Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Posting 2 USRPT Sessions

I shall post yesterday's USRPT session and then today's workout.  Both were done at Rose Bowl.
I said bye to many this morning.  I will be seeing everyone in Santa Clara in May.


1000 swimming

5x100 freestyle
no clock
concentrating on long stroke, i.e. distance per stroke(dps).

20x50 freestyle
400/500 race pace
first 3 were over time
35/36 second target
55 second send off
fail 14
several under 35 15-20

200 cool down swimming


1000 swim

500 kick style

2x100 1 arm butterfly progressions

20x25 butterfly
fail 5, 9, 14, 18

some cool down

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Swim Santa Monica

I said my good bye to Santa Monica Swim Center this morning.  The nice window attendant mentioned something about if I was a senior I would only pay $3.50.  I thanked her for the compliment.

1500 swim

100 ez kick
16x25 kcik
on back
with fins
8 free
8 dolphin
20/40 seconds
500 total kicking

100 free ez
2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

250 cool down

3250 yards

Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Moving Sir

I have only 6 days left to swim at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center as my home training facility.  I am headed back to NorCal and will consider Finley Swim Center in Santa Rosa my training home, again.  Okay.

1000 swimming

100 free, too ez

5x100 free
1:20 or less
25 seconds rest
kind of USRPT

6x75 free
as close to 50 seconds as possible
25 seconds  rest
fails 2, 4,

200 ez

14x25 freestyle
no breathers
easy TI style
hurry last 2
most on 60 seconds

2600 yards

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today's Training Effect

But first, I need to log yesterday's workout.

That was Wednesday, pretty simple.

2000 swim

10x50 free
easy USRPT
60 second send off
43, 38, 37, 36, 36
5 more at 36/60

2500 yards


1000 swim

2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

20x25 butterfly
easy speed
rest/fails 5, 10, 14, 18

500 swim
1 lap drills
looking at timing, hand entry, body position, etc.

2500 yards

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Training Break

Last weekend I had the opportunity to swim in two large masters meets.  I competed at Rose Bowl Masters on February 8 and traveled to San Francisco to swim at USF on Sunday.  I swam 3 events at Rose Bowl and 4 events the next day in The City.

Rose Bowl Meet
27.79 50 free
30.07 50 fly
34.87 50 back

Valentine Meet USF
1:02.20 100 free
29.93     50 fly
1:09.02  100 fly
27.35    50 free

I did swim in Santa Rosa throughout the last week.  Lap swimming, mostly.  No real focus on training.

I was back at Rose Bowl this morning.

500 swim
500 backstroke
2x100 1 arm butterfly progression
12x25 fly
40 seconds
break at #6
got back to 16 seconds

20x25 freestyle
getting back into USRPT
swimming at 16 seconds
30 second take off
18,19,20 on 1 minute to get under 15 seconds

100 swim
6x Texas 25s
100 swim

2500 yards

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fit and Rested

My goal for this weekend is to be fit and rested for the twin masters swim meets.  Rose Bowl Meet is Saturday.  First event is 50 freestyle followed by 50 butterfly.  I leave for the Bay Area at 1130.  I am hoping I can squeeze in a 50 backstroke before departing for the USF Valentine Affair Masters Meet on Sunday.  First event is 100 freestyle followed directly by the 50 butterfly.  Most important is 100 butterfly with good recovery/warm up time.  50 free is after that.

So, I swam yesterday.

500 swimming
 100ez back/100 free/,/,/

10x25 backstroke
  several 17/18
40 second send off

100 ez

10x25 freestyle
no breather
flip turn
60 seconds

2x100 butterfly 1 arm progression

10x15 butterfly
no breather
5 full strokes
ez fast
40 second send off

ez swimming out

no swim day

questionable, but I may try to stay out

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Uncharted USRPT Fail

first, I had an uncharted poor sleep again, noisy b upstairs. Next, I just could not get wound up, ar it took me a long while.  I tried to get the butterfly portion of the morning as USRPT, but that was unsuccessful. 

500 swimming
500 backstroke
500 kixcking

2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

20x25 butterfly
switched over
  15/60 and
  25 plus turn on 90 seconds
until finished

some cool down butterfly

Monday, February 3, 2014

USRPT Posting For Sunday and Monday

Yesterday was Sunday.

500 swimming

2x100 butterfly 1 arm progression
3x100 25fly/50free/25fly

200 swimming

20x25 freestyle
fails 4, 7, 10,14,18

10x25 freestyle

10x25 freestyle
fail 6

200 swimming cool down

some easy kicking with fins


500 swimming
500 kick on back with fins alternating
10x25 kick on back with fins 40 second send off USRPT

2X100 butterfly 1 arm progression

20x15 butterfly
no breather
40 second send off
fails 8, 16stop, and 20

20x15 butterfly
1 breath
40 second send off
no fails

500ez cool down

Saturday, February 1, 2014

No Swim Day

There is a need and reason to take time away from swim training.  

Friday Workout.  I did this yesterday.

500 swimming
500 kicking on my back, but I also did some laps on my side.
2x100 1 arm butterfly progression
5x100 25fly/50free/25fly
20x25 backstroke
   got some 17s fails...
500 swimming

2700 total
750 race pace
  (butterfly portion of 5x100s)

Now go enjoy your no swim day.