Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

But first I will record Tuesday as it is fresh in mind.

15+ minutes warm up swimming

500 kick on back with fins
  250 straight
  10x25 USRPT(40sec)
500 kick on back with fins
  250 straight
  10x25 USRPT(40sec)

250 swim
  including 1 arm fly

5x100 butterfly

250 swim

3000 yards total


500 warm up swim

1000 kick on back with fins
  similar to above on Tuesday

20x50 free
USRPT style
55 seconds
36 seconds
first 4 were slow
fail #7 37 seconds
17,18,19, easy
20 @32 seconds

250 cool down

2750 yards

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Not Funday

It is okay, no problems.

500 swim warm up

500kicking with fins on back
10 alternating
10 dolphin
final 6 on clock

250 swim
3x100 one arm fly mix

5x100 fly
  2x ez

60 seconds
ez smooth no clock

2750 yards

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Workout/Practice X 3

Back to the pool after Christmas Day no swim day. 

most important part of workout was the quick set of USRPT 20x50 free most at 34-35 with 2 fails at 12 an 16, approximately.
also a kick set and warm up
total 2750 yards

500 warm up
500 kick on back with fins
500 free harder
on near 60 seconds
cool down swim

15 minutes swimming
15 minutes kicking on back with fins(750yards total)
including 15 alternating and 15 dolphin, last 6 with clock
250 swim
5x100 butterfly, building up
300 swim
2800 yards or so

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Workout Before Christmas

It was a cool and clear Tuesday morning in Pasadena California. The workout was a typical  Tuesday morning but it was special because I had a personal invitation.  I did warm up in the rec pool, exacty 500 yards

  substitute fly for breast

8x50 kick with fins

100 ez

  fly for breast

400 cool down
2100 meters plus 500 yards

This workout is not very relevant

Monday, December 23, 2013

What Up Butterfly


500 warm up swim
500 kick on back with fins
10x25 kick with fins hard
5x100 butterfly
  100 drill
20x25 usrpt freestyle
2 fails
last one is 50 sprint
30 seconds

missing something because total is

2700 yards


500 warm up

500 swim

250 kick on back with fins
10x25 kick on back with fins
on 40 seconds

300 in comp pool

near 1 minute
10x25 fly
40 seconds

200 cool down

2450 yards+
300 meters

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lone Wolf Workout

I have only swam with the workout group once.  Friday was a no swim day, although I did row 4k.
I did a sick person workout on Thursday.  Easy swimming, about 1500 yards. Back to my own swimming today.  I did arrive at 0600 and was swimming by 0610. 

500 Easy
1000 swim
300 kick, alternate, with fins
200 kick, dolphin, with fins
2x100 butterfly warm up, 1 arm, various
3x100 25fly/25free/25fly/25free
20x25 free USRPT, getting some 15's, 1 STOP at 16 (10 minutes+30 seconds)
200 cool down

3200 yards

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Try To Stay In The Group

I swam the workout with the 0630 group this morning. 
I warmed up in the rec pool for 15 minutes

IM workout

2x50 IM order
total of 8

3x200 IM
10 seconds
4:30 lots of rest

200 ez

100 hard
try to do as much butterfly as possible
There was another swimmer in my lane so butterfly is hard to do.

200 co0l down

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Go Again Traditional Training

Checking in with a report of training in the pool.  I took last week easy, although I did strain my right groin on the Erg.  Staying off the rowing machine until next week.

I have not given in to the USRPT, although I am reverting to cruise control and doing my own workout.

I have decided to concentrate on the events that I am good at swimming.  50 free and butterfly, 100 free and butterfly, and the 200 free.  If I need to swim a 6th event, it needs to fit into the meet schedule.

Yesterday, Monday, notably I did some kicking with fins and a short USRPT set of 20x25 free.

Today, Tuesday

500 warm up swimming

5x100 free
no time

500 kick with fins
10x25 kick hard with fins

250 swim

2x100 fly warm up

200 cool down

Please try and do butterfly every day.

Monday, December 9, 2013


The SPMS Short Course Meters Regional Championship Swim Meet is over.  It was an 'A' meet.  Well organized, well attended, and enjoyed by all the competitors, I'm sure.  The Brenda Villa Aquatic Center is an excellent facility.  I hope we can swim there again.

Mixed emotions dominated my weekend.  So mixed, that I scratched my favorite event.  I did not swim the proper events, basically due to my own faulty meet management.

I performed well, when I consider that this is my return to competition post C.E.(Cardiac Event).

I need to explore the issue with the peripheral nerve issue in my feet/legs.

Meaning I had little power in my lower body/legs during the 400.  I have been experiencing this problem for a while.  Notably 2012, and 1000 at Indy 2013.  I think when the feet go numb, this is a sign of stress, anxiety and such.  But it does not seem to happen in sprints.

The jury has decided USRPT is not for me.  For now.

Because of the way I did my cardiac recovery, I cannot tell if I lost a beat/step/stroke.  I don't think that has happened.  I need more time.
Results are on swimphone.com

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monday Tuesday Today

Fairly back pain free
800 warm up
40x25 freestyle
2 Fails
Cool down

Originally a scheduled off day
1000 Swim EZ

500 swim
500 kick with fins on back
10x25 dolphin kick w/fins
 On back
40 second send off
200 recovery

2 times
10x15 butterfly
40 second send off
200 swim down/recovery

Ready for swim meet this weekend.
200 IM
200 backstroke
400 free
100 butterfly
50 breaststroke
200 free
400 free

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Breakthrough Backstroke

Santa Monica Swim Sunday. USRPT. Very sore right side yesterday. Unknown source of pain.
Pain was mostly gone this morning. I have been gentle today.  I was kind and gentle at workout too.
I only did 1 session.  I was scheduled to do a 50 freestyle session but I did not think it was appropriate to do it. I am letting the back issue heal and it is close to the swim meet.

750 warm up swimming

30x25 backstroke
200 race pace
19 seconds
21 seconds rest
40 second send odd
Zero Fails

1st set of 30
Decreased rep time from 20 to 19

500 recovery cool down