Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking Back At the Logged Workouts

I did just analyze the past documenting of the workouts and I do need to back off. Too much, it appears. I just like to do it. It feels good to train with a goal in mind. I just need to rein myself in for the next couple of days. I will listen to the doctor as well. I don't listen to my body, do I? I think that is because I trained myself to run through pain, due to so much endurance training when I was young.


Yeah, I saw a doctor yesterday. Phooey, as I am now being treated for left shoulder impingement syndrome. GDI.
X-Rays of ribs and a full set of left shoulder shows only arthritis, no breakage or displacement.

I did not swim today.
I did an afternoon p.t session including 25 minutes on the Concept2 ergometer.

I swam only for 20 minutes on Sunday, as I went to the GAy PRide Parade in The City.

I did a 20 minute erg before swimming over 30 minutes on Monday.

Yesterday I swam over 30 minutes, but had to exit the swim because of the shoulder issue.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Training Day, What?!

My shoulder is sore. I made a doctor appointment, it is 4 days away. I hope the problem goes away. It is really irritated during interruptions in swimming, such as stopping during sets. I should say that what seems to be the chest muscle strain hurts during the pause. Now as I am sitting here, the whole shoulder, including the scapular region is affected.
I swam this morning. The pain dissipates while swimming with good form.

Well over an hour in the pool, practiced sets with flip turns.

10x50 kick hard to finish

10x texas 25s, with flip and extended several times, last 2 with hard kick into wall.

A bunch of reasonable laps, there were some other good swimmers this morning. Beverly, and another younger lady, very fit and skilled.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Left shoulder Issue

Darn, my left shoulder/ribcage is bothering me. While at recreation swim on Tuesday, I was surfacing from my last dive from the board when a person landed on me. I appeared to be okay. It was during adult time, so there were not many eyes on the pool as the guards were doing in service training. Two guards did see the near miss and approached me to ask if I was okay. I was, at the time.

I think my shoulder was irritated before the jump. Did the accident perpetuate the injury/issue? The pain occurs significantly upon inspiration in my 3-4 left intercostal region and the scapular region is irritated too.

The pain does not appear to be swimming related. I swam/practiced for almost an hour this morning. As I am sitting here, the shoulder aches. oh, oh. it is time to doctor up.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update Today

The reason I keep this web log is so I can keep track of my workouts. I do so much that I can hurt myself if not monitored properly. Example, yesterday I went to the Y, rowed, and swam. Then I rode the bike to Home Depot, up the hill, for an errand. I also prepared the 4th corn planting. It is a 15 ft. row planted with 3 varieties, all in the same hole. There are berries all over the garden, I need to get the raspberries now...

Workouts going as far back as I can include
6/20 15min erg, 25min swim, 5mi bike, 5mi bike, 30min swim
6/19 Swim outside at Ridgeway
6/18 Swim in Sunnyvale
6/17 Erg in Mountain View
6/16 and so on, etc all the way back to May 16
Nothing out of the ordinary during the last month. I did do the Concept2 World Marathon/Half Marathon Erg Challenge, on like May 11. I logged it on the Concept2 site and am officially listed as 18th out of 20 for the 50-59. I worked into it, I erged under 2 hours, and recovery was pretty easy.
I am off to the indoor pool, the natatorium, at the Y. I am in need of some direction, so I need to post often in the next 3 weeks.