Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween DOMS

Happy Halloween and I am full of DOMS, or it could be just the last part of the acronym, muscle soreness. I rode the bike to the Rose Bowl Game on Saturday. I waited until I was riding home to find that the batteries for the front light were dead. There were some very dark spots along the route home. I swam in the morning.
2500 yards,
free, including 5x 100
fly, including drill building to slow 200
2x broken 200 at 45


Ride to row

6K 28:55

Swim 1K

Ride home

Ride to 6229 Beard St, twice

Hilly terrain, this is Highland Park, and riding an elevation gain, although slight, contributes to a higher level of energy.

Elevation estimate of Hermon/home is 500ft.
Rose Bowl Aquatic Center elevation is 781 feet.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ease into Training

Although my base level of fitness is very high, I am now focusing on the objective of decreasing my distance freestyle time. Here we go.

Sunday 10/23
800 SC Meters UCLA Masters
Very happy

Monday 10/24
Row, easy swim

Tuesday 10/25
500m warm up
5x100m on 2 min
close to 1:30+
10x50 descend, mixed free

500m warm up
5x100m on`1:45 2 times
2x200m broken
warm down

bike ride to Los Feliz to Colorado Blvd to home 2.5 hours
ergometer 20 minutes,

That is a rest day???

Article in LA Times today about a rower being recruited here in Socal.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Swim Meet!

No big deal, but it was kind of fun. I went to the UCLA SCM Masters Swim Meet today. It was a ery good time. It was well organized, UCLA Spieker Aquatic Center/Dirks Pool is a very nice facility. It has a very nice diving complex and the pool is very clean. the locker room is a very nice.
Theere was the swim equipment vendor and a food truck, Don Taco. they serve a Chinese/Mexican fusion type of cuisine. That was it for the chow.

It looked like there were about 150 swimmers entered. Ask an official, but I am fairly accurate. What time is it? I was 10 minutes off, or late at 1230. I was finished my events by 2:30 PM. Not bad, but I did scratch an event. It was necessary to do so, as it was 100 meter SC butterfly.

I did swim a very good 800 meter free. I surprised myself with a 12:05. No counter, but I did find a swimmer to pace with, she was in a middle lane. I like swimming mixed, men and women.

I will post images of the event.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lucky Boy Burgers

Boy, I was NOT hungry after I ate a cheeseburger at Lucky Boy Burger, on Arroyo Seco Parkway in Pasadena. Wow, what a good hamburger. It was very big, with lots of fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and several pickles. The bun was very large, fresh and tasty. The beef patty was tasty too. I ate the whole hamburger and liked it very much..and I will go have another one soon. They have a pastrami burger too, and the burrito looked huge. It is said that they make a remarkable burrito.

My legs are whipped. I have been riding the bike. I rode to swim session and also rode to Occidental College to return my job application/resume. 10+miles rt. 10+miles to and looking at neighborhoods

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Row 6K

Row 6K, that is a nice even erg. 3X 2K, as it is and can be broken into the various segments.

I was not sure of the idea of a 6K, or about 30 minutes on the Concept2, until I arrived at the Center. I felt good. Last erg was 7 days ago, I am thinking of the indoor rowing season. I will look to see if there are any on the schedule. There may be one nearby.

27:16 6K

I could not stay off the bike either. Only about 7 miles, maybe 5.. How far is it to Fair Oaks and Monterey? 2.5 miles plus San Pascual to see open house on Crescent Ave.

Toni Vega, the real estate agent, should call tomorrow around 1130.

The San Pascual Ave area is neat, I like it. Garvanza. It is a tip of LA near the borders of Pasadena and South Pasadena in the Arroyo Seco.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rusty, Not Red

There was some soreness in either triceps as it took some swimming to get right. About 500 meters.
Ride to RBAC
Swim 2K
Ride home

Yesterday was a no swim day. I did ride the bike in the morning.

Ride 2+hours, 15 miles.

I rode a circumnavigation of the Mt. Washington area, starting here in Hermon and riding to Occidental College, touring the campus and checking in with HR and Athletic Facility.
Ride to Colorado Blvd for coffee at Sworks, and then to Glassell Park. Looked at neighborhood between ERB and FWY2. Eagle rock Blvd to Cypress Ave to Figueroa and home.

I tried to go to the Central Library in the afternoon, but I was too tired and forgot which way to go. I had dinner at Phillipe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Done Did It

I like this place. I like to sleep well. No hurry to get to the pool this morning.
Bike Path open, normal ride, 28 minutes.
Normal 2k swim
Easy ride home, 23 minutes.


I would like to go to the beach to just hang. Car day, plan ahead. Oh, baseball starts in 20 minutes. no big. But it is really cool here inside. It is not so out the door and it may approach 90 at the beach later in the day. Rethinking, perhaps I will stay here and watch the first game.

This evening, The Verdugo Bar, located very close to Glassell Recreation Center, is hosting meet the brewer of Bear Republic from Healdsburg. I am sure he knows Two Rivers and I want to visit the bar. Perhaps the beach will wait till tomorrow, it is sure to be even yeckier(hotter, more humid, with poor air quality).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping It Going

1500 metersLC free/back
500 yards fly drill/swim

20 minutes
4200 meters, slow start(800-850meters) after swim,

Ride now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Do Not Stop

Keep going.  Do not stop.  Continue.  Proceed.  Carry On. This is nice, I only wish the pool was a bit closer.  I rode the bike last Friday, 25 minutes.  It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the RBAC.  Additionally, I burn too much fuel.  It is 1 quart/$1of gas per trip, 1/2gallon, and $2 per workout.  Hmmm.

Is a routine needed?.  No routines allowed, remember.  Confusion rules the muscles.  Thinking I will ride 2 times per week, erg twice and swim 5-6 times, until further notice.  Just as always, 7-10 sessions per week.  Keep going.  Try running, again. 

Occasionally I was doing a jog to the Y before the move. But I could walk faster than that jog.  That probably was not productive.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lately I Swim and Ride a Bicycle

I really need to make time to erg on the Concept2, I think that I can do with 2 ergs a week until further notice.

I swam Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I erged twice, I think on Tuesday(or Wednesday) and for sure on Friday.

I also rode the bike to RBAC on Friday to erg for 20 minutes and I only swam 1k. I think the one way distance is 5+miles. I shall try the La Loma way soon. I saw a cyclist on the route this morning. I think he was coming from the RBAC. It is only 4.6 miles.

I swam well today.
2k, strong, with 200 back in the middle.

Approx. 500 fly drill mostly 1 arm.

CicLAvia was this day in LA..maybe 10+miles, I don't know. I was really tired after. Huge too!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Off

Very nice retirement/reunion Friday evening in SRafael. Very adult like. good food too. Extremely nice to see everyone. Congratulations to all my peers and brothers that made it. I hope to see everyone here soon. Enjoy the never ending 4 day.

Back into the pool this morning.
What a nice 1500LC
Then to the SC pool for some warmth.
Some warm up dolphin drills, one arms, modified Biondis. then 50, 100 and 200. 200 less than 4, more like 3.5. Just looking.

Nice spa time.

15 minute erg
2k @10min
1.2k last 5min
2min warm down