Monday, May 16, 2011

Rest Day Sunday, Back to the Pool Today

I missed the pool for 6 complete days. I think I am going to be okay. I swam with the hand in the flimsy painter glove with no success. I had a waterproof band aid on it too, nah. I was only in the water for 15-20 minutes. I erged too. 15 minutes of good pace to 3k, then another 15 minutes to 5.7k with a chat. Good.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brilliant Idea

What if? I will try it, that is, make the my homepage. I can link with my present homepage. Jeah.

The damn cut is still healing. I bleeped up when I swam on Monday. Perhaps it would not have make much of a difference. And hey, can I use this keyboard with my ipad? Gonna find out as soon as I log the morning workout on the Erg.
Stan got aboard soon after I did.
15minute warm up
2k test 8:10
10 minute warm down

Keeping Dry

I have stayed out of the water for several days due to the gash on my right hand. I got back on the Concept2 on Wednesday and it felt really good. no irritation from the 13.1 the day before. I got some good pulling and had a chat with a very young stroke survivor. I pulled for about 25 minutes, that was enough for a good warm down session. I am pleased with the quick recovery and there are no issues of back, shoulder or such.

I set up Cassandra's garden on Thursday. No swim, now erg.

Friday, again I stayed dry. I had a good 30 minute erg, building the whole pull from
5 800
10 1700
15 2700
20 3800
25 5100
30 6300
55 minute warm down

I will check the monitor this morning. Test 2k, anyone?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

World Marathon, Half Marathon ERG Challenge

Wow, I was having flashbacks to the First Annual Paul Masson Marathon that I ran in the South Bay whenever. I did a great job today.
The log on the monitor broke the erg into 4k segments.
They were all very even, except for the last one, I really fell off. My lumbars were really bothering me while rowing, but I did it!
I think the first 10k was around 51 minutes.
My final time was 1h59:36.7

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quick ERg

10K Yesterday. Today at 1200 I did an evenly paced 4km and and easier 2 minute warm down. No water today as the gash on the right palm is healing very nicely. I am keeping it as dry as possible.

TAM 1650 Postal Results

Congratulations to all my friends at the greatest workout group in Petaluma, CA, the Jellies, who had a 100% participation in the Johanthan Steiner Memorial 1650 Postal at Tamalpais Aquatic Masters this season. DeaAnn Joslin is the undisputed leader of the group, she is a rock, and she rocks! I had the pleasure to join her workouts for the 2009 spring season and they are structured, explained well, and modified as necessary to each of her swimmers.

I lacerated/punctured,stabbed my right palm with a 4" sheetrock knife Friday evening. I was too 'happy' to be doing what I was doing, scraping paint remover, yech. #Ouch, I need to keep it dry as long as possible, so I stayed out of the pool yesterday and will not swim today either. I need to find a waterproof dressing. Jeah. So I am back to the ergometer this morning.

I took some time off after the shoulder issue last week. Monday was fail. Off Tuesday, I swam good on Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday I rowed 25 minutes and swam a warm down.

1. 16:
2. 15:38 31:38
3. 15:16 46:55

The splits are 3333, 6666, and 10000.

Monitor readings were reflective of even pace.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stopping to Evaluate

It has been quite some time since I have had a malady concerning my physical activity. It is somewhat understandable that an issue comes up occasionally as I am very prone to working out every day, most days I do at least 2 disciplines either walking, riding, rowing, and/or swimming.

I noticed that there is an irritation in my left clavicle, yeah swimmers shoulder or something like that. Exactly like righty, but not as dramatic. This has caused concern. I noticed, appropriately enough, when I swam at Ridgeway on Sunday morning. It was cold!! 76F, maybe. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, there was no wind, and it was 'refreshing'. That is when I first had a concern.
I swam 2500 yards.

1. Did the colder water contribute in any way to the issue?
2. Is it possible that I may have an overuse issue from the sanding, scraping and painting?

I became more concerned yesterday when I visited the Y in the morning. I sat down at the erg, proceeded to warm up and I thought I was on my way because I have had no issues with either shoulder while rowing. I was trying to settle into a good pull but was slowing down. There was an issue, and it was not weakness from illness the day previous. The slowing was because the left shoulder was irritated. This was a good time to stop. 3800 meters. Start on #1 for 15 minutes, then switched to #2 for about 5 more minutes before departing to the pool for further evaluation. After warm up swimming, there was still an issue. Done for the day at that point. In addition to resting the affected shoulder, I have started a regimen of Celebrex, 100mg twice a day for reducing any inflammation and pain.