Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying to Work,Swim Hard

Okay, I am trying to swim hard. I swam easy at Finley this morning, I don't know why. I went to Ridgway after noon to do some hard butterfly and I ended up talking with Gail R. mostly, although I did get some hard 25s in.

500 swim choice
500 kick on back with fins
1000 swimming?
7x100 pace
3000 yards?

3x100 1 arm fly
some hard 25s fly

Monday, June 29, 2009

Stutter Step

I went on a roadie with Joe and we did not swim one lap. I think I swam on Monday and Tuesday the 22 and the 23, and I returned to the water Saturday the 27th. I swam with 10 SRM swimmers, not too hard but it was mostlly a freestyle workout too. Sunday I swam on my own as I did this morning at Finley.
1000 choice
500 kick with fins
500 easy free
10x50 free 60 sec
6x50 free no breaathe 1st lap
2800 yards

Most importantly, I went to the Y later in the morning to do P/T. A bit of soreness in right bicep when doing curls. 15 minutes of rowing, flawless. Did shoulder therapy and I did some pull ups without favoring the right side. I did 3 short sets, 3, 4, and4. I am looking forward to tomorrrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easy is the Key

Easy swimming is the key to staying away from pain. Tell Warren that this morning, I am sure he will understand what I mean. i am on my way to the Ridgway swim this Saturday morning. I started to record my shoulder p/t that I am doing on my own until surgery. I was at the Y yesterday to do that. It went well until I cooled off a bit and then tried some 15lb dumbell curls and presses with oncoming pain, so I ended the session. I rowed 15 minutes for the warm up, about 3100m.
I did take a few days out of the pool on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I got back in Thursday morning at Finley and swam easy, easy for about 1500 yards and then I went to the JCC and swam with Charlotte(new nickname-Charmine, get it, lol?) and the JCC Masters group. She told me onte thing about breathing, and when I got to Ridgway Friday, Dave pointed out that the correction looked out of sorts, that I was breathing late, which is how I corrected the problem that Charmine told me about. Huh? No yard totals, although it seemed like about 3500 total on Thursday and 2000 on Friday. I probably will not keep accurate yardage this morning either. Have a nice swim, and I hope to see you at the pool soon.

I understand that an old classmate of mine, Janet Riggs, coaches at Park Terrace and has done so for many seasons. Another classmate, Martha M. emialed me recently as my high school class is getting together for a reunion in late September and I have received some com from a few people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Swim

I am not real happy with myself. My shoulder is messed up. It really bothered me throughout the night and I do not see any reason to swim today. I guess I need to give it another rest. I am also a bit down emotionally because of the shoulder injury. I can not do too much and after I get it fixed, I will probably do even less, until rehabilitation starts. I looked forward to getting my sciatica fixed and rehab went very good, but this time I am in a different frame of mind. It really does not matter how or when I injured my shoulder, what matters is that it gets repaired and I have as successful and rapid rehabilitation as I had with my back.
I have only been doing some light, uninspired lap swimming. My shoulder came down hard on Friday, I think I jumped and I led with my shoulder. EXtra painful, and it has been painful to do most everything. I did swim on Saturday, there were only about 4 other people and yesterday I just swam laps, about 100 of them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is shocking is that a world class masters swimmer, Ken Shilling, at the Stanford Masters workout had a HEART ATTACK during workout. Teammate/bystander CPR and 5 stents later, Ken is doing good, with no apparent damage to his heart. This information was recently posted on the PMS newsletter. I am so happy that the Santa Rosa pools finally have the AED machines. I don't see them, but Loretta told me that they are here. Remember that a water polo guy died after leaving Finley water polo practice a few months ago. I will be relieved when I see the machines t the Santa Rosa pools. I am going to check at the Petaluma Swim Center as that facility is now managed by Forevers Aquatics. I made it to Finley for the door opening this morning and I shared a lane with Emmy Cozine.
1500 free
500 kick on back with fins
500 fist swim
100 ez
500 cruise 7:12
100 ez
3200 yards

Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick, Not Quick Enough

I went to Finley and I tried to get there at 0600 but did not get into the water until after 0615, although I did get half a lane, in the shallow end.
1000 free/back
500 free
500 kick on back with fins
250 free 10x25 on 30 sec
200 free ez
2700 yards

I rowed for 15 minutes, with a 2000 meter time of 8:15, a pr

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Swimming

There were a bunch of SRM swimmers that swam at Lake Berryessa yesterday. Mike, Dave, and Warren were there as well as being at Ridgway this morning. I got in a 500 yard warm up before we decided to listen to Warren make up one of his workouts. He took it easy on us, considering he swam at the lake yesterday.

500 warm up
4x200 back/free for me

6x300 oreo

2x 100 free/100kick/100free
2x 300 breast
2x 300 back/free
3100 yards

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Saturday

I thought all the SRM swimmers except a few were to be at the Beryessa swims this morning. There were 11 of us swimming at one time,, I think for most of the workout. I started out on my own, swimming 34 laps of mindful swimming, then I was asked if I was to join the group with Sara, Harry, Michael L., Deb, Hilary, John, Hermine, Leslie O., Adam, Paco, and me.

8x50 stroke/free
4 times
1. 10 strokes total
2. 20 strokes total
3. 30 strokes total
4. 40 strokes total

16x25 stroke/free on 30 sec, IM order
200 ez
2400 yards workout
850 yards warm up
3250 total

Just a note on the shoulder. It held on the butterfly part of the set. I did experience a recurrence of the pull in the lat on the right side that was the initial strain of the March 12 incident. I have not felt that pain in a while. the shoulder is still tentative.

Friday, June 5, 2009

B70 Has Been Dissed

I hear that Blueseventy, the manufacturer of controversy, I mean the Nero Comp technical competition swimsuit, is going to sue FINA over their controversial decision to disallow this specific swimsuit making it illegal to wear in competition. The decision is not based on the scientific testing that has been performed over the last several months. The ruling is based on subjectivity, due to the problem that the suit has in trapping either air or water in the zipper area of the back. FINA has arbitrarily decided that because of this design flaw these suits are deemed inappropriate for competition. Blueseventy has asked for clarification about the design flaw, but FINA has not come up with a response. I think that the suit manufacturer should come up with its own solutions to the problem and not rely on FINA or another governing body of the sport to dictate to them how they should manufacture their product. Although FINA is not handling the swimsuit issues very well, I do not think that they should have to tell any manufacturer how to make their product, they only need to approve the design and function of a suit.

Two For One

I have not been too inspired with working out lately, therefore I have not been filling out the blog
as much as I can. I fulfilled another week of p/t, and todayit was okay, the shoulder seemed less irritated than usual. I did the 10 lb. curls with no pain in the shoulder , only in the tricep. I should be able to row without pain today. As for swimming, I have been lap swimming, no butterfly, no sets or hard training. I have to get this problem fixed. I will not do butterfly, it is that much of a problem. I should not do pull ups, either.

Lap Swim Thursday, Finley
1100 ez
1100 cruise
200 back
200breast kick
16x25 easy

Lap Swim Friday, Finley
1.5 miles

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Is Tlhe First Out of Water Day

I am tired and my right arm, or shoulder, is sore today. I went to the Y this morning before p/t and I did 3 pull ups, and then I rowed for 15 minutes, the first 10 were very uncomfortable. It loosened up. I do not think that I will swim. I told Patrick, the p/t, that I did swim, yesterday and that when I dove in the first time, it was good, but the second dive was not so good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dive In

I dove in to Finley this morning. It did not hurt at all. After my pee break, I dove in and it hurt. I
1000 choice
500 kick on back with fins
500 fist swim
500 cruise@6:57
4x50 ez
500 cruise ez@7:12
2x50 ez
3300 yards

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finley this AM

I got an email from dd, she was not at PHS workout this morning, but she did leave workout cards and specific instructions to be mindful of body position among other things. Mindful swimming is what TI refers about. Think about body position, hand placement, and what I think of most because I am newer with the front quadrant theory or style of swimming, is the extended glide with my forward arm while the recovering arm is being extended past my head as the extended arm begins its pull as the recovering arm passed the elbow of the extended arm. I thought of that today.
500 choice
500 swim
500 kick on back with fins
500 cruise 7:08
4x50 ez
500 cruise 6:48
4x50 ez
2900 yards