Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is This Psycho?

It all started on a good note this morning at Ridgway, and until the last stroke, it was what appeared to be a quick recovery from the slight strain of the right clavicle, corocoid process, and it the workout progressed beautifully until literally the last stroke, whick was at 2300 yards. I managed to swim down 200 ez. The story was, I strained the right clavicle again pulling a dummy at a drill. Papered it too, again. Woke up okay, entered the pool at 1000.
500 swim, good form, strong
250 kick with fins
250 kick with board
50, 100, 150, 150, 100, free dropping to 1:53 last 150
2x100 fly, stroke count a@7
3x100 fly drill, mostly 1 arm
4x25 free 30 sec
4x50 free, broken, 2nd 25 sprint, this is when I really strained the shoulder, clavicle,
impingement, and now I am really upset.
200 ez swim down
I look ahead to PHS in the morning, hopeful that I can swim unimpinged.
I also feel that for a return to workout from 48 at work, I was swimming, without the usual cramping.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Is Easy

Tuesday morning at TLRC and I am in the water shortly after 0600. I swam pretty good yesterday, and I did the final weight workout at the SCFY in the early afternoon. How does anyone work out after the noon hour is beyond me. That time is specially reserved for a nap,especially so at work. We call it a safety nap. I do have a bit more of a time when trying to nap at home, but those safety naps at work really help. My weight workout was good, I did a test set of bench presses on the rack. I had a good set, I think my fitness level is right where it should be. I am going to look at the workouts I was doing just before the Texas meet last year. I think I did a fair job of logging my workouts before the Nationals last year, then I just kind of lost interest in recording the workouts.
This blog is now linked at, thank you Rob D. His blog is a bit more refined than this one, check it out.

500 swim
500 kick on back with fins
500 broken, 10x50 on 45 sec, swim at 40-38 seconds
5x100 free 1:20-1:24 20 sec rest
12x25 kick with board
10x25 free on 30
10x25 free on 45
200ez warm down
3000 yards

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Goes Sunday then Comes Monday

Sunday at Ridgway was another confusing day. I wanted to swim with the group and I did, but the group was small and Warren led the attack with his relentless pursuit of long backstroke and 400 IM work. Modifying was the order of the days workout. I really do not have any idea what kind of yardage I swam, I can only approximate. There was some quality hypoxic work towards the end and I must have swam around 4000 yards.
Lots of breaststroke too.
warm up of 500-1000 choice, kick
8x50 on 60
3x100 free: swim, kick, swim
3x100 free: kick, swim, kick
8x25 swim
3x100 breast: swim, kick, swim
3x100breast: kick, swim, kick
8x25 swim
no back for me, I started to do 50 breast repeats, descending
10x50 Texas 25, 5xsecond 25, 5xfirst 25

Monday at PHS is so organized, but then it is a coached workout too. The water is very warm, I would say 82* plus. DeaAnn mentioned to me that I could go hard,meaning the full workout, singling me out because of the big meet in 11 days that I will now begin the sharpening, tapering process. She has an eye on me.
500 choice warm up

800 swim
100 IM
300 kick

700 swim
200 IM, no back
300 kick

600 swim
300 kick

500 swim
400(8x50 fly/free, free/fly, broken at 20, on 1:15

5000 yards, 300 kicks were 250 so 4850 yards

I think coach went to a USA Swimming meet over the weekend and she had a bit of a rant going about the suit issue. She also touched on the dolphin kick ruling on the breaststroke, noting that there has been issues with the interpretation of the kcik.

Sunday, April 26, 2009 for Latest Scuttle

The big boys are getting riled. The issue at the forefront of our competitive minds is equipment. Our sport is supposed to be PURE. We should not lower our athletic standards to being equipment operators, like automobile racers, bicyclists, golfers, tennis players, and the other genres of sport where equipment is a necessary part of the game. Our greatest swimmers of the time are now speaking out about the future of our sport.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ridgway Saturday Morning with Half of the National Team

500 swim choice
500 kick with fins
6x50 kick/swim/drill
4x75 kick/swim/drill
I sort of forgot the rest of the workout except for
6x100 3 minute intervals
2,4,6 hard, 6 off blocks
I had a do over at 1:06.5
300 ez
10x25 free, 6@ 30, 4@ 60
2850 approximate yards

Tech Suits At

I just sent them an email about my displeasure with the b70 nero comp shorty and then I looked at the technical suits and there are Rocket Science suits with both arms and no arms, there are Aquazone suits too. It appears that the suits have just recently been released for the general swimming public. I was looking at the old FS Pro and they are fairly reasonably priced too. There are no reviews available on either of the new products, and the TYR Tracer Light is also available from

Waiting for Noon

Yesterday I waited till the noon swim at Ridgway, and I am sore this morning, I think it is DOMS from the weights on Thursday, compounded by the Friday workout.
500 dhoice
500jick with fins
12x50, choice on 55

3 times at 1:45, 1:30 and 1:15
3x100, fly/free, last set is 75 lyards
4x50 slow

16x25, every 4th fast on 45, IM order, fast is free
I did about 6 butterflys
3500 yards

This morning I am planning to swim with the informal Santa rosa group. I asked Warren Schenstrom if he could put a finger on a specific part ofhis training that he can attribute his improvement. He said to me that it is the time trials that they do each Saturday. I am looking forward to swimming this morning. Cassandra may join us at Ridgway

Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Water Day

I usually do not post on a day that I don't swim, but I thought it would be okay to post today. I hope to do a weight session today, I like to lift in the late afternoon, right before dinner. I cannot swim on the second day of a set because we work a 48 hour shift. This day is always scheduled as a rest/recovery day, except I usually do some dry land, either weights or I walk on the treadmill. I looked at the psyche sheets again and there are not many of swimmers from the east coming to USMS Nationals this year. the YMCA Nationals appeared to be well attended by the east coast swimmers. I think if I had to choose between Fort Lauderdale and Clovis, and I lived east of the Mississippi, I would probably join a Y, if I wasn't already a member, and go to Florida.
I shall start my tapering soon. I will swim 5 days in a row starting tomorrow, and I think my last workout before the taper will be Monday at PHS. I will seek coaching knowledge and advice from DeaAnn, she knows a thing or three.
I got a in a weight session this afternoon when I was preparing the evening meal at work. I used some heavier weight, but the bench seemed a bit heavy. I also did the treadmill this morning and I walked fast for 2.10 miles, setting a standard for 30 minutes. I am thinking that I only have two or maybe only one dry land session before tapering for nationals.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three in One

I was in the water at PHS by 0515. I was at the Y yesterday afternoon and I did a fair amount of weights. I used the rack to test my peak bench strength. I did 3 sets of 8, starting with 160 then 180 and down to 170, in addition to military and curls.
700 choice warm up
8x75 kick/drill swim, 4free, 4 breast
500 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 1 lap stroke/1lap free etc. Holding ping pong balls(fist swimming)
500 same w/o ppballs
5x200 20 sec rest, fly/free, back/free, fly/free, fly/free, warm down
3300 yards

Psyche sheets are posted for Nationals. I have top ten seeding in 50 fly and breast, and 100 fly.
DeaAnn is top seeded in all breaststroke.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice Day

I bypassed TLRC this morning and swam at Ridgway. I saw the SRM coach, she asked me how I felt about being a PMS record holder. Tim, Don, Martin and I swam the 400 free relay in 3:49., shaving the old record by a second. My split was 58.23.
700 choice
700 kick on back with fins, long underwater
5x200 free, 100 easy in between
5x100 fly, easy, counting strokes 7=8
500 speed work, various fly/free, intervals, technique
4000 yards

Monday, April 20, 2009

PMS Weekend

PMS Short course Champs were over the weekend. I am back in the pool this morning with DeaAnn and the workout group in Petaluma. DeaAnn ran a marathon in Salt Lake City over the weekend to celebrate her 50th. I hope she is still planning to go to Clovis. The meet roster and psyche sheets are posted at the USMS website.
700 choice warm up
8x50 hypoxic(texas 25s,
4x50 10sec int
4x100 fly/free
12x25 back
4x200 all at 2:45
12x25 stroke
500 kick on back with fins
That was it for me. I was still a bit fatigued from the weekend
3900 yards, it didn't seem like that much, I guess we are having fun.
I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, good pace, 2.05mi, first thing in the morning at work.
I hope to blog about the meet later, but I need to start dinner at the fire house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two for One Post and PMS SCYChamps

I return again with the workouts from the previous day and today, this morning at PHS. I think I took it easy today, but I am really fatigued after workout. Since I came home instead of going to work, I stayed as long as I wanted. The last set would have been a better fit in the middle of the workout, but I was too tired to go the full set.
Wednesday at PHS
500warm up

3 times
3x100 kick on back with fins
1.arms at 45, 90, 135, 180
2.arms behind back, clasped

4x500, broken, IM order,
2x50free, ez
2x50free, ez
last set stroke is IM

Tuesday I swam at Ridgway and the water was 77.9*, but it felt okay.
500 choice warm up
500 kick, choice w/breast kick and breast kick on back
5x200free build, 10 seconds rest
5x200IM, free/stroke
10x25 kick with board
3250yards, roughly
I talked with the SRM coach, Hermine about the meet this weekend.

The Pacific Masters Swimming Championships are being held this weekend at the swim complex in Pleasanton. I hear that there are 781 entrants this year. This is a very big meet, with the Nationals coming to Northern California in three weeks. I see that there are just under 1600 entrants at Nationals. I am looking forward to a nice warm weekend. I am going to take tomorrow off, I shouldn't even go by the pool in the morning, but I probably will. The YMCA Nationals are this weekend. I heard that some swimmers from the East are going to swim the Y meet as their Nationals instead of coming to Clovis. Many really good Masters swimmers in the East and South affiliate with YMCA. Sarasota Florida YMCA has a really large and very good Masters swimming program, as well as being the new home of USMS.

It appears that the NEM SCY meet last month had 858 swimmers at the meet. Apparently, they were supposed to limit entries to 750 participants, that was a large meet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday and DeaAnn's birthday

I was very fortunate to be able to swim on Easter Sunday. the TLRC was open, and after work I went straight to swim there. I found out later that the pools in Santa Rosa were closed(so was the SCFY, Sonoma County Family YMCA in Santa Rosa).
500 free good pace warm up
500 kick with fins on back,
5x50 kick with fins, 25 underwater/25easy
10x25 kick with board
4x200IM, free/stroke, work stroke
200 ez out
3000 yards

Monday at PHS and it is DeaAnn's 50th today.I arrived at around 0510 and did 700 choice warm up. In honor of coaches 50th, we did all 50s, the set being broken down thus...
We were supposed to go on 10 sec r/i but to keep on interval, we went on 45 sec interval, which allowed me 5-7 seconds rest.
We also were supposed to alternate 6-8 25 ez on 30 between sets, I think we did 6 after the 4x50 and 8 after 8,16 and 32. We also did every 4th 50 stroke, I did 25back/25free for recoverey, going right to the next 50 w/o rest. This was a fun workout and I swam until 0645 because I felt that traffic would be a nonissue.

4400 yards

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Morning Petaluma

I arrived at PHS shortly after 0500 and was in the water with enough time to complete the 1000 choice of warm up. Idid about 700 swim and 300 kicking on my back before we started the workout at 0530. The Friday routine begins with about 15 minutes of treading water, then 75 ez swim. Workout totals for the session are
1000 choice swim warm up
15 minutes treading water 75 ez
5x100 back pull w/bouy

12x75, 3 sets of 4, IM stroke on fast laps, m=moderate, f=fast
1. mmm, mmf, mff, fff
2. fff, fff, fff, fff, fff
3. fff, ffm, fmm, mmm

3x200 free
3000 yards w/15 treading water
All my fly laps were fairly strong.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost Home

Back at TLRC this morning with Cassandra C. We got her entered in the upcoming meets this morning and we went to the 1100 session at TLRC.
1000 choice
300 kick
4x50 free 60 sec
50,100,150,200,150,100,50 fly/free all good strong fly, on 1 min
3x100 broken 20, 20, 30
300 choice warm down
3000 yards

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Early in the Morning

I made it to PHS at around 0500, and I was in the water soon thereafter. I got my 1000 yard choice in before actual workout this morning. DeaAnn had us do either of two workouts, an endurance set or a sprint set. I led our lane in the sprint set.
1000 swim, 6 hard/2 moderate
6x150 IM double up on two legs(fly/back)
20x25free 2 on 25 sec, 2 on 35 sec
100ez out at 0630
3300 yards, missed 100 yards of 1 IM

I swam fairly easy today, I did the hard sprinting at yesterday's workout.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Terra Linda Swimming Opens

Monday the Terra Linda Recreation Center in San Rafael opened for the season. Cost is the number one reason it opened a month later this season than last year. I registered at the kiosk, and I will pick up my employee pass on Thursday. I just returned from a long weekend of being out of the water. We went to Pleasanton for a high school invitational on Saturday. Friday I had a molar surgically removed, and I took a sick day Saturday and actually stayed shut down for most of the day. I went back to work on Sunday, without swimming, but I did two rotations of weights in the morning at work.

We had a slow day at the first day of TLRC. The water is clear, warm and smooth. Nice big lane dividers too. It looks like they retrofitted the drains, VGB compliance? It is a very nice place to swim. It looks like there is a new masters workout group in addition to a triathlon training group that is using the pool because TLHS pool is O/S.

1000 choice
500 kick on back with fins
4x400 IM
8x50free/fly 1 min
3500 yards

Tuesday morning at Finley and I have chosen to swim in the same lane as Gail. She is a gifted swimmer.
1000 choice
10x50 kick choice
4x50 dolphin kick on back with fins
2x100 1 arm fly drill
200 fly
2x100 fly/free

4x50 kick choice
2x100drill/swim IM
200 IM
2x100 IM
4x50 swim/stroke

20x25 free, speedplay
6x25, 20, 20, 40, 20, 20, 40
4x25 30sec
4x25, no breathing, 45sec
6x25, 20, 20, 45, 20, 20, 45
4100 yards

Friday, April 3, 2009

Far Westerns at Morgan Hill

I missed DeaAnn this morning, Pat McMillan led the workout. He is literally DD's right hand man. She is at Far Westerns, I should have saved my nickels and swam at Finley this morning instead, but I went to PHS and took my time to get in the water this morning, and I swam 500 choice before workout.
I am beginning to see a pattern to the workouts now. Friday we do about 15 minutes of treading after the warm up, which does start at 0500. I was probably in the water at 0520 this morning. I took a head count after the first person got out and there were 15 of us in the water, still.
6x50 drill/swim
3 times
6x150, :15 interval
4x25 :30 interval
1. IM/split/no free
2. Free
3. Choice, I did IM/split, which is 25stroke/25free, no free leg
I also did 5 instad of 6 150's
2550+300d/s+500wu+15min tread
It looks like I did 4 4000+yard workouts in a 4 day stretch. I did dryland training on Wednesday and I might go to the Y right now. I will update if I do.
I am feeling that my right hamstring is on the verge of exploding. Be careful.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight then Swim

I got to the Y late yesterday afternoon and rowed for 10 minutes and then did about 20 minutes of barbell/machine progressive/2rotations of 5 typical moves, going heavy. Incline bench.
Finley was nice and deep today. Yeah, a bit sore from Y workout last evening,1 celebrex before workout.
1000 choice
4x(3x50, flags, flags, wall, 5, 5, 15 interval)
8x50 kick
8x100, free/fly, fly/free, 2 min
8x50, free descending, 1 min
200 free
8x25 free, 30 sec
6x50 free, sprint 25, go on fastest interval(20 sec) cruise 25, 1:30
4x50 cruise/ warm down
4100 yards

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fast and Slow

I went to PHS this morning. That means I got up at 0414 on my day off and drove 17 miles(34 round trip) so I could swim with the Petaluma Masters workout group. I tried to get there to do 1000 choice but I only did 6-700 yards before the workout started.
3x(3x50, 45, 45, 60), 2xturn at flags
8x100 choice, 2min. I did IM order, no back(2xfly)
8x50 60sec
8x25 30sec
6x100 IM 2min
4x100 kick
4x50 fly/free
4350 to here, with the traditional 1000 choice warm up, I think I ws about 250 or so short this morning, so I ended up swimming good for 4000 yards.
2x100 free
2x50 f0ee
2x25 free
350 for a 4700 yard workout, yeah, we didn't make it to the last set, but we got close.
I told the coach that i got my Blue79 in the mail yesterday. I freaked when my friend and my son grabbed the suit and tried to rip it inhalf. Thank heaven that they are really strong suits. Yeah, I got a Blue70, and I am not proud. I think that I will only wear it at Nationals. I do not think that I want to wear it at PMS,and I still am undecided about SPMA. deaAnn sent me the workout from Friday and i swam it yesterday. the warm up set is the same as the one we did today, I did it incorrectly at Tuesday's workout.
1000 choice
3x(3x50 40, 40 60, turn at flags first 2)

3 times
4x50 kick
2x100 drill/swim, kcik/swim
200 swim
2x100 fast
4x50 fast

1. fly
2. IM
3. free

I think there was 12x25 here at the end, because the workout was 4600 yards. I talked with Gail Roper about the workout and she said that it is too many yards and I should be going with the clock. I told her that although this workout is longer than most of my own, I also work with the pace clock, but I was following the workout that was given to me, and it was personalized for me too.

In addition to the swimming workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday, I did weight training at work on Sunday and Monday. I used heavier weight on Monday and I really didn't experience soreness. I walked on the treadill both days for 30 minutes.