Friday, December 30, 2011

Late To Row

Feeling energetic this morning, I was off and riding to the pool. I dressed for an erg, upon arriving I noticed some crossfit people, then the leader. O my, I forgot about the delayed start this morning. I did not have any time to erg before the crossfit class started. I got on the erg for 4 minutes...
then I went to the short course pool and did IM training.
I actually did some breast, being careful. I must use extreme caution when swimming the breast stroke. I did not keep track of yards, time or distance this morning. Butterfly is coming nice.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


There we are, I am back to regular appetite. My stomach took a few days off, psychosomatic illness or stomach illness, probably the latter. I stayed in the water and continued towards the new year on the C2 ergometer and I stayed steady on the old bike. speaking of old...

I have let the crossfit trainers that I will be regular at the C2 so I can go to San Diego January 28.

I spoke with the masters coach and told him that I am planning on joining a workout group in January. He is the 2011 USMS coach of the year. I am sure it will be helpful for me.

Today I rowed 30 minutes.
Last 10 minutes were 1 minute intervals, steady around 250 meters, 1 minute rest.
Swim 1500m
1000m free
200m back
300m fly training

Yesterday I was totally exhausted from riding to and from swim workout. In addition, I rode to Chinatown in the afternoon, and flatted..
Swim 1000m free
last 30 minutes freestyle training, leading to
many 50 frees
several Texas 25+

Thanks for swimming

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wait Here

New Year/season on the horizon. I am approaching the process of setting some goals and objectives. Some objectives include rowing more, obtaining more power to transfer to swimming, and swimming pain free. Goals will come soon, I do not have much to say yet as I am considering rowing CRASH-B Sprints in January/February.
YES. Goal #1 Swim USMS 1 Hour Postal Personal Record.
Goal #2 Swim 4000 yards in 1 Hour Postal

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Action Plan

I am going to approach the next stage in the life of a masters swimmer. As I have swam well this fall season, I concentrated on the distance freestyle. My distance freestyle swimming has now approached previous times I swam 3-5 years ago.

I tested well the last weekend in Long Beach. In previous weekend meets, I may have attempted one of the middle distance events, either the 1000 or the 800. I swam the 3 distance freestyle events.

I swam 1500 meters on Friday, and I swam the 100 free for fun later that afternoon. I came back on Saturday and swam a fairly good 400 meters free, as well as testing a 50 fly and 50 free.

I had been looking towards the 800 meters free on Sunday. I wish it would have been on Friday. I probably would not have placed as well as I did on Sunday(1) but I am wondering haw much faster I may have swam fresh. I even split, by .25 seconds, and even though I was pretty tired, as the 800 was my final event.

Monday, December 5, 2011

SPMA Regional Round Up

I would like to thank everyone involved in organizing and running the SPMA short course meters regional meet in Long Beach this weekend. This is a special meet for many masters swimmers including many from other LMSC's from across the nation.

I apparently stopped keeping close records of my training for the two weeks prior to this particular meet. During that break in logging training records, I had a very nice Thanksgiving in North California. Leading up to the 2 day rest of Thursday/Friday was normal, and the following week of taper/?ing/less training, actually went well leading to the meet. Last day of swimming was, of course, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday was the last erg and I swam at SCFY on Saturday.

See results for meet here.