and the neck was just beginning to get sore and it got sore.  My left knee was a bit inflamed from the ride up Mt. Emma on Friday.  I began to ice my neck, shoulder Sunday afternoon.  Ice therapy continued through Monday. 

Excused myself from team practice as could not swim hard.
i did swim/kick for 60 minutes


800 mixer warm up

4x50 kick on 1:10

300@4:45  restroom break somewhere

warm down
4x50 ascend on 60sec
4x50 ascend on 60sec

3400 meters long course

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recorded Live, Swam Earlier

Oh boy, swimming practice this morning.  I love it!  Upon arrival at the pool, I see there are already so many swimmers.  I took my early warm up in the rec pool.  Sharing is mandatory.  I am slow to get moving but get loose enough to make it to workout.  David, Glenn, Scott and Mo this morning.  Coach texted Patrick, WTF and turns out Pat texted back after to all that he has just finished a course of antibiotics, doh.

Next thing, I am entering Summer Nationals but I have not swam long course for the last 2 seasons.  I have no times in the database except for 1500 meters at Santa Cruz in 2011.  I am using the conversion table from Swimming World Magazine and swimming the same events as I did at Greensboro, substituting 400 freestyle instead of 50 breaststroke.

Today, it was
200IM drill
I did not read the board correctly and did 400 swim, 300 swim

25SDK/25swim on 1:20

16x50 on 1:15
odds 25fast/25slow
even 25slow/25fast


50free AFAP 29.6

400warm down

2450 yards

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

Great theme for a blog about swimming.  I took 2 days out of the pool this past week.  I went to Santa Rosa as I volunteered to be a course marshall for the start of Amgen TOC this year.  I was at 4th and D Street.  Cool.
Monday I was at Vista Del Mar and 25th Avenue in San Francisco.  This is just after the official start as the riders were leaving the Presidio.  Know the intersection well.  It was a great assignment.  There were 3 assigned law enforcement officers and an official course marshall as well as myself.   I rode my bike to the assignment from Marina Green check in and then back to the motel.

I was back in the pool for the noon workout.  Whew, I really do not like swimming at that time of day.  If necessary I would get over it and there are about 10-11 swimmers in each lane.  That looks like about 30-40 swimmers.
 Lots of swimmers wait until exactly 1230 to get in.  I was swimming at 1215 in the rec pool.  It was hard.  When I got in the workout pool I was fine.


=800 13min pace


=3 min pace
200warm down

3000 meters long course

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Workout, Not Practice, A.I.

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Allen Iverson's rant about "Practice".  It is really the standard of sports rants in the Media.  Today and yesterday, we worked out, not so much as practiced.  We swam.  We swam and we swam some more.

I threw disc on Sunday morning.  Stopped by the pool to rest and stretch the wings with 1km of easy swimming.  

Monday we had two swimmers from the Great Province of Calgary swimming with us.  Glenn and Jeanne had come to swim in the Santa Clarita Long Course meet on Sunday.
1000 warm up
300free    1:40
6x50kick  1:10
200swim down

Tuesday 0618
Fresh in my mind.  Only swimmer today.
4,3,2,1, Done complete
400IM, fly in place of breast
200warm down
I might have skipped  the warm down

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breaststroke, Formally

Today we had a breaststroke clinic.  There were swimmers from San Diego here this morning as they were invited special.  There were at least 40 swimmers this morning.  We trained and were coached in all aspects of the breaststroke.  Wow. 

There was a time during the past two weeks that I traveled to Greensboro NC to swim.
The 2012 USMS Spring Nationals was last weekend.  It was fun. I did well.  I would do it again.

Goals were met.  Especially the one that meant much, the 100 free.  58.13.

Friday April 27
100 Butterfly 1:06.13 first swim of the meet
Very happy with effort. splits 31, 35
50 Breaststroke 33.11
Textile best time.  Only other non aided swim was at Caltech earlier this season
Point irritation at top of shoulder noticed in locker room after day.

100 IM 1:10.--
Goggles came off on entry, and I should have been DQed as I one handed tried to adjust my goggles during the butterfly leg.  I then messed with the goggles at the turn and just fizzled..I pulled them down during the backstroke..and now that I cannot see close in, yada yada.
50 Free 26.46
Okay.  Best time, non aided, since the tech suit era.
Very much room for improvement.
200 Free Relay 25.91
Okay, good start, good turn.

200 Medly Relay, 50 Butterfly 27.88
Good start, good swim,
50 Butterfly 28.45
Too many breaths.
100 Freestyle 58.13
Good effort, and I do remember thinking that it was my last swim as a 59er going into the final turn,,,I think I did miss the perfect turn, but I kicked so hard off the wall I probably made up for the weak push off.

I swam down Tuesday at Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center in Charlotte NC. 

Back in the water in Pasadena on Thursday, Friday, and this morning.