Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two Sessions Remain

Although I do not swim until Friday, I really have three swim sessions remaining before the meet.  I include the Thursday meet warm up.  I think there is a timeline for Friday, I need to look.  100 Butterfly and 50 Freestyle are events 8 and 10, back to back.  Estimated timeline indicates that 100 fly is at 1025 and 50 free is at 1115.  I am in heat 5 lane 3 and heat 14, lane 10. 

Yesterday was a no swim day.
I rowed for 15 minutes, that is 2k plus cool down.  Shoulder maintenance exercises too.

Today is Sunday.

500 swim

4x100 backstroke

6x25 backstroke

4x100 butterfly

12x25 butterfly
4x15 butterfly

Texas 25s

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peak That: Taper This

You know, it seems that I have completely missed the peak/taper thing for many meets recently.  Not this time though.  I am peaked and in the middle of the taper.  I remember thinking that I missed my peak at both Nationals last year.  I think I missed peaking at the 2013 SPMS champs too, but that is another story.  It is usually two weeks before nationals.  Dumb. 

So, I remember that directly after the PMS champs I vowed to get in shape.  Well, I am here.  I completed 10 Y sessions.  I swam 2 doubles.  I remain injury free.  My left shoulder wants to be injured.  I feel a bit bigger in my shirts too. 

I have been swimming lots of butterfly too. 


500 swimming
250 extra swimming

8x50 butterfly
no clock

250 swimming

4x25 freestyle
30 second sendoff

15 meter butterfly 


block starts

4 more swimming days

Monday, April 21, 2014

Taper This

Here we go. Monday.

500 swimming
250 kick on back with fins

5x100 butterfly

250 swimming

4x25 free
30 second takeoff
Kind of USRPT
75 second - 2 minutes rest

Finish with 20 yard no breathers
No clock
Good stroke rate
Finish with ez speed 25s

About 2500 yards

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I have zero tolerance for the devils stroke.  It is evil.  It is why butterfly was invented.

Early this AM, I was asked to do the devil stroke in the relay.  Direct email from the head coach.

Just think of all the things that could go wrong.  Start at either end of the body, it always ends up not good.  Right shoulder, check.  Elbows, check.  Groin/sports hernia, check.  Knees, check.  Hamstrings/calves/quadriceps strains, check.  And last but not least, what about the darn neuropathic condition into my foot/feet, check.

I did NOT swim any devil stroke, I only attempted to go through the motions of the stroke.  I can tell that it is evil.  STOP.

Upon returning from workout, Chad emailed as eh must have talked with Bill who has volunteered to be responsible for the breaststroke leg.  Thank you very much.

 Whatever happened to the Individual Medley. 


500 swimming

5x100 backstsroke
 good work
limited rest

10x100 freestyle
on 1:30

200 ez back
100ez free
2x100 1 arm butterfly progressions

5x100 butterfly
 2x 25pace/25ez/25pace/25

Cool down of about 250 yards

Monday, April 7, 2014

Goaaal...get in shape

Here we are, on the way to fast. 

It was 140 laps on Saturday
 less than 10% open turns
 maybe 8 lalps backstroke
 55 minutes

NO Swim Sunday

Monday, today

10 minutes swimming

15 minutes kicking on back with fins

5x200 freestyle
20 seconds rest

more than 10
 50 backstroke
 last 2 40 seconds or less

2x100 1 arm butterfly progression

200 butterfly

2x25 butterfly

Friday, April 4, 2014

Shelving USRPT

The great experiment with the USRPT methods and philosophies etc. has been put on the shelf.  I had a miserable time at the meet last week.  By miserable, I mean I underperformed.  I swam poorly.   I think I was not in very good shape.  I was also approaching sickness, as I was sick Monday and Tuesday this week. 

I have entered an intensive training period.  I rejoined the YMCA.  Goal is a minimum of 10 workout sessions, make that 12, by April 24.  I started on Tuesday. and I was there yesterday.

Sessions include rowing, pull ups, circuit training on machines, dumb bells, and benching.

Swim training this week is LSD.  Long Slow Distance.  Mindful/mindless.  That is all.

Wednesday 2000 yards

Thursday 2500 yards

Friday 3000 yards
  last 1000 all flip turns
  last 500 7:27