Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Marathon

Santa Rosa Masters swimmer and all around athlete Karen Frindell ran the Boston Marathon in 3:31.35, that is great. See her results and splits at'.W %0A

Whoops that does not work so I will just tell cyberspace that she finished 7572 overall, 1498 female and 1151 in her division.

Monday Morning ®ecap

It is Monday morning, and after a fun filled weekend of swimming and jocularity, I am ready to get back to work. I think I will take several dalys away from the pool, but I really want to go to the Y. I am thinking of breaking out the Concept2 again. No excuses, I thought it to be fairly good exercise and look ahead to getting back on the rower.

Wow, apparently there were over 900 entered swimmers this year. Take a look at the results at

Santa Rosa Masters had a ball again, as always. Led into battle by Team Cougar, and closely followed by Booty and The Beasts, SRM took center stage again, and I think that they won the team spirit award, again, if ever.

See you in Santa Cruz, long course, real time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Get In

I needed my swim bag, not the Y gym bag. I had to rewind and retrieve my swim bag from home. I need to put a suit and goggles in the gym bag, now. I remember exactly what i did this morning.

1000 free, stretch out, 16 strokes
400 back
100 free
speed play for 15 minutes including broken swims free

2100 yards

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keeping Current

It does not work well to try and remember workouts from the past. I have been thinking taper for the past week and I have backed down the yardage. I have been concentrating more on butterfly as I have the opportunity to swim the 100 fly next Saturday. I have only a vague idea of the workouts since Wednesday. Sunday is a no swim day and I went to the Y for a good weight and pull up session. 5, 6, 8 pull ups and 175 lbs on rack 9 and 10 reps.

Wednesday 4/7
1000 kick with fins
500 fist swim
3000 yards

Thursday 4/8
No recollection of the workout.
2500 lyards

Friday 4/9
2300 yards,
speed work and fly work

2300 yards

Saturday 4/10
Folsom Aquatic Center
1000 arm up
5x100 back on 2 minutes
5x75 53s 25/swim back
250 fly work
100 swim down

2350 yards

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday Morning on Tuesday

Actually, I had a Monday morning on Monday. I had a kink in my right shoulder and it took almost the complete swim to stretch out and begin to feel regular.
I have totally forgotten yesterdays swim, although it was a 2500 yard effort. I

2000 yards
2x100 fly drills
3x100 fly, good pace

2500 yards

Thsi morning I have slight DOMS and I can start swimming good pace.

1000 free, some good pace work
500 back ez
500 kick on back with fins, build
500 free, good pace
6x25 free
6x25 breast
2x25 back
6x25 fly

3000 yards

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Saturday workout, 15 people shared 3 lanes. I led my lane, from the rear, swimming in front of me were Mike E., J. Morales, F. Canales, and T. Wilson. Did every one, including D. Hale, have fast suits? Notably not were L. Ourette, P. Canales, and Mike E. I do not wear tech suits. Period. I may be forced to wear it once or twice this season, depending if I do go to Atlanta.

500 swim

3x100 kick, 2:05
2x100 dolphin
1x100 on back with fins
3x100 kick/swim
2x100 breast kick/free
1x100 back kick

16x25 on 30 seconds
4 each stroke/reverse IM order

5 Times
Broken 100s
150 Recovery

25/5sec, 50/5 sec, 25
1. IM
2. Free
3. Free
4. Fly/free/fly
5. Fly/free/fly

200 warm down

2800 yards

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Think It Is A Rhomboid Problem

I think I isolated the problem in my scapular region. I think that I used too much weight when I was doing the four position shoulder raises. I used 5 lb hand weights and I have only used 3 lb in all previous sessions. I was back at the Y today, I reinstated my membership and I really missed it. Pull ups did not bother me, neither did any of the other weight related exercises. this hammering on the keyboard kind of bothers it. small movements bother it, probably because it is a m=smaller muscle group.

Thursday is usually my no swim day but I swam because Sunday is a no swim day, Easter. I need to log the workout soon after I do it or I do not remember it too well, such as now.
500 swim
500 kick on back with fins
5x200 IM
10x50 free on 60 seconds, 35s

2500 yards

Today, Friday Iswam at 0900 at Finley and there were many slower swimmers, but by 1000 I had a lane or side to myself.
500 kick with fins
500 fist swim
5x100 back last one 1:26
5x100 free
5x100 fly, with 200 drill
5x25/25 free swim back on 20 sec
8x25fly/25free swim back on fast turn around

3150 yards